blackstone block

The raspberries are on sale three for $5 at the Branch Ave. Stop & Shop.

Bitty looks in the cart. It’s already full of things that are approved by Jack’s diet plan: cans of beans, bags of lentils, chicken breasts, green vegetables. Earlier, Jack tried to reach for the bread, and Bitty stopped him.

“Can I make it?”

Jack looked confused. “Make bread?”

“Yeah! It’s really fun. You mix flour and yeast and salt and maybe a little sugar, you leave it alone, and then you punch it. And the more you punch it, the tastier it gets.” Bitty grinned.

Jack started to smile back and stopped. “I’m supposed to eat whole grains.”

“I’ll get whole wheat flour and wheat germ, then,” Bitty had said easily. “Takes a little longer to rise, but we’ve got time. Or, I’ve got time.” It’s a long weekend. He doesn’t have to be back at Samwell until Monday night. He adds a ten-pound bag of King Arthur Whole Wheat flour and a jar of yeast to the cart.

Now, he looks at the raspberries again. Pie.

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