I’m back from Londoooon! ♥
I really had a lovely time. All the places I got to visit and what I did was amazing and I want to go back as soon as possible.
Now I’m in the mood for spring because it was so sunny in the UK
so here’s my new flowery nail design :)

Finally a new design!
I’ve been pretty busy lately and didn’t really had enough motivation for a design (my nail chipped) but here you go. No work until Wednesday aaand I’m leaving for England in 8 days to see One Direction for my 18th birthday ahh :)

Happy Easter ♥

Pastel hearts. I started with a base of Catrice - Goldfinger, took a sponge and painted on the three colors Essence - That’s what I mint, Catrice - Madam Butterfly and OPI - Sparrow me the drama. Then I dapped it on and outlined the hearts :)

Hello :)

I had the chance to look up 2 nail art products from BornPrettyStore for reviewing purposes. I ended up choosing this black shimmer polish and rhinestones. I really couldn’t wait at all for until they were both in my mailbox. When they finally arrived, I immediately thought of where I could use both products. I painted my fingers with the base color “Goldfinger” from Catrice. Then with scotch magic tape I made the lines. Then I used the first product from BornPrettyStore, it was the black and silver shimmer polish from BK. With this nail polish I painted stripes on my nails and after that I immediately removed the tape from my fingernails. After the paint was somewhat dry, I painted the edges with white acrylic paint. After the acrylic paint was dry, I used my top coat and put my second product with tweezers, the Rhinestones, on my nails.

Now to the nail polish: the nail polish costs just $ 4.74. I was very surprised that only one layer is needed to perfectly cover. It dries very fast and what I think is awesome is that it really doesn’t smell strongly of nail polish. It has a very like-able scent. It even shimmers like it was advertised. Really a good praise! :)

Now to the set of Rhinestones: I thinks it’s great that I got a set for only $3.88. There were even 3 different sizes. I’m even astounded at the amount of stones. Meanwhile, I’ve been using the stones a little more often and I still haven’t run out of them! I know that you can get some from other shops that are crooked or are damaged and you can barely attach them. That wasn’t the case here!

In case one of you or someone else is now interested in this product or others, then I’ve got something for you guys: A coupon code for 10% off!

code: TM5X31

have a nice day ♥