Jasmine Simington 

God only lets things grow until they are perfect. In Jasmine’s case, standing at 4’11, it didn’t take God long to realize she required no more modifications. The witty and ridiculously reliable Ms. Simington has honored the entire board with her infectious presence as Vice President. Jasmine is a junior in Trumbull College. Her number one goal in life is to reach all of her other goals. If the rest of the world thought that way, everyone would be much more satisfied with themselves and their accomplishments wouldn’t they? Jasmine has established a very strong physical presence here on campus within the black community through her involvement in Visions of Virtue, the Urban Improvement Corp., Black Church at Yale, Yale-New Haven Hospital, as well as with her position as an Afro-American Cultural Center staff member, and Public School Intern. In the future, Jasmine hopes to continue her education concentrating on the correlations that exist amongst joblessness, inequality, and health. Jasmine is ecstatic about this year’s Black Solidarity Conference; she looks forward the most to all the smiling faces she’ll encounter. She is immovably dedicated to the constant and ubiquitous application of Black Solidarity to all pertinent aspects of her life. She believes that black solidarity is “the uplifting and unyielding support of the black community through trials and triumphs…a capitalization of our diversity that creates a community that strives for excellence and progress based upon equality and justice for all human beings.” Jasmine is truly an amazing and hilarious character. When I asked her to tell me all the facets of her character that make her who she is, she bluntly responded “all of them.” And she is right, this virtuous Capricorn (with a moon sign in Cancer) is very much so all she has to offer, she gives her best at all times and expects the same from everyone else. By the way, Khalfani Lawson, if you are reading this, Jasmine gave you a shout out! You did it big with your JP Morgan set-up and she enjoyed your blog post tremendously! BSC 2012 tweeted it!


Hunter King

Do you have no greatest fear? Can you play guitar? Oh, you can? But are you highly proficient in most genres? Exactly. Are you a beast at Table Tennis? Thought so. Do you know why you answered no to most if not all of these questions? Because you aren’t Hunter King, because everyone can’t be Hunter King, and because Hunter King, your co-Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator, is probably the best Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator you’ll ever have the privilege of meeting. This 5’7 Cancerian guitar player/table tennis enthusiast is a junior in Trumbull College. When I asked Hunter what her number goal was in life she wittily and characteristically answered: “I don’t have one goal that eclipses another”. You know what that sounds like? Sounds like Hunter is proficient in owning life. What better way to achieve everything you want to achieve than to treat all attempts as equally important means to obtaining all possible ends? *Hunter playing guitar solo*. If there is one word that describes Hunter besides her badass surname it is the word steadfast. Rest assured, she sticks to her promises, brandishes the big guns if she has to, and will always be a loyal friend. Hunter is well known for her impeccable work ethic and relentless dry sense of humor. She has a mean crush on the younger version of Benicio Del Torro, which makes perfect sense, I mean have you seen “The Things They Lost In The Fire"?!? When I asked her if she had a role model she told me that her grandmother has been one of the greatest role models in life. Currently anything off of the Mew’s album, or  “And the Glass Handed Kites” will quench Hunter’s musical thirst. Hunter King believes that BSC provides a sense of community in a society that has grown increasingly distant in the technological age. She is looking most forward to the Keynote speech by Marc Morial.