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Double Twist Seax: Heat Treat

The first shot is the blade after its final forge for straightening. This show it with the fire scale that has to be ground off during the final shaping process.

The second shot is the blade after it is rough ground. I start with an angle grinder them move to a belt at 80 grit and finish with 120. All the final profiling is done at this point and the edge is left roughly as thick as a penny or nickel.

The third shot is the blade after heat treat with just a scrub from #0000 steel wool. The pattern popped right away during heat treat. It was awesome!

The bottom four shots show the blade exactly as it looked when removed from the quench and then scrubbed at different angles.

I really felt the soul of this one as I went through this process. Building a multi-bar seax really is something special. This is my fourth multi-bar blade and I fall in love with this process the more I do it. There is something magical about it. Something beyond the science and the art and the production that I must explore further. I feel really relaxed and at peace about this blade now that it has gone through the extremes and turned out solidly. I noticed a definite mood shift during the process. I will have to repeat again to fully be aware of this shift next time. The shift took me from feeling anxious, nervous and excited to relaxed, peaceful, accomplished and powerful.


Most recent knife I’ve finished. This blade is available in my etsy shop!! If you have any questions just ask.

Thanks all!!

Centuries ago I made this thing out of an old chisel. It was one of my later, better attempts at forging the bevel super-close to shape to minimize stock reduction, but it’s hard to see that when the picture’s so awful. When I was done it still seemed too plain, so I… stuck Hello Kitty stickers on it?

I am a fan of only the cheapest visual ironies.

When I posted it on the knife-making board I frequented at the time, few of the other members appreciated the joke. Some seemed  off put to a comical degree. Stickers peel off, dudes.

Oh well.