Headcanon/theory about TenTen’s ninja tools shop

TenTen couldn’t become a Legendary kunoichi after the war ended because of Kakashi’s/Naruto’s peaceful politics and her own duties as the head of her family.

But when she decided to open her ninja tools shop TenTen discovered how good she was designing and making unique swords, armors, shields and weapons of all kind.

In fact, she can use her transportation jutsu to add elements to the tools, such as fire release, water summoning, thunder, sound waves, etc… so she became really famous among swordmasters and rich people, who think her weapons are true pieces of art. She doesn’t have many clients in chapter 700 because these tools are really expensive.

In the end her dream came true in a different way, she is known as:

TenTen, the Legendary Blacksmith


Man quits steady job to make ‪swords‬

For many, 33-year-old Jia Huaijin is like a hero from a ‪‎Kung Fu‬ novel.

Jia abandoned his stable job at a state-owned enterprise five years ago, and has dedicated himself to making swords at a farmhouse in his hometown of Guying, a town near Henan Province’s capital city Zhengzhou.

For the past five years, Jia has worked day and night in his blacksmith’s shop in pursuit of his dream to recover swords from nearly 2,000 years ago’s Han Dynasty, which lasted from 206 B.C. to 220 A.D.

Jia has become so immersed in in his craft that even his appearance has changed, now invoking the look of an man out of a history book. Nowadays he usually wears old-fashioned Chinese clothing, and has a bun top of his head, making him seem more like a blast from the past.

Jia has become a bit of a celebrity these days. The price for his work ranges from 100,000 yuan ($16,120) to 200,000 yuan ($32, 240) a piece. His work has earned him international acclaim after a Canadian man asked him to make a sword, a moment Jia is quite proud of.

The town of Guying was once home to many blacksmiths 2,000 years ago. Jia said his love for swords has been deeply rooted in him since he was a young boy. “A favorite activity for my childhood friends and I was putting a nail on the rail, and watch as it would turn into a ‘blade’ under a passing train.”

“Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.”#GeorgeHerbert #blacksmith #tools #toolporn (at

A viking blacksmith buried with his tools

A well-stocked grave of a blacksmith from the Viking Age is one of the best finds in Norway last year, according to Norwegian archeologists.

Leif Arne Nordheim, who lives in Sogndalsdalen on Norway’s west coast, decided to do something about some flagstones in his garden that irritatingly refused to lie flat. When he removed the stones he caught sight of something made of iron.

Brushing some of the objects off, he recognised them as a blacksmith’s hammer and tongs.

Nordheim contacted the regional culture authorities but had not dreamed that the artefacts dated back to the early Viking Age.

Archaeologist from the University Museum of Bergen were summoned, including Asle Bruen Olsen. Read more.