a b/w sketch commission this time. benji-blacksky asked for two of his characters, Valerie and Ken, and give them an entire new look. I also gave them sling bikinis, aka banana hammocks, because I could. People should not give me that much freedom with their characters

First time I try to properly draw a character of Val’s proportions, it was interesting, I should try to draw much more varied body types for a future project

Deviantart link

Comment: jennilulu10 said “"Don’t confuse complexion to beauty please” - @kennybuma007
We love us some chocolate girls

Too many a time, people are looked down upon cause of tgeir complexion. It shouldn’t be that way ✗ everybody is beautiful . Colour should not matter. Beauty is beauty. Love is love ✌


PHEW. And with that one completed, I’m… maybe halfway through all the books I was supposed to do over summer. orz

The schedule list for posting is here: (password is AGS7 if it asks for one)

So far, I’ve completed everything up to the end of February, and they’re all uploaded and scheduled to automatically post on the relevant date. Even if I get caught up with uni and forget the scan comm exists for another year, at least those ones will update automatically.

I did want to have that whole list scheduled in advance, but. Ha. I procrastinated all summer. >>;;

Since all the ones up to the end of February are done anyway, lemme know if you want any of them now rather than waiting months for something you’re interested in. (Send me an ask with the title - off anon so I can reply privately - and I’ll just give you the link to it.)

Hopefully I can get a couple more done over the weekend, enough to last until the Easter holidays when I might get a chance to work on the rest.

Ones that are completed so far below the cut:

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