So, Daisy and I were discussing the exact location of the Research Hall and I thought you guys may be interested in our findings ;)

Comparing the Grand Cathedral in the Waking World and the one with Laurence’s human skull in the Nightmare, the research hall is clearly located above the nave of the cathedral. If you look down from the Living Failures arena (outlined in blue) you can see the Lumenflower Garden (red) where we fight the Celestial Emissary in the Waking World.

The Waking World Lumenflower garden and the one in the Nightmare (where we pick up the Blacksky eye) look a bit different but they both connect to the upper level of the nave, the narrow path we take to get to Ebrietas in the Waking World and where A Call Beyond is located. And if you need further proof that they’re the same place, here’s one of the most overlooked clues regarding the timeline:

  • Lumenflower Garden, present day. Moon Presence statues EVERYWHERE. The dream was created, Laurence was alive and well, he and his associates not only beckoned MP but even had the time to worship her. Gehrman was probably already in the dream, but Laurence promised that he was going to free him from it at some point. The Hunter’s Dream worked as intended for some time until Laurence turned into a beast.
  • Lumenflower Garden as it appears in the Hunter’s Nightmare which is supposed to be a snapshot from the past. No statues. No dream. No Moon Presence. Not yet. (crappy pic, I’m lazy today :P)

If you look up from the present day Lumenflower Garden you can see that there is a bridge above your head (it’s quite hard to tilt the camera tho. There are a bunch of unfinished textures that From doesn’t want you to see :P) that connects the Grand Cathedral to the clocktower. That ‘bridge’ is the Living Failures’ arena, the Lumenwood Garden.

Maria’s arena is suspended above the entrance of the Cathedral itself, right above your head as you walk up the stairs where the 2 Church Servants with the wooden weapons that inflict Frenzy are.

anonymous asked:

I saw that under upcoming releases at BlackSky you would upload Days of Solitude: 01 and 02 on 3/11/17 but on the date you only released 01. Was I mistaken?

Nah, I was meant to do both 01 and 02, but unfortunately we’ve got up to the end of my pre-scheduled releases. DX

In the first week or so where I’d moved back to uni but hadn’t actually started any lectures or anything on the course, I was manically trying to scan/edit/schedule as many books as possible, ‘cause I know full well once uni has started I do not have the time to be doing anything with the scan site at all. orz I mean, I got quite a few done. All the way from September to the end of February was done. Buuuut I didn’t quite finish.

Days of Solitude was the first one I’ve had to work on at the same time as keeping up with my uni stuff, and I didn’t have the time to do both 01 and 02. I thought it was better to at least get 01 done and get that posted, so there was something there. 02 will have to be posted some other time.

(Although I am basically finished 02 anyway, it’s just that it’s got a double-page spread and I fucking hate those. I don’t have the skills to edit them together seamlessly like I wish I could. Sometimes I just give up and splice them together and leave it with the big line down the middle, but this one doesn’t even want to work doing that and ugh it was just a pain I kind of gave up. Leave it to deal with some other time.)

So, yah. I’m not sure how well I’m going to be able to stick to that schedule now, because I am going to have to keep up with it manually and I’ve been even worse at time management this year compared to last year. orz (She says replying to messages when has a presentation to give in three hours time and still hasn’t even started it fml.)

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