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elli-psis  asked:

There's a Yu-Gi-Oh card called "Blackship of Corn" and I would have submitted the card art but you seem to have them disabled.

Just tag me in it! Sorry I do that to avoid dick pics

Earning A Living Plush Making Full Time - A "Short" Overview.

Okay, so I got an ask about plush making as a full time job. But Tumblr messed up midway through me answering it. Plush making as a full time job is A) Time consuming B) Expensive, and C) 100% harder than it sounds.

I’m going to be using my love ness monster as an example. I’ve talked a bit about the cost of plush making before, but the cost of turning it into a business is even higher. Please pardon any math errors. I’m doing a lot of rounding and generalizing, but I hope the general idea still gets across.

Let’s assume you’re starting with nothing in terms of equipment and you want to build a plush making business. You’re going to start by making a love ness monster. 

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anonymous asked:

I stg all those people shitting on the sweet pale quadrant are fucking acephobes. As if someone has to do The Sex to be in a romantic, fulfilling relationship.

hmmm….. i think you are absolutely right that relationships dont have to be sexual. hell, i think the HS kids are way oversexualised most of the time! but you have to understand that people treat the pale quadrant not like an asexual relationship (or even a ‘queerplatonic’ one) but like a Best Friendship. 

it is utilized by this fandom (and arguably the comic) as the No Homo quadrant.

thus when davekat started being a thing everyone on reddit was like “theyre just in the PALE quadrant…. theyre not gay!!! dave suddenly liking boys would be too ooc!!!”

since then ive always applied a bit of salt to the pale quadrant, which was also boosted by how scourge was pale, and how this originally seemed legit but ended up making absolutely no fuckin sense 2 any of us because it went against all the traditional ideas of pale relationships (Communication and Trust are by far the biggest problems here). bearing in mind scourge was a really, REALLY popular blackship which was teased about in canon, but when they went pale, it made a bunch of people Very secure in shipping them with douchey boys… like dave and karkat, who they refused to believe are together because “palebros lol”. 

fact of the matter is that the canon supports an interpretation where dave and karkat cross into both pale and red quadrants.

anyway im not too fussed about defining a relationship like scourge as Pale or Red or Black or whateverthefuck, i just know it’s Hella gay. they dont have to make out for it to be great and powerful

i dont think the pale quadrant was made to be in key with asexuality. the red quadrant could very well be that too depending on what you write (look at john as fandom ace favourite and hes had red crushes). if youre looking for direct ace rep the pale quadrant isnt exactly your best bet because it isn’t seen as romantic at all. why do you think so many characters are paleshipped together regardless of romantic preference? because people just like their friendships and call it that.