I just want to say this band are my new obsession.

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don’t get why ppl flip out over otherkin like yeah i don’t get it either but i don’t get why ppl get pissy over it either like life is short do what makes u happy

like, identifying as a plant/robot or an extraterrestrial and everything has been really useful for me. it makes me more comfortable with the differences in how I function from what I’ve observed in other people/the ways that I don’t meet societal standards. it’s made me feel better about never fitting quite right. it’s made me kinder to myself. it doesn’t really even affect other people so I don’t know why people would be so needlessly hateful? or tell me that I “need help” which is really ableist and they don’t care about whether or not I’m getting “help” for my actual problems, they just want me to shut up about identifying in a way they don’t understand.

My least favorite reactions have been my fourteen year old cousin being very vocal about how disgusted she was, because shes young!! And to feel like you have to be perfect and hairless is kinda sad!!

And then when i asked my mom if shed tell a boy to shave his legs and she was like “yes” because bullshit!!! Like ill give her that shed probably think it was gross but i really really doubt shed ever say anything to a boy.

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I'm doing this from a side-blog but whatevs. WHAT! is my name: Josh (o'course). WHAT! Is my favorite color!: Probs purple. But most of the 'cool' colors are nice. WHAT! Is my quest-- I mean, fave ship-- ummm it's a crossover that could never ever happen for a multitude of reasons but i still love it don't curr: an antihero-ish Joker with Lisbeth Salander. Their rapport would be epic ok. COME AT ME. icecream: mint choc. chip. I don't have a cat bc i have birds. ~le fin~

Oi! That ship, it’s never occurred to me, but it would be interesting to see how it would work!

Birds are totes awesome.

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hate it when this kinda shit happens (being upset but not able to articulate why) (and it happens to me ALL THE TIME)

like, I know exactly why and I’ve already been through it like a million times but I’m too hazy to access my good/coherent/pretty words and for me it’s just not worth it if I can’t put it together to the best of my ability

(a lot of it has to do with stereotypical representations giving me such a flawed/one-dimensional view of what The Autistic looks like that I assumed for years that I couldn’t be autistic because autistic people were THAT and I was ME)

 blacksheepboy- said:Monogamous people aren’t necessarily jealous people. :/ And poly people aren’t necessarily always perfect and communicative partners either. ://///

Nah that’s not what I meant by it. In fact someone I dated who was poly ended up being super bad at communicating (and I’m not poly, not really). Poly people get jealous as well. 

For some background, this guy decided he wanted to officially date her after he became jealous that she was messing around with other guys. And then I enter the picture and he decides that it’s ok because I’m automatically not threatening because I’m not a cis guy. But then he decides it’s not ok once she actually was going to act on her feelings. Poly relationships can of course be possessive and have super problematic ground rules, but in general a situation like this could be avoided. A genuinely monogamous relationship also would avoid the problem all together. But I don’t think she’s interested in a monogamous relationship at all, so if there wasn’t that societal expectation that all relationships be monogamous this would have played out very differently.

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you can do it! :)

thank you I am just worried that she is going to be like “why” and I’m going to be like “I don’t know I’m probably wrong and making things up I am sorry for wasting people’s time and thinking that my small problems are worth attention or validation” because that’s what my small quiet scared inner voice usually says (while the mean nasty loud one goes “you are making it up, you are worth nothingggggggg”)