blacksand week 2

Blacksand Week 2

Blacksand Week 2:

So the Blackice peeps have claimed the week including Halloween. And I know I need prep time. How about November 10-16?

I’ve been thinking about prompts…

Day 1: Glitter and Doom—from AUs in the Weimar republic to crack where Sandy’s voice turns out to sound just like Tom Waits’. This is pretty wide open. I just like the way these words sound together, and it seemed like they could inspire some blacksand.

Day 2: (which would be November 11, potentially: Veteran’s Day in the U.S. and Remembrance Day in Canada) The Golden General and the Star Pilot

Day 3: 8000 Blacksand AUs; a general AU day

Day 4: Sweet Dreams (blame emeraldembers, she had a tag about Pitch knowing what dreamsand tasted like and I…)

Day 5: Crossing the Streams/Wearing each other’s clothes: In which we all try on someone else’s AU for the day, or actually write about Pitch and Sandy wearing each other’s clothes

Day 6: Is this even blacksand? Give me your weird, give me your experimental, give me your metaphorical.

Day 7: No Such Thing as a Guilty Pleasure: Whatever you like. Even if it’s weird, especially if it’s weird. Even if it’s kind of a silly trope by now. (Otherwise known as: Gretchen wants to write Sandy with wings so everyone else had better join in with their own personal nonsense.)

Fic: The World in a Grain of Sand (Pitch/Sandy, NC17 overall)

As I’ve not been well enough to string two coherent thoughts together, I came up with a plan for another Quicksand Week contribution that wouldn’t require more than one at a time (with thanks to 1sentence on LiveJournal, thismightyneed, and the entire 8000 Blacksand AUs tag for inspiration).

This isn’t quite 8000 AUs, but I’m hoping 60 is enough, and if you think you recognise an AU of yours in here, you are almost certainly right.

Some fluff, some silliness, some violence, some death, some smut and some surrealism can all be found within, and I really, really hope you all enjoy it.

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Pitch wonders if he has very little will power when it cames to Sandy even after all their years together, Sandy keep saying is because he just have been living in the cloud number nine since their first met, Pitch remembers him who was the short guy who invited his superior for a drink one night so much time ago

sorry guys, old couples are darn precious to me

Only Human

This is for Blacksand Week 2 Prompt: Wearing Each Other’s Clothes. I decided to borrow Cosimo and Sandy from Gretchen’s scorching hot fic Speak Oil Into My Ear (which I cannot figure out how to link, ARGH).

Here, just click on the URLs:

Anyway, I really really hope I did the characters justice. Here goes:

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Truce Party

This isn’t for Day 4, I’m going to have to do that tomorrow. BAH.

Instead, this is because of whentheoceanmetsky and this post.

Jack is troubled as he sees how Sandy and Pitch behave around each other in neutral territory.


Truce parties at North’s were always grand, and, because the truce had never been broken, they became grander every year. The one that was to be held a few days after the Christmas that followed the Easter of Pitch’s defeat and Jack’s initiation as a Guardian promised to be the most spectacular yet, and though Jack was busy bringing snow to the northern hemisphere, he found himself drawn back to the Workshop again and again, marveling at the simultaneous preparations for both Christmas and the party.

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In which Sandy is the sandman and Pitch is…also the sandman

In which the lord of dreams and the nightmare king weren’t born at the start of the world but fear and dreams were delivered as  natural things

In which the tale of Der Sandmann was lost, found and published around the time of Ole Lukøje, many people loved dearly both tales and couldn’t stop talking about certlain union between both beings of the same name but being also the two faces of the coin

And In which that love created belief

Basically Pitch and Sandy are both called sandman, so they are The Sandmen and both work making nightmares and dreams together

I make sandy taller so I make Pitch even taller to compensate

5 Reasons Why You Should Participate in Blacksand Week 2: Electric Boogieloo

1. It will enable you to transcend into a higher plane of existence

2. It tastes like honey

3. It is suitable for all emotions, colors, and textures of your day

4. It is extremely well-balanced

5. It contains curious overlaps with certain interpretations of quantum physics and cosmological data.

Blacksand Week 2 day one: Glitter and Doom

A while after Sandy was send to the corner of the classroom for hitting Pitch with the jar of glitter (thanks god it was plastic) and of Pitch having throw a ruler and hitting Sandy with awful accurate aim, Pitch was accompanying Sandy in the very same corner, why? after the fight with Jack in which Pitch took Tooth’s Baby doll and pushed Jack from the little hill, though the kid in part had his reasons, Jack was threatening him with a very big stick (for which Jack was send to a respective corner too).

After some minutes of unnerving silent between both kids sharing the same corter, Pitch, who has been looking down at his shoes all the time until now, glanced at Sandy.

"…I’m sorry." Pitch murmured.

Sandy, who actually had been looking at Pitch all the time with a mixture of satisfaccion until some degree for Pitch getting punished too but also of boredom, was kind of surprised by that, and after taking a look at how the classroom has end up after their initial fight, he get back at looking at Pitch with a bit of thoughtful expression.

Pitch at his part felt some surprise too after some moment in which he suddenly noticed someone took his hand slowly and seeing Sandy that moved also awfully close to him (nobody really got that close to Pitch unless they were fighting or yelling, which normally was also followed by a fight, Pitch too noticed in that moment, that Sandy never had yelled at him for some reason) Sandy was looking at Pitch with some more playful expression now, Pitch was still some awkwardly sad and annoyed after everything that had happened until now.

"I didn’t mean to ruin your draws." Pitch said slowly while also glancing at other side

He had draw some horses with a black marked over Sandy’s dinosaurs and fishes, which has been what started the fight in first place with Sandy’s friends.

"…..I like horses too." Sandy said while also chuckling a little with a more sincere smile now (with also a bit of mischievous maybe?).

Pitch looked at Sandy with a bit perplex expression “…You are really weird” he said while also trying to not pulling a sudden smile.

Sandy continued to smiling and also holding Pitch’s hand.

Sandy’s friends, who could understand until some grade and share some of the very peculiar likes of Sandy (they would admit that yes, Sandy wasn’t indeed what you would call “normal” even if also a really good friend) at first had some problems at understanding Sandy for adding Pitch at his list of “very particular interests”, but they assume that if Sandy was having fun spending time with the very same Pitch Black, maybe things would probably be better from now on.


Blacksand Week 2 - Day 5: Crossing the Streams
In which we all try on someone else’s AU for the day

Dumb bird husbands, Boss Brown Art style! These are loosely based on our hummingbird design, which can be seen here. We normally make clocks, but it just didn’t seem right for these two, so instead they’re simply decorative.. Both are just over 12 inches tall from head-crest to tail-tip.

I have to include what my mom said when she saw them, because it was priceless: “The gold one looks scary and aggressive! Beautiful, but I don’t think I like her… him?… very much. I think the black one is friendlier. He looks so cute and misunderstood.”