This took more time than what I hoped for, but anyways is pretty cute once looking at it complete

also, before you all think these are in perfect sync, this is Kozmotis with open eyes

“Hey smokin legs

Pitch Gold and Sandmann

Since sandman is kind of based in Andersen’s version I based this in Hoffmann’s one

Pitch has a suit similar to his space pirate look from the book

inspired for this yet unfill promt from kink meme

My part of an trade with  arc03verdigris ♥ She wanted Sandy petting Pitch’s hair as to distract him from a hard days work.  xD Sandy wants to put a ribbon on Pitch’s hair~

I really like this the way this one came out. Experimented with a new brush and I like the results. I hope you like it hon!


“I am no fool. I know your mind is twisted with pain and your soul black from the madness. I know enough about your fate to realize you will never come back… Even so, there is something stirring inside of me.

Every grain of sand holds a dream, maybe mine is there too? I suppose it would make sense. This dream of mine, a childish stardust of imagination digging into my ear. A dream of forgiving, cleansing, of coming to one’s senses. This dream of mine. It will never be true. Yet, I will keep dreaming. Because without dreams, there is no hope. Not for me.

I am sorry. My dreams are but sand, running through your helpless mind. I cannot help you. For that, I am sorry.”

HAHA I just read the fourth Guardians novel and my hand slipped OTL

AU in which Sandy basically collapse every 5 minutes into almost comatose sleep and gotta be literally carried by someone else and Pitch is not the enemy of the guardians because DEAR GOD fuck this I’m too tired and sleepless for this thanks to people getting their asses scare off and  worried for the damn smaller things!

Because in real life, it would be imposible being so dashing, sassy and snarky when you work 24/7 every day of your life watching over all the people’s dreams or nightmares/scares