even to this day, nightmare lobsters still fuck me up, but who would have said that monster crustaceans would come haunt my ass after so long??? in my defense I want to think those who know me already knew this was gonna happen at some point, now excuse me while I hit my face against my door



This took more time than what I hoped for, but anyways is pretty cute once looking at it complete

also, before you all think these are in perfect sync, this is Kozmotis with open eyes

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FINALLY! BLACKSAND ANIMALS! most of them are regular pitch and sandy, but there are also Mr sandman and Pi shawn tagging along if you see!

this took so long because as you have seen folks, been pretty busy with school, anyways, here are basically all the request, some weren’t made because the animals chosen were now way too much different from pitch and sandy, some others were repeat, but in teh end we had a huge variety guys, pretty great! 

Bonus not really or it is???ptffffff

one of the good things I got from drawing my zistopia comic is that now I am way more comfortable drawing snouts, so get some gratuitous zootopia blacksand furries! Sandy is a lemming and Pitch a gemsbok (I though about making him a horse but like all the horses concept were ultra buff and even if irl gemsbok are also meaty, in the movie they were pretty slim)

They look like a couple of roomates college boys tbh how even you deal with dating someone not even the size of your cranium???


“I am no fool. I know your mind is twisted with pain and your soul black from the madness. I know enough about your fate to realize you will never come back… Even so, there is something stirring inside of me.

Every grain of sand holds a dream, maybe mine is there too? I suppose it would make sense. This dream of mine, a childish stardust of imagination digging into my ear. A dream of forgiving, cleansing, of coming to one’s senses. This dream of mine. It will never be true. Yet, I will keep dreaming. Because without dreams, there is no hope. Not for me.

I am sorry. My dreams are but sand, running through your helpless mind. I cannot help you. For that, I am sorry.”

HAHA I just read the fourth Guardians novel and my hand slipped OTL