“This Tainted Love”, a fanfiction write for Black Sails, a Vane/Eleanor relationship.

Title : This Tained Love. 

Author : DarkObsessions.

Ship : Charles Vane & Eleanor Guthrie (Black Sails).

Chapters : 1, 2, 3, 4.

Synopsis of the author“ SPOILERS! I found the series’ conclusion to the Vane/Eleanor arc to be anticlimactic and full of loose ends, so this is a blatant fix-it fic. After Eleanor tells Woodes that she visited Vane in jail, she returns to his cell later that night. Things do not go as planned. “

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J’ai commencé à traduire cette fanfiction en français, si ça intéresse quelqu’un ;) C’est ici : Cet amour entaché


eleanor guthrie walking into a room and having two grown ass men quivering in fear on the floor in under ten seconds is my aesthetic 🙌


 Captain Flint, Ironborn 

Black Sails/Game of Thrones crossover

Bless him with s a l t.
Bless him with stone.
Bless him with s t e e l.
Listen to the waves.
Listen to the g o d…

Let the sea wash your follies and your vanities away….

Let his lungs fill with seawater.
Let the fish eat the scales off his e y e s.
What is dead may never die, but rises again harder and s t r o n g e r.

~Game of Thrones 6 05