blacks in advertising



Any discussion of COLORISM that leaves out the historical context of WHITE SUPREMACY lets white people off the hook for THEIR racial obsessions, results in us blaming our fellow Black victims for the crimes of our oppressors and, ultimately, will fail to lead toward the BLACK UNITY necessary for our psychic liberation from said COLORISM.

Black people are not dark-skinned white people.
—  a phrase coined by Thomas J. Burrell. He was the first black man to work for an advertising agency, in the 1960s (though they initially hired him for the mail room). He rose in the ranks, and eventually decided to start his own advertising agency, focused on selling to the black American consumer. In doing so he pioneered the idea of niche marketing. Burrell Communications grew through partnerships with companies including McDonalds and Coca-Cola, eventually becoming the largest black-owned advertising agency in the United States.
Era quel tipo di persona che ti faceva stare bene,non perché fosse realmente felice,ma perché era realmente vera,senza maschere o altro.Da lì iniziai a capire,era diventata la mia salvezza,senza neanche accorgersene.
—  @chiarsk