so, because hs ruined my sense of right and wrong, i decided i was going to write some blackrom prinxiety. for the unitiated, blackrom is essentially when you love to hate someone and also kinda want to make out with them. so, there is going to be harsh language, a bit of violence, that kinda stuff. if any of that makes you uncomfortable, don’t read this. 

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just noticed something

in [S] Make Her Pay, right before Aradia starts beating the shit out of Vriska, there’s this image:

which i originally thought was Vriska trying to start something. But upon closer inspection, what I had seen as a fight pose is actually much more peaceful and submissive. 

Notice how her left hand, which, being (arguably) her dominant hand as well as being made of metal and therefore much stronger than her right, is lowered and in an open, somewhat relaxed position, while her right is loosely extended with her hand open and facing sideways. 

that doesn’t seem like an aggressive gesture to me. More like a handshake, or maybe an apologetic ‘hey, look,’ sort of thing. We know when she’s feeling cocky she’s ALWAYS smiling, and she folds her arms over her chest and leans backward, or puts her hands on her hips, or otherwise just really gives off an arrogant facade that gives the impression that she just really loves fighting. 

But we can see here that isn’t the case. Her body language is much more submissive and apologetic. She’s not smiling, her back is stooped, herhead is down, and her face gives off more of a ‘hey, I’m sorry’ kind of impression than a ‘you’re in for it’ one. 

And let’s be honest here. If Vriska wanted to fight, she would have pummeled Aradia all over again. She’s powerful enough to give Jack Noir a run for his money. But she let Aradia beat her up. Why? 

Because she was trying to make it up to Aradia. She was trying to apologize for killing her. Vriska feels awful about what she did. She didn’t want to do it in the first place, but Scratch maniulated her into it (that doesn’t erase the fact that she still did it, but the fact remains that she never wanted to be the way she is). In this frame we catch a glimpse into a side of Vriska we rarely get to see: she’s apologetic, insecure, reaching out to make amends. And she lets aradia beat her to a pulp without retaliating because, deep down, she feels that she deserves it, and she doesn’t want to hurt her again. 

Now, an argument could be made that she was trying to get aradia to beat her to within an inch of her life so that she could get Tavros to take her to her quest cocoon and ascend to god tier. But if that were purely the case, wouldn’t she have orchastrated a less painful way? Wouldn’t she have come at aradia the way she normally does, ensuring aradia would be angry enough to attack? Would she have put her life in Tavros’ hands willingly, not knowing for a fact that he would stand up for her? This is the person she always accuses of being spineless and weak. And using her powers would undoubtedly make it impossible to convince aradia, because being mind-controlled by her would make him appear like a zombie–aradia would know in an instant that her longtime friend wasn’t acting of his own volition. 

One thing we know about Vriska is that when she takes chances, she makes sure all of the odds are in her favor, and that she is in control of every piece of the puzzle. A plan in which she depends upon the heroic action of someone she thinks of as cowardly does not sound like a plan she would make. Rising to godtier was obviously only a plan B for if she ever got seriously injured, otherwise she would have just cut out all the middlemen and done it herself. Asking Tavros to put her out of her misery yet not psychically forcing him to do so wasn’t premeditated, it was the product of a severely wounded Vriska, who feels betrayed by aradia, and is now seeing a new, braver side of tavros and pinning her hopes of having someone there for her on him by testing his resolve. She doesn’t want to make the choice for him again, as she had pre-sgrub, because she feels guilty about that too. In a way, this is her twisted way of asking for forgiveness from tavros, feeling that her chance to make amends with aradia is shot. In the ‘K8LL ME″ scene, she has become isolated from everyone she had considered her friend, having burned all of her bridges before sgrub, and is now pinning the last of her hope for…redemption, friendship, validation… all on tavros, because he’s the only one left. The only one who helped her when she was dying, the only one who believed in her (or so she feels). 

And this really explains her behavior on the meteor. The whole flash, every single one of her interactions is her desperately trying to reach out to anyone and everyone, trying to redeem herself by hatching a plan to kill jack–blinded to the concequences of this action, trying to antagonize terezi for some bit of blackrom normalcy from their scourge days, initiating a conversation with eridan of all people, being friendly and supportive to feferi and nepeta, trying to connect with equius and kanaya, encouraging tavros, trying to joke around with sollux, and humoring karkat and gamzee. And her interaction with Aradia? She avoids trying to apologize, seeing as it was something that apparently set her off last time, and instead adopts her usual abrasive style of talking. She admits that aradia’s clapback hurts. When Aradia threatens her, saying she could ‘kill her with a twitch’, vriska says ‘yeah, but you won’t!’…which seems like a taunt at first, perhaps meant to imply weakness, or rub it in her face that tavros protected her, but I think it could also betray a bit of hope. ‘you didn’t kill me when you had the chance’, to vriska, could seem to be something like ‘there’s hope that we could put the past behind us and be friends’. 

idk just some thoughts 

Why JohnRezi is important:

Notice: If you do not read Homestuck, this will make no sense whatsoever.

It gives us an example of a healthy calignous relationship. At first, the only examples we had was Jack/BQ, which was vague and ended in murder in multiple incipispheres. Then in A6 we had GamRezi, which was a very unhealthy relationship, lacking the mutual respect necessary to maintain a healthy calignous relationship.

This lead to a lot of ‘no this isn’t unhealthy it’s blackrom it’s supposed to be like this’ in the shipping community. Thankfully, JohnRezi lead Karkat to better explain how kismesissitude works normally–as a relationship built not on pure hatred, but on something more akin to begrudging respect. Not so much ‘I loathe them,’ more ‘I think they’re cool and all but they really piss me off.’ It’s the frustration and mutual respect that acts as the binding force, not just hatred.

( gamzee-the-salesman-of-blood alreadykindled)

Some random thoughts I had on kismesis and how they can (and SHOULD) be healthy relationships vs bad things.

A good kismesis SHOULD:
Be prepared to play rough. It’s supposed to be a quadrant where two people express their negative emotions in a healthy sort of way with and against another person. So some physical tussling should be expected.

A good kismesis SHOULD NOT:
Attempt to mutilate, kill, or otherwise permanently injure their S/O. That’s assault at least. Physical abuse at worst. If breaking bones and leaving deep injuries that need hospitalization occurs often (unless previously discussed as okay within the boundaries of the kismesissitude), then an auspistice should probably get between the two parties.

A good kismesis SHOULD:
Be strong enough to fight back; physically, mentally, and emotionally, and should make the other party want to get stronger. Another aspect of the kismesis relationship is forming a healthy rivalry to push one’s own boundaries. So having both parties be of about equal stature, or having the stronger of the two feel secure in holding back where the other is weaker at times, is ideal.

A good kismesis SHOULD NOT:
Try to belittle, one sidedly antagonize, degrade, or beat their S/O on uneven ground. That is more analogous to bullying or abuse. Something that should never be present in any healthy relationship, even in a hate based one. If a person is seeking that, then they’re looking for someone to pick on, not a relationship.

A good kismesis SHOULD:
Always be on the same page as their kismesis in matters of the spade. It’s a relarionship, which means communication is key to it being healthy. This means in dates, how far it’s meant to go, what goes on in the bedroom, etc.

A good kismesis SHOULD NOT:
Do something that isn’t agreed upon or consented to by the other party. Communicate what both want out of rhe arrangement. Many rivalries are based on begrudging respect. Remember, its an even relationship based on rivaley, and consent is sexy, even if you’re hate fucking.

A good kismesis SHOULD:
Know basically what’s going on in their S/O’s life outside of them, even if they don’t know their other quadrants or friends by name. Could help deter any otherwise unchecked vacillating, and helps them grow their own circle of communication and friends as well.

A good kismesis SHOULD NOT:
Ever EVER try to interfere with their S/O’s personal life or other quadrants. No deterring potential other quad mate suitors, no injuring or intimidating other existing quadrants, no insulting of other quad mates, etc. Unless the two parties have an understanding of some sort of weird intense jealousy play going on and it’s agreed upon, kismesis should NEVER keep their S/O from finding a moirail, matesprit, friend, etc.

Probably gonna add more later on. Feel free to reblog with more if anyone likes.

anonymous asked:

can u elaborate on the karkat quadrant post?

A couple of people have asked and I’m so glad they did because my tired ass loves talking about quadrants, so thank you so much!

I’m gonna try to hold back and not make this too long, since I’ve already covered these topics in other posts and I really don’t wanna seem like a broken record. Anyway here goes.

Troll romance, aka quadrants, are direct parallel to human sexuality, this is touched on tons of times in the comic, especially when quadrants are the main topic at that moment. The whole point of quadrants is that they aren’t real, they’re a concept, or a social construct made up by society, that everyone is supposed to uniformly fit into.

Karkat’s character arc is that he doesn’t actually fit into this, this is the troll equivalent of being queer, trolls are even killed if they haven’t filled the necessary romantic quadrants when Drones show up to collect their genetic material. Troll society doesn’t have the concept of being gay, just like human society doesn’t have quadrants, it’s all seen as the same type of relationship to each respective species. 

Quadrants were a very clever allusion to human sexuality that I still love. Karkat coming to terms with this is a very intentional direct parallel to Dave coming to terms with not being straight. 

Dave was raised in an environment full of toxic masculinity where he was expected to never cry or show much emotion, when he was 13 he tried his best to put on this hypermasculine facade that fell apart once he realized all that stuff he thought was spoonfed his whole life about sexuality and masculinity was a bunch of made up bullshit. Karkat is exactly the same, but with quadrants. He always did have a fascination with them, I have no doubt that his love for romance was genuine, but it may have also been a form of overcompensation. It’s pretty fitting that the two ended up together because of this. They were both able to find a middle ground and deviate from social norms, and just be themselves.

Trolls are supposed to have one person in one quadrant per time, not one person in more than one at any point. Karkat says to himself that he wants Terezi in all the quadrants, despite the fact that he always tried to settle on one but couldn’t decide (and for some reason thought a sensible solution would be to schedule it)

Combined with this is the fact that The Signless and The Disciple had a relationship that surpassed the quadrants, this is supposed to further emphasize what Karkat is dealing with. This is also probably the reason Vriska couldn’t place what quadrant Dave and Karkat were in, because they’re in both none of them and in all of them at the same time. It’s closer to human dating than troll romance. 

Beforus was a lot more calm than Alternia, so deviation from the social norm wouldn’t be as harsh, but this allowed us to get confirmation from Kankri that deviation from quadrants is actually viewed in the same way as being gay on earth, with his usage of phrases like “Panquadrant” which we can assume is the closest thing to “Homosexual” by troll standards. Aranea and Kankri were the only trolls to ever really touch on this, and Aranea did so only while talking about cherubs.

Speaking of cherubs Calliope and Caliborn have always been intentional inverses of each other, this topic is no acception at all, I’m gonna plug a previous post about this. Keep in mind that for cherubs, black romance is the norm, and no other.

While talking to Roxy, Callie says she doesn’t know if she’s capable of having red feelings, even though she would like to, so the topic fascinates her and she expresses it through fantasies of red relationships. She’s been pressured to believe that she, as a cherub, should have black feelings, because that’s what would be normal of her, be she never seemed to like the concept of black romance to begin with. She’s the equivalent to a closeted or unaware gay human.

Now for Caliborn. He’s the inverse, like many things with each other. Caliborn loves black romance and is disgusted by red romance. He’s seen bringing up blackrom several times and explains it to Jane as what’s normal for his species. He sees red relationships as “pornography”, as if they are something scandalous and dirty. Dirk describes this as Caliborn “Fetishizing his disgust for it”. He’s the equivalent to a straight human who fetishizes gay couples.

John realizing he has black feelings was supposed to be an allusion to realizing that he’s gay (by troll standards, this isn’t 100% literal). His conversation with Karkat about it, without context, would read exactly like a person realizing they’re gay. Of course that’s not what’s going on but it’s a very intentional reference to it.

Quadrants aren’t real in Homestuck, they’re intentionally set as a made up social concept, the same way “normal” gender and sexuality are for humans. They’re used as intentional allusions to human sexuality. Deviating from the social norm of quadrants is the equivalent of being gay, that’s a huge overarching theme in Homestuck, and rereading it with that knowledge is eye-opening as fuck.