blackrock chronicles

Here we are!

So, recently @rythian gave out some long awaited answers to the Blackrock Series and I don’t know about the rest of you but I finally feel like I can close this chapter of my life. We were all sort of left hanging but now it feels like it’s finally over, and I’m satisfied. So with that, I give you all one last Blackrock fanart from me. 

For those new to my blog, this blog was originally created for the sole purpose of sharing my Blackrock fanart, and as you can see in the background of this image, there was quite a few of them. Through Blackrock and the fandom I met some of the greatest friends I’ve ever known, many I am still great friends with and have dragged into other fandoms, and my art has improved a LOT thanks to drawing these characters, Rythian especially who became a muse for my art for most of that time. 

Blackrock will always have a special place in my heart as will the time spent with the Fandom. @rythian if you happen to see this, man, Thank you, for everything. 

I can’t believe blackrock has officially… ended. It was many years ago I started watching it.

I look up to Zoey, who helped me come to terms with the fact I like girls, the fact that I could be unabashedly happy with me, and the fact that anxiety is a constant battle that I win everyday I get out of bed. teaching me in blackrock that disabled people can be and are amazing, and that talking mental illness is not something to be ashamed of.

I look up to Teep, who at least in blackrock didn’t (assumed couldn’t) talk, for having such a big impact on me seeing that disabled individuals can be in any and every thing, and even be hecking badass. That you can convey so much more through actions than words, and that caring go your friends is not something to be ashamed of.

And God, God, do I look up to Rythian, who helped me make friends, love writing and not be afraid to write my characters complex and even tragic in some cases, even if my friends would tease me sometimes (oh look, Austen is roleplaying again…).

I look up to my Dad, who saw a scared, imaginative, and in-the-closet but didn’t know it yet, 11 year old and said, “Do you want to see a video? it’s about a girl, a boy, a dinosaur and a land with magic and monsters.”

I know you’ve moved on, Minecraft isn’t your thing anymore, that the story hasn’t “ended,” because you passed it down to us but… thank you. so much. you have no idea what a big impact on me this was. that this was the reason I started drawing more, the reason I’m the person I am today.

I haven’t watched Minecraft videos in a while, maybe a little over a year, but when I saw this I was in tears.

This meant so much to me. This means so much to me. I’m in tears now.
Thank you, @rythian and thank you @zoeyp. For giving a little kid a world in which they could thrive and grow.

I wonder how much of the situation Rythian understood. It’s not impossible to synthesize your way into morality from a toxic environment, but it’s certainly not easy, either. 

I wonder if it was slow, if his dislike of the world in which he was raised started with simple questions (why don’t I look like the Ones that walk the night) and became bigger ones (whyamiherewhydidyoudothistomeohgodwhathaveidone), or if the realizations came all at once. If there was some defining moment (when She placed the ancient blade upon his shoulders, a legacy that became an untouchable reality no one would explain, a prophesy he was somehow both destined and doomed to fulfill, unquestioning, but damn it, he was no longer a child).

I wonder what he thought of the Brightlands. How long it took him to overcome the fear they’d written into his core, the disgust and dislike and unjust hatred he’d believed for so long. How he met Lalna and Sjin, and when (before his flight from the End? after? how long had he known of the land of sun and warmth, kept it inside him to hold like a torch in the endless dark of eternal twilight).

I wonder at his heart, how it must have broken when his friends betrayed him, how much he must have struggled against the old Hate, ashes which had long since lost fuel but were now engorged with kindling threatening to burn straight through his chest. The tears he cried in mourning, not just for the physical things, or even for the fabric of a universe that was slowly ungluing itself, but, selfishly, for himself, and for the death of the last of his innocence, the part of him that wanted black and white, that wanted a villain and a hero, hostiles and NPCs, but got only hell fire raining from the sky and the knowledge that nothing and no one is ever simple. 

Hi yes hello! So I haven’t followed the yogs in a little over a year now. I’ve stopped watching them and dipped out of the fandom when all that crazy stuff happened last year. I never gave a proper goodbye, just some stuff in the tags of a post I think. That being said, this is my time to give a proper goodbye. I was apart of the fandom, and I did draw fan art and while I was not popular by any means, I still enjoyed being there. I found quite a few artists in the fandom as well who have since moved on as well, and I enjoy seeing their other work very much. So why am I saying all this? Why have I made fanart for a fandom I’m no longer apart of? Because some people I followed were talking about Blackrock Chronicles, because Rythian, Zoey, and now Ravs have come forward with closing remarks and theories they had planned for the show. I was there from the end of the first season so I was probably like 14 and in 10th grade. I absolutely adored the cringy acting (sorry guys but it is), the playful banter, and come on, brooding mage, happy-go-lucky mushroom princess, and a dinosaur? What’s not to love! It ended abruptly do to scheduling and while I was sad at the time, I knew it was hard for them to get together to keep pumping out episodes every week. It was such  a lovely series and I grew very attached to the characters and I think they are one of the reasons I kept progressing in my art because I’d always draw them whether or not I posted it or not. The point being, I’m glad Rythian and crew have come forward finally with backgrounds of the characters and that we now have closure. That is why I made one final piece of fanart. I’m also using this post as a way to say goodbye to the yogs for good since i never did that initially last year. In the past year I myself have gone through changes of my own, which include this new blog (hence why there is no yog art). I enjoyed my stay in the fandom, but now I bid thee farewell.