you guys have feelings and i agree with them.

and it’s not like we’re being unreasonable here, why SHOULD lisa come back? people argue that we don’t really know why she left and ok sure, we don’t, BUT, there’s a reason why every single female cast member who’s ever been on the show has left and yet all the male cast members remain. AND THAT’S BECAUSE DAVID SHORE IS A CHAUVINIST PIG WHO BACKS UP HIS MAIN CHARACTER’S ABUSIVE BEHAVIOUR AND DISCARDS HIS FEMALE ACTRESSES LIKE USED TISSUES. it happened with jmo and then it happened with lisa and lbr, it’s the greatest blessing she’s not going anywhere near the finale.

blackriddle replied to your postlol if you think you are SO MUCH better than the castle writers, just go and write damn episodes. Seriously.

you probably could write the show better tbh because your writing skills are amazing. ;)

Now now Phoebe, more nudity doesn’t necessarily mean better. ;)

stainedwithink replied to your postblackriddle replied to your post: lol if you think…

YES IT DOES. YES. IT. DOES. (At least when it comes to these two. Cos come on now.)

  ♥ I love you.

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HAHA. Rosanna and Efby stealing my heart clearly!! What a surprise, naaaaaawt