#icaintfeelmyface #blow #blackrepublicans Now this is what they’ve been waiting for

I’m feelin’ like a black Republican
Naw, I can’t call it
More like a black Democrat runnin’ ‘em out of office
Young Barack Obama, I’m all for it
The Rock of Gibraltar has now fallen, on ya
I protect my land like a farmer
Pockets stay chubby like Toccara
Or should I say fat like the Parkers
Tote big guns like I’m still playin’ Contra
Y'all washed up like money that’s laundered
Y'all funny, I’m bonkers
Honest, girls strapped to my dick like a harness
Rock star, flier than an ostrich
And I cover east, west, north, south like a compass
I shall shine forever, never tarnish
Money buried behind my house like a garden
All green, my bank account’s like a forest
I Can’t Feel My Face is gettin’ started
And Weezy is my accomplice, ya dig
A black activist like Sonny Carson
Stripes of a sergeant, salute me
And chicks, I get 'em high
Higher than turbulence is
White Phantom, lookin’ so Fergielicious
I’m from the city of big drugs and murder victims
Its get rich, go to jail or be a murder victim
Now all y'all listen
If you can’t take the heat, get out the kitchen

I feel like a black Republican
Tote the MAC in the public and
Act so southern n’ die for my brethren
Money, money, money
Like money Mac and publishing
One life to live, never ask for a mulligan
Streets cold but the heat make me feel covenant
Been done had cake day late like Ed Sullivan
Fly like an eagle but no I’m no Donovan
Boy you better go eat some soup with your mom n’ them
And my mind is on another continent
I am real Cash Money, no counterfeit
I don’t parkin’ lot pimp I just politic
But I get all in her mouth like Polident

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I’m just a little tired of non poc saying “People of color are oppressed”. Every. Single. Day. Someone feels the need to say that. Like I get it, you just figured out you have white privelege and poc are oppressed. Congrats to you. But really though. Saying it in an apologetic tone doesn’t help. Saying “they” have it hard while “they” are in the room is an example of your privelege. Good job on figuring out what racism is. #blackrepublicans #arentwelivinginapostracialsociety #staph #liberalfeministbelike

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