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Our favorite political analyst Angela Rye stopped by The Breakfast Club today to talk about Trumps first 100 days in office. 


I have left Earth in search of darker planets, a solar system that revolves too near a black hole. I have left a patch of dirt in my place & many of you won’t know the difference; we are indeed the same color, one of us would eventually become the other. You may give it my name if it makes you feel better while running your hands through its soiled scalp. I have left Earth in search of a new God. I do not trust the God you have given us. My grandmother’s hallelujah is only outdone by the fear she nurses every time the blood-fat summer swallows another child who used to sing in the choir. Take your God back, though his songs are beautiful, his miracles are inconsistent. I want the fate of Lazarus for Renisha, I want Chucky, Bo, Meech, Trayvon, Sean & Jonylah risen three days after their entombing, their ghost re-gifted flesh & blood, their flesh & blood re-gifted their children. I have left Earth, I am equal parts sick of your ‘go back to Africa’ as I am your ‘I just don’t see color’ (neither did the poplar tree). We did not build your boats (though we did leave a trail of kin to guide us home). We did not build your prisons (though we did & we fill them too). We did not ask to be part of your America (though are we not America? Her joints brittle & dragging a ripped gown through Oakland?). I can’t stand your ground. I am sick of calling your recklessness the law. Each night, I count my brothers. & in the morning, when some do not survive to be counted, I count the holes they leave. I reach for black folks & touch only air. Your master magic trick, America. Now he’s breathing, now he don’t. Abra-cadaver.  White bread voodoo. This systemic sorcery you claim not to practice, but have no problem benefitting from. I tried, white people. I tried to love you, but you spent my brother’s funeral making plans for brunch, talking too loud next to his bones. You interrupted my black veiled mourning with some mess about an article you read on Buzzfeed. You took one look at the river, plump with the body of boy after boy after boy & asked ‘why does it always have to be about race?’ Because you made it so! Because you put an asterisk on my sister’s gorgeous face! Because you call her pretty (for a black girl)! Because black girls go missing without so much as a whisper of where?! Because there is no Amber Alert for the Amber Skinned Girls! Because our heroes always end up shot or shootin-up! Because we didn’t invent the bullet! Because crack was not our recipe! Because Jordan boomed. Because Emmitt whistled. Because Huey P. spoke. Because Martin preached. Because black boys can always be too loud to live. Because this land is scared of the Black mind. Because they have sold the Black body & appropriated Soul. Because it’s taken my father’s time, my mother’s time, my uncle’s time, my brother’s & my sister’s time, my niece’s & my nephew’s time … how much time do you want for your progress? I have left Earth to find a land where my kin can be safe. I will not rest until black people ain’t but people the same color as the good, wet earth, until that means something, until our existence isn’t up for debate, until it is honored & blessed & loved & left alone, until then I bid you well, I bid you war, I bid you our lives to gamble with no more. I have left Earth & I am touching everything you beg your telescopes to show you. I am giving the stars their right names. & this life, this new story & history you cannot own or ruin        

      This, if only this one, is ours.

Black privilege!?

We’ve all heard of white privilege, the bullshit buzzword used by so called equal-rights activists, and we all know that it doesn’t exist unless you live in the 1960s or Apartheid South Africa…unless you’re an idiot, in which case DOWN WITH THE MISOGYNISTIC PATRIARCHY WHITE MALE CHRISTIAN GOVERNMENT

However, has it ever occured to you, that something (using tumblr colloquials) known as black privilege exists? Well, let’s put that theory into tests - do black people have a distinct advantage over other races, due to the colour of their skin? 

First, a brief history lesson. On 6th March, 1961, President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 10925, the first use of the term ‘affirmative action’, for those who don’t know what that is, i’ll explain throughout this talk. In 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson further want on to issue Executive Order 11246, which required government employers to take “affirmative action” to “hire without regard to race religion and national origin”. This went on in 1967 to add sex to the anti-discrimination list. 

At a brief glance then, it seems as if 'affirmative action’ is some kind of term to stop discrimination, it has a lot of correlation with things such as the anti-discrimination list. However, 'affirmative action’ is actually “positive discrimination”, it’s a policy of favouring members of a disadvantaged group, in this case the blacks.

This is key, as what it basically does is 'lower the bar’. Some people will have seen the video where a white male and female race a black male and female, and the two blacks are held up by traffic lights and various traps, in order for the whites to win the race. However, anyone who’s studied history, infact anyone with a brain, knows that video is complete bullshit. Here’s the actual 'race’ - two whites, a male and female, compete against two blacks, a male and female, in a hurdles race. First off, due to affirmative action, the hurdles are lowered for the two blacks, and later the white woman (sex positive discrimination was implemented after race postive discrimination, of course). This means the three non white-males will be able to complete the race with more ease. 

Tell me who the racists are again? To me, this looks as if the white male is being discriminated against. Furthermore, it has negative effects on blacks too. Universities, or colleges as Americans insist on calling them, have lower standards for black students than white - why do you think there are so many black drop-outs? They aren’t prepared for this environment. It would be the same if whites had their standards dropped, there would be a larger white drop-out rate. This in turn makes blacks look bad, where in-fact it’s the result of an idiotic policy.

As well as this, lets take the example of sex positive discrimination. Females have an easier time getting into the military than males. They don’t have to perform as highly. Note : i’m not saying all female soldiers are bad, but there are some which shouldn’t be there - the bar should be the same level for all. Now, if we were to take a woman that doesn’t perform as highly, and drop her into active combat, not only is she endangering her life with less than adequate standards, she will also endanger her colleagues.

So, in conclusion, 'Affirmative Action’, or positive discrimination should be abolished. First of all, we will never be an egalitarian society if it isn’t dropped, furthermore it has negative effects on it’s recipients. Now, don’t take the wrong lesson from this - I am not saying that blacks can’t go to college, or that women can’t be soldiers. I’m saying that if people want to go to college or become a soldier, the standards should be the same for everyone - they shouldn’t be lowered just because you’re black, or female. Oh, and of course, in answer to the basic premise of the essay, yes, there’s such thing as black privilege. - “The Unequal Opportunity Race”, now debunked - “Who are the Racists: Conservatives or Liberals”, a special thanks to the youtube channel PragerUniversity for some of the points I’ve used

  • Me (a black man): Us Millennials don't know how to properly close deals. Notch just broke off production of an Occulus Rift Minecraft because "Facebook creeps me out." And there are many others like that, cause most Millennials in business don't have any formal training. We have to higher rich old white men to do this kind of stuff. The oldest person at Facebook is 56 years old, that's because Zukerburg needed a rich old white man. They're the new business accessory!
  • Friend 1 (White man): Why can't it be a rich black man?
  • Me: Cause there ain't any! How many rich old black businessmen you know? There's only like 5 of them in the world!
  • Friend 2 (White girl): See, if that was me that said that, you'd think I was sooo racist.
  • Me: I know. #BlackPrivilege *grin*

Crystal Valentine - “Black Privilege”