To “y/n”

Can we just take a couple seconds to appreciate “y/n” like… They been through a much. Such as:

  • Traveling to different fandoms
  • Having the most smuttiest encounters ever
  • Going through the worst relationships or breakups
  • Having hella kids from sooo many fics
  • Getting married and dating idk how many main characters
  • Possibly dying in a fic
  • Fighting off antagonists
  • Saying the most savage ass lines (depending on how sassy the author is)
  • Dealing with bullies or anyone rude for that matter
  • Just being who we want them to be.

That reader insert has been with us through thick and thin man. Can’t it have like a birthday or something?

I’ve come to the conclusion kpop has:

  1. Ruined my life
  2. Question my sexuality
  3. Made my cry buckets of water
  4. Made me feel better when I feel like shit
  5. Caused me to find thighs incredibly attractive
  6. Discover new words I’ve never heard of
  7. Understand theories better than my education

Kpop Struggles #472

Trying to explain why a bunch of Seniors are called Super Junior 

Trying to explain the rise and fall of EXO K&M, why they all have super powers, and why Yixing is still in China

Trying to explain to YG why pitting Winner and iKon against each other at their very start crippled his own success, and why BlackPink deserves a comeback

Trying to explain why JYP after making the repeated mistake of including the number of members in the title of his groups names, named this newest one Stray Kids

Trying to explain the entire concept of NCT, why there are so many sub units, and why did the Seoul unit just debut in Japan with the only Japanese member having 4 lines and 17 seconds of screen time

Why I can’t go to kpop group concerts

  1. Hocus Pocus, I’m brokus
  2. Not allowed or not able to
  3. They swerve past my country as if it isn’t there. Like I can’t travel the whole world to see them, look at the first point

But I spiritually support them by watching videos

Every multifandom kpop fan at some point: Okay I reached my limit I won’t stan new groups anymore mark my words

Exactly 2 days later: *accidentally clicks on video of new band* Well. I didn’t choose them. They chose me… *cries in corner while scrolling through the profiles*