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On a side note that is actually the purpose of this post, I have a single room in East and its pregaming/party virginity needs to be taken this weekend.


Day 58: Last night @ Boulevard for Dash Berlin. Know that I’m waaaaaiting~ #dashberlin #dashers #boulevard #blackoutorbackout #edcweek #edcherewecome #vegas (at Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan)


DASH BERLIN #dashberlin #blackoutorbackout #vegas #marquee

ALL THE PEASANTS BETTER FUCKING BOW DOWN B/C SARAH ‘BOUGIE BLACKOUT’ BARILA IS FINALLY 21!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAHM!!! I’ve been waiting for this day just as much as you have, so I can finally have my best friend come out to the bars with me! You’re the only girl I know that needs like 2 handles to get drunk, so I hope the bars are stocked up lol Remember that time you were Yeezus? Well I think we’re all ready for the resurrection tonight and this entire weekend! Love youuu!! Ayyy lmao 👽 #TurnUp #BlackOutOrBackOut #MuchCelebrateSuch21🍹🎉