blackout adventures

This summer is about……
Kissing and holding hands,
And new lovers
And sunshine,
And love beaming from within
And not waiting
And not withholding.
And allowing myself to dream and live in that dream.
This summer is about trying new foods,
And traveling on foot and in cars and in groups.
This summer is about playing like kids.
This summer is about eating icecream and waffle cones and dancing and singing songs really loudly.
And new and old friendships.
This summer is about dream girls.
Dream experiences.
This summer is about dancing from that healed place.
This summer is about abundance and enjoyment.
And allowing losses to be lost.
Allowing in more sunlight.
Going to places where I can see the stars.
This summer is about frozen fruit and water and kissing at sunrise.
Going on dates.
Eating kiwi and melons and mangos and being all chocolaty and perfect.
This summer is about Goddesses.
Goddesses finding other Goddesses.
It’s about hair being down and out and wild.
Saying Yes to fun and love and adventure.
This summer is about being pretty and feeling Free.
And so it is
Here’s to Summer 2015
—  Cree Joy

Figured i’d update y'all. Been taking intermittent fasting more seriously. Sitting at 200 flat or just below it. Fat is melting off, supplementing properly, lifting heavy, and trying to keep my protein as adequately high as possible has been helping me keep my size also.

This summer I wanna look like i’m straight outta Jojo’s bizarre adventure. Watch