But guess who did? If you thought your average white person, you’d be correct. How many white people in full body robes do you see? It wasnt only the Ku Klux Klan who participated in activities in which blacks were hung. There were those that were led by believers of the Klan, not actual members. See, this is where the general clumping of white people began. Not all white people were racist at the time but a vast majority were, which generally scared black people causing them to be cautious near all white people, given their shared experience as a race. Much like today, not all cops are bad however a vast majority can be considered bad and/or racist given the actions of law enforcement strictly against black people on a national scale. We’re not just bunching all white people together in one racist group for fun. It’s not Black People playing the victim. It’s statistics. It’s facts. It’s history.

Why are people referring to Kylie Jenner as a nubian queen. She’s not black. Her mama is white her other mama is white. She is white. Now if she wants to wear a 30 in yaki ponytail that’s her buisness. She wants to tan her skin thats her buisness. But nubian queen ? She will never be. Now get in formation..