HP FEST: Dramione Winter Fic Exchange

Dramione Winter Fic Exchange 2015:

  • Reset  by provocative_envy - M, one-shot - And the fear—the fear that he’s learned to swallow, choke on, bury the crushed and fragmented shards of—it’s turning the space between him and her and the last six weeks, the last six months, into a gaping yawning brutally invincible chasm; a wall to scale and a cliff to jump and a step he’s never quite been brave enough to take. She takes it for him. Of course she does.
  • Paper Birds by dearsiegfried - G, one-shot - Hermione makes a decision.
  • Doors Closing by SeverEstHolmes - T, one-shot - Based on the request: Post-war Ministry employees AU; repeated elevator meetings trope. Smut optional.The turbulent introduction of Draco Malfoy to a position in the Ministry, in which Hermione is proved wrong about her own prejudices of him. Beginning of their relationship.
  • I Could Take This Moment Now (Right Into The Grave With Me) by blackorchids - T, one-shot - And, yeah, Harry and Ron and the rest of the Weasleys would always be a part of her, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t new people she’s closer with these days. It’s not like she’d be fighting so hard for Draco Malfoy to get his wand back from the ministry if she still hated the man. You don’t raise a generation of warriors and then expect them to forget how to go to battle.
  • What the Doctor Ordered by oeuvre24 - E, one-shot - After a long and tiring shift at the hospital, all Hermione wants to do is come home and get into bed with her husband.
  • To Be Himself by RavieSnake - T, 7 chapters - Christmas is a time for family. But Hermione’s family is truly horrible. They never approve of her dates and she’s decided to try and beat them at their own game. How? By inviting Draco Malfoy to join their holiday with free reign to ‘be himself.'But Hermione quickly realizes she doesn’t really know Draco at all…
  • The Greatest Gift by avdubs - G, one-shot - Hermione wakes up Christmas morning to instructions for a scavenger hunt from her boyfriend Draco. The hunt is much more emotional than she anticipates, and leads to the greatest surprise of all.
  • The Lord Ward by Dramione_Vincet_Semper - T, one-shot - ‘He’s hyper-aware, when she’s gone, that he doesn’t want her to be, and when she’s near he curses the clock for always sending her away.‘Draco Malfoy is in hospital, and it’s all that Granger girl’s fault. For Herrlucifer. Written for the Dramione Winter Fic Exchange of 2015.
  • Logically by mysoulrunswithwolves - no rating, one-shot - A DM/HG one shot in a college au.
  • you fly straight into my heart by elossa - no rating, one-shot - Hermione finds herself repulsed enough to wrinkle her nose, but something about it makes her attention linger for just a fraction longer. It tricks her enough to wonder if there was a double entendre in his words as if he was proud of someone he barely knows –- But this is Draco Malfoy she’s talking to. From what she gathered about him, she would be thrilled if he understood the concept of empathy.
  • The Winter Games by nerdzeword - G, one-shot - The game’s afoot.
  • Coffee Shop Blues by __insert creative pen name here__ (seannasheep) - T, one-shot - After the war Hermione suffered more than the others. The muggle doctor said she suppers PTSD. Drinking became her coping system. But her drinking led Ron to filing a divorce and moving away with full custody of their two young children. Now her eldest is starting at Hogwarts and she’s sober for the first time in years. What happens when she runs into a schoolyard enemy?Prompt: Super angsty PTSD Draco and Hermione. They help each other heal. No smut, please.
  • And the Ball was just the start. by SilenyFade - G, one-shot - When there’s no where quiet to study where do you hide? When you’re being pestered about things that you don’t want to do, where do you go? A room where no one can find you. Or can they?

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