Another surprise #throwbackthursday - Some of you may not know that in one of the many projects @byerly11 has worked on, he did both Acting and Voice Over work for Black Ops 2! This included being covered in sensors to be filmed for the game! #haydenbyerly #abcfamily #blackops2 #callofduty #xbox #playstation

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Stuff you need to know when playing COD zombies.

I’ve been playing Zombies since WaW and I have made it into high rounds. Here are a few tips to know.

1. To get maximum points in the start of the game, try to get at least two zombies in a line very close to each other and shoot the leg 8 times as fast as you can. Then knife them. This mainly works on round one.

2. If you have the Ray Gun, you should get PhD Flopper, because the Ray Gun can backfire with slash damage if your target is too close, and Flopper cancels out all splash damage. (Does not apply in Black Ops 3)

3. Don’t underestimate any guns (except the China Lake, War Machine, and SMR). Every gun can be good, if you know where to aim.

4. If Insta-Kill is active, save your ammo if you can. Stick to your knife.

5. Try your hardest not to be a box-whore.

6. If you have an LMG, at some point, you will need Speed Cola, even if it has fast mags.

7. Mule Kick may be handy, but it can screw you over; you can get caught switching weapons and when you go down, you lose one of your weapons because you lose your perks (except if Aftertaste is active)

8. If you get your hands on a wonderweapon, except the Ray Gun, save your ammo until you really need it, because ammo is limited on them.

9. You can’t always revive teammates. If you’re trying to revive a teammate, but a horde is in your way, it’s best to run (monkey bombs or the Gersche Device can really help, if you have them of course)

10. This last one is the most important, and it applies to all 4 games. Always, and I mean, ALWAYS, aim for the head.