police violence literally kicked off the struggle for lgbt liberation in the us. they used to raid gay bars and brutalize protestors and now they want to march with us? so that they can go back to work a day later and murder our black siblings and get away with it? no. they are more than welcome to participate, but LOSE the uniform. this murder institution should NOT be represented at pride. seriously, i don’t want ANYONE to feel unsafe during pride and police presence freaks many people out. why not a completely queer security squad? if these cops are all such good people they’d volunteer. i bet there’s many more badasses out there who would, too.

[23jun17] 239\365: besides showing my film at the opening of this semester’s exhibition, i also made new constellations to hang on the wall. initially i had the idea to just hang one piece besides another, as much as would have fit the wall, making a photo wall so to speak. but my photography teacher said that it would make the hanging too complementary and didactic and suggested to try to make the hanging into a separate work. so i spent some hours playing around with constellations and once i got into the flow it was a really good experience as it actually fits my favourite work method of picking up scattered work, throwing it around and finding something for it that might work. this is what i did when i started this 365 thing last october. and the first work uploaded then is what brought me here, what made this film possible. (you can find my film here:

quick doodle cuz I realized I never drew an actual illustration for [Daydream], since this pic is only source of inspiration, not what they actually dress/look like in the story ( ̄  ̄|||)