Officer who killed Ramarley Graham resigns. Graham’s family says justice wasn’t served.

  • NEW YORK CITY — Richard Haste, the New York City police officer who fatally shot Ramarley Graham, a black and unarmed teen, in 2012, has resigned from the New York Police Department.
  • An internal trial that found Haste guilty of wrongdoing and recommended his firing, officials announced on Monday.
  • But for Graham’s family, who for five years remained in the dark about disciplinary proceedings against Haste, the resignation is just another slap in the face.
  • Constance Malcolm, Graham’s mother, said the fact that Haste was allowed to resign without facing any criminal charges in civilian courts is shameful.
  • “I think the whole of New York City should be appalled with this decision,” Malcolm said during a press conference at NYPD headquarters on Monday. “There’s no way a cop should break in your home, kill an unarmed person and walk free, let alone get a pay raise every year from the time he killed my son.” Read more (3/27/17 1:35 PM) 

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