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The Awesome Suit 
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So… are we cool?



I love this. I love my dogs. I love this green scenery. I love my hoops. I love my house. I love the colors and the plants and my crooked tree and everything else about this place. Every time I reminisce about it, it never seizes to amaze me. I’ve been residing in this beautiful place since 6th grade! I remember my best friend yesenia living in the two story corner house down the street. I miss that house. Now she is all grown up and has a baby and a family. I’m happy we keep in touch a little here and there. She was awesome and although, we have our own lives now, I will never forget the sleepovers, the walks, the talks, and all the crazy little innocent adventures we had. I was so young… I made a promise to myself to never stop loving myself like i had before and its become a promise ill keep forever. Much love little followers! Hope you all enjoy my hoops and my house as much as i do. :)


I made a thing and I’m super proud of it, check it out! 

Spirit of Life
  • Spirit of Life
  • Blackmill
  • Miracle

Some people say that music takes them to another world.  With some music that has a sort of ethereal quality to it, I totally get that.  But what if there was some alternate universe out there that music could bring you to?  Sounds like a place I’d like to go for sure…

Today’s song is Spirit of Life by Blackmill.  This guy probably writes the best chillstep I’ve ever heard, hands down.  I found this song through Pandora and it’s become one of my favorite songs to listen to when I need to unwind.  I also love falling asleep to it; it’s just so soothingly beautiful.  I can really feel my worries ebbing away when I listen to this stuff.  Enjoy!



It seems as though I have a theme song. Accurate title too. 

01.Explosions in the Sky - Your Hand in Mine
02.Markus Schulz - Let It Go (Monogato remix)
03.Blackmill - Sacred River
04.Hardwell - Spaceman
05.Gran Vitaly - Looming Hurricane
06.Milky Chance - Stolen Dance
07.Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home
08.Say My Name (feat. Zyra) (Jai Wolf Remix)
09.Of Monsters and Men - King And Lionheart
10.Nirvana - Come As You Are (Unplugged In New York)
11.Atmosphere - The arrival
12.ODESZA - It’s Only (feat. Zyra)
13.Diplo - Revolution
14.Tove Lo - Stay High ft. Hippie Sabotage
15.Adventure Club - Gold
16.The Beatles - All You Need Is Love
17.Blackalicious - Make You Feel That Way
18.Ki-Theory - Open Wound (ODESZA Remix)
19.The Perishers-Nothing Like You and I
20.Vance Joy - Riptide
21.Two Steps From Hell - SkyWorld
22.Blackmill - Relentless
23.Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son
24.Zhu - Fadded

ildcat wildcat - Hero 
tand by me - Ben E King
27.My friends never die -  Odesza 

this is a mix of songs that Noel shares every Friday ((i will update each week’s new song))
i love the style of music that Noel shares :)  here ♡


it’s gonna get ugly, it’s gonna get messy

a playlist for all of us traumatized systems who are fucked in the head

control - halsey // everyone is the same - innerpartysystem // staying up - the neighbourhood // body - mother mother // no moon - iron & wine // earth - sleeping at last // haunted - maya kern // eet (remix) - kenny kumar // flashback (remix) - blackmill // my apocalypse - escape the fate // have it out - mother mother // hunger of the pine - alt-j // in your room - depeche mode // the hymn of acxiom - vienna teng


this girl is a world – for the girl who is a patchwork of sanity and insanity, of mountains and trenches, of all that she’s loved and all that’s lost; for the girl who was always and yet never alone; for the girl who contains multitudes


1. let it be – blackmill ft. veela // 2. human – gabrielle aplin // 3. rabbit heart (raise it up) – florence + the machine // 4. white winter hymnal – fleet foxes // 5. charlie brown – coldplay // 6. a world alone – lorde // 7. the death of me – city and colour // 8. the fog – rachel sermanni // 9. concrete wall – zee avi // 10. she wolf (falling to pieces) – beth // 11. willow tree march – the paper kites // 12. staying up – the neighbourhood // 13. remember my name – yuna // 14. tether – chvrches // 15. keep your head up – ben howard


thank you to sarah rees brennan for the title of this mix, and most importantly, for sharing kami with us. she means a lot to me, and this mix doesn’t do her justice, though i tried :)