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From Metropolis, came to Gotham for a Comiccon, stepped off the train, and three villains busted into separate entrances in the station with guns. They were in a Mexican standoff for a few seconds, and I very calmly stepped backwards back into the train as the doors closed. I didn't get off till the train stopped halfway to Central city. #traindriverdidn'tevenlookup #iheardgunshots #asthetrainleft #2face #blackmask #puppetdude? #dontknowhisname #onlyingotham

Forgotten Outlaw - Jason Todd x Reader

A/N: I’ll be honest I don’t watch a whole lot of Marvel so I kinda bsed the Marvel-ish part of this prompt. 

Prompt: I got this idea stuck in my head that maybe like blackmask bought Bizzaro, there could be another person, the reader, who is a former soldier presumed dead who was experimented on and has a metal arm (basically Bucky Barnes’ back story) and Jason finds her and helps her and they develop a friendship (then romance) and he helps her deal with the guilt and ptsd and her insecurities about the metal arm and she eventually becomes a vigilante

“Wait Red Him.” Bizzaro stopped suddenly as they were trying to escape Black Mask’s compound. Jason stopped in his track and internally groaned. What could possibly be the matter now?

“Seriously? We need to leave.” Jason pushed.

“First save Voice Her.” Bizzaro said before bounding off in the opposite direction. Jason had no choice but follow after him. They ran deeper and deeper into the compound and eventually came to a laboratory that was under lockdown. The doors were sealed shut with thick steel doors and giant padlocks. For a normal person, there was no getting through that door but Bizzaro was undeterred. He dug his fingers into the steel as if it were butter and yanked the door off of it’s hinges.

“Holy shit!” Jason called out, jumping out of the way of the door that Bizzaro just casually tossed aside.

The lab was filled to the brim with various equipment but his eye was immediately drawn to the center of the room where a woman lay strapped to a slab.

“Is this her? Is this Voice Her?” Jason asked,

“This Her.” Bizzaro responded. Jason nodded and pulled his knife out to cut through you binds. He lifted you up into his arms and motioned towards the clone that it was time to leave. Bizzaro ran ahead of Jason, making sure to take out anyone who got in his way. As soon as they were in the clear he took you to the Outlaws headquarters at Ma Gunn’s orphanage.

He set you down carefully in his bed and that’s when he noticed your arm for the first time. The coolness of your metal arm caught him off guard when he was pulling the covers over you. The appendage extended from your hand all the way up to your shoulder. Despite it looking completely solid it was clearly quite mobile.

Jason stayed by your side all night, making sure that you were alright but also making sure you didn’t run off and start causing havoc in the city. He didn’t know who you were so he needed to take every precaution.

When you woke up your eyes shot open and you immediately jumped out of bed and braced yourself in a defensive position, Your lip curled up in an animalistic snarl and you looked just about ready to rip Jason’s throat out.

“Who are you and where the fuck am I?” You demanded in a low growl. Jason raised his hands in defeat.

“Relax. I’m the one who saved you. I’m more than willing to take you back if that’s what you prefer.” He retorted  You lowered your guard but only slightly.

“Who are you?” You repeated, dropping your arms down to your side.

“Jason Todd. And you might be?”

“I don’t remember.” You frowned, your eyes going off into a distant world far from here for the briefest moments.

“Well whoever you are, you’re welcome to stay here until you’re back on your feet.” Jason said turning to leave the room to give you some privacy. He stopped in the doorway and turned back to ask a question that had been bugging him since he first saw you. “Bizzaro, the Superman clone, he calls you ‘Voice her’. Why is that?” He asked. You hesitated before answering but you figured the question was innocent enough.

“I-I used to sing when I was alone in my cell. Most days it was the only thing standing between me and madness. I think he liked to hear me sing. It comforted us both.” You said.

“You must have one hell of a voice.” He commented.

“Not really no.” You frowned and an awkward silence fell between you.

“Right. Well … make yourself at home. I’ll be downstairs if you need anything.” Jason replied awkwardly before leaving you alone in the room.

Over the next couple of days you remained holed up in the bedroom, only coming out when you needed to. Eventually you started spending more and more time around the Outlaws and they started to grow on you. You and Artemis became thick as thieves. With Bizzaro, you were a calming confidant. Sometimes you would sing to him when he asked you to.

Jason though … your relationship was a little more complicated. Some days you were friends, some days the two of you were constantly at each other’s throats, and other days you could swear that he looked at like he wanted more. You’re never quite sure where you stood with him. You and Jason did this ‘will they, won’t they?’ game for longer than you’d care to admit.

You joined up with the Outlaws shortly after they saved you and you had to admit that you worked well together. Slowly but surely your memories of your past life started filtering back to you in flashes. You still didn’t remember much but Jay helped you to sort through it all.

Apparently you were once a soldier once upon a time. You were caught in an explosion and lost your arm in the backfire. Things got fuzzy after that but you remember a grinning bald man promising a new life, a new arm. Then nothing until sirens are ringing in your ear and a man in a red mask cradled in his arms.

“Hey, are you alright?” Jason asked, catching you staring at your clenched metallic fist. Jason’s voice snapped you out of your thoughts and you lowered your arms to your side.

“I’m fine.” You said.

“Are you remembering more?” He asked.

“No, nothing.” You sighed. “I think I’m better off not knowing. There’s such a big gap in my memory. I don’t want to know what they did to me, Jason.” You admitted. Jason reached over and intertwined his hand with your artificial one. He lifted your clasped hands and pressed a gentle kiss to the back of your hand.

“[Y/N] I know this shit is scary and I know whatever your brain is blocking out isn’t pleasant, but I’m here for you. For whatever you need.” Jason promised.

“Can you be honest with me right now, Jay?” You asked.

“Of course.”

“What is this … you know us?” You asked, tightening your grip on his hand. He winced ever so slightly at the strength of your inhuman hand. He tried to cover up his reaction but you saw and started to pull away. You hated that you couldn’t even get the simple things right. Jason’s hand caught yours before you could pull away.

“Hey, this is whatever you want it to be.” He reassured you. “And before you get caught up in your head, I don’t care about your arm or your past or whatever other reason you can possibly come up with.” He continued when he saw you open your mouth to argue with him.

“Really?” You asked. He smirked ever so slightly and cradled your cheeks in his hands before leaning in and pressing a soft tender kiss to your lips.

“Is that answer enough?” He whispered against your lips.

“I don’t know. I might need you to repeat yourself.” You said with a ghost of a smile playing at your lips.

“With pleasure.”

A follow up to “Music for Roleplaying Games”

Like seriously, the Dungeon Keepers soundtrack is amazing for RP

Need some spooky music for your horror game?
Take out “Storm the Dungeon / The Horned Reaper ”, use “Green Pleasant Land / Soft Flute” for the start, and have the rest on loop while spooky stuff start happening.

Cyberpunk? “Industrial Cave / It’s Construction Time” and “Blackmasked Monster / Ghostly Waterways”. They also work for most sci-fi. 

Want a feel of mystery? “Enchanted Cave / Mystical Tunnels” totally helps you out there! "Green Pleasant Land / Soft Flute” is also good. Works for both fantasy, sci-fi, pulp or whatever.

“Ghost Cave / Down Deep” is good for anytime you want to give them some chills, even if it’s full horror or just a little paranoia while they’re exploring a cave. I know of 2 people who’ve gotten Zelda-nightmares from that tune alone.

And of course “Storm the Dungeon / The Horned Reaper ” works for most epic showdowns.

Like seriously, if you’re a Gamemaster and you have the chance to check it out, do it. I use it all the time, especially when you end up having to GM without any good time for preparations. Might also want to check the game out, it’s pretty neat.

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but like also imagine jay coming home from hong kong with kori and roy and finding his s.o. with all of crime alley's young kids holed up in the safe house? and his s.o. is cooking them food and reading them books and when jay comes home as the red hood all the kids swarm to him and hug him and his s.o. explains that the turf war with blackmask has gotten really bad and the red hood is the only one the parents trust to watch their kids. him and his s.o. r like perf lil parents

i’m laughing at him holding like five children in his arms and looking over their heads at them mouthing ‘where did they all come from’ and his s.o. mouthing back ‘they’re mine now, it doesn’t matter’ 

also this is the story about how they accidentally illegally adopted thirty seven children at one time and took great care of every single one of them (there are two babies and they take turns on who’s rocking who to sleep every night and jason watches them on their turns with a big sloppy smile on his face)


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Second gift for the 200 followers fiesta ! Here’s some Jon for you Mel !

We don’t see much of him fighting in the game, but since at one point you can see him literally slit Batman’s throat, I wasn’t going to do something boring~