Heads up!! Our show tonight has been relocated to the Sequoia Brewing Co., TOWER District, Fresno, CA. 9pm start, and gonna be a party! Last night went off as John and Grant (not pictured) Clifton as well as Don Priest (not pictured) joined us onstage. That’s Judi Clifton pictured :-) #blackmarketiii #wintercalifornia2016

2015 gave us a lot to be thankful for. THANK YOU for the continued support and enthusiasm Kevin Beale, Irene Barrett, Wayne Blackwell and DJ Suzy at Independent Musicians Promotions Radio (IMP), Moni Cox, Rob DeFries, Cathryn Beeks, Janine Harty, radio that has given us a spin or two, Ken Lehnig, Eli Medellin, Mark Eppler, and Nick Abadilla at Boogie Magazine, Freddy Vandervelpen at Rootsville, John Hancock, Manfred Huppertz, Erwin Van Rillaer Frank Rodrick, Quilter Amps, Boulder Creek Guitars, Julius and Kim Ulrich at MotorCult and MotorGirl, Moze Guitars,ALL the venues that book is in the States and throughout Europe, and all of our friends and fans!!! Without all of you, we couldn’t be living our dream of sharing our music and bringing positive energy to the world. #thankyou #blackmarketiii #rocknroll #blueslivesforever

Typical day to live the dream of making a living playing music: (in order) Coffee, practice, organize and prioritize, book shows, promotions, conference with the manager, lunch, rehearsal/ write new music/ give a lesson/ record, check and return messages, research new venues, practice, dinner, catch a local show (a couple times a week at least) or play a show, practice before bed (if no show), relax :-). Those ‘up in the middle of the night’ times are good for contacting European and other world venues and do promotion! Then it gets busy when it’s time to make, promote, and tour a new CD. #lessonsbyscottieblinn #blackmarketiii #notimeforshennanigans