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Speaking of the Gamera trilogy, did you feel some of its influence in the new Godzilla film?

I’ve read a couple of opinions about this, and while it wasn’t immediately apparent to me on my first (or second) viewing, I think it’s a valid comparison to draw, especially with the relationship between Godzilla and the MUTOs, and Gamera and Gyaos in Guardian of the Universe.


So, I’d just like to talk about a thing. Recently, I reblogged a picture
and it had a picture of this satyr saying it was the anatomy of satan. Now I have this book (I took those pictures) and I did not remember any satan body deconstruction goin on so I got the book out, and sure enough, it’s a faun/satyr, not the demonic overlord from the pits of hell. And this just struck me as dumb, because if you know the book, and the author, then you should know to read the little words at the bottom of the page that read “satyrus hirincus” also, I find it funny that that part was cropped out. Some scammer it throwin around old Lucis name as a way to get more notes. :/ Real dumb shit

I’ve been taggued in a thing ! Thanks vashsunglasses!


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I’ve got an awful writting, sorry for all my past teachers who had to correct ¾ pages of this during my school days…