blacklist spoilers if you do not want them

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Why are people with ARCs allowed to spoil Lord of Shadows? Spoilers are popping up everywhere, including major character deaths, though some contradict each other. Blacklisting spoilers isn't helping, is there anything you can do?

Whoa, whoa! People with ARCs aren’t allowed to spoil LoS. And in fact, they aren’t that I know of? ARCs are limited to reviewers and by and large they’re a hugely professional group that takes their reviewing and blogging really seriously. They know if they started posting spoilers they would lose their audiences.

When a book is embargoed, that means a legal agreement between the publisher and booksellers that the bookseller won’t sell the book before a specific date. Sometimes a bookseller breaks that agreement — in this case sold early copies in Northern Europe before receiving an injunction to stop — and then the book winds up in the hands of people who aren’t reviewers and don’t have an agreement not to sell/spoil/whatever it. There is no way to stop them, because the agreement that was broken was broken by the bookseller not the reader who got the book early. The downside is that it can mean that for instance no books will be provided to next time a Shadowhunters book comes out, so no customers of the website/people in N. Europe will be able to buy it easily, so the people punished for spoilers are often the people who didn’t do the spoiling at at. I think it’s rotten to post spoilers, and if I hear about accounts doing it I will block them permanently, but that is all I can do.


I’ve talked already about blacklisting and muting, but I’ve definitely gotten the impression the spoilers are out of control (I have turned off my own inbox because it’s full of people yelling about spoilers, some of which aren’t true, but I can’t confirm or disclaim either way) and I certainly recall myself the spoiler situation of waiting for new Harry Potter books, for instance. If you genuinely don’t want to be spoiled I would honestly recommend a fandom blackout until after you read LoS. Walk away from the timeline/dashboard, avoid discussions, stick to safe spaces where you know everyone. 

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It’s the only way to be sure.

See you on the flipside. ;)

warning: voltron s4

Hey friends, there’s already a severe spoiler floating around relating to content we’ll see in s4.  If you are trying to avoid spoilers, but took your blacklist-tags down after watching season three, blacklist your tags again. Most folks are tagging/warning for the spoilers, but thanks to tumblr’s backwards algorithms and how quickly this site moves, it’s entirely possible to see the spoiler first and then the warning several posts later on your dash. 

If you have friends who don’t want to be spoiled, please do them a favor and give them a heads-up.  Especially considering how recent this news is - barely two days after the drop of s3 - if you don’t know ahead of time, it’s almost certain you’ll be spoiled for season four.  Please help spread the word so we can avoid more accidental spoilers for those who don’t want them.


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i heard s2 is 12eps long and adapts only one arc and im so dissapointed! because there arent many ereri moments on that part right? after all this wait and we wont see them together this season :(

There really is a lack of Eren and Levi moments during the Clash arc (⋟﹏⋞). There’s a lack of Levi in general, since he’s still injured and can’t join the fight.

There is only one significant moment between them on this arc, and we will probably see it animated very soon (maybe even next saturday?), since it happens on Chapter 37.

Warning: Manga spoilers from here on, remember that they’re always tagged as “snk spoilers” in case you want to blacklist them.

Eren and Levi share a cart, along with Mikasa, Armin, Hange, and Pastor Nick. During the ride, a few important conversations take place. 

Hange explains to them that Pastor Nick and his cult knew about the titans inside the walls. They also share the theory that Eren might be able to seal the hole in the wall by using crystalizing abilities with his titan like the female titan did. Armin comes up with the idea of doing a night operation, in which a small group of people could quickly run to wall Maria while the titans are inactive, and so Eren would seal the wall this way.

But of course all depends on Eren actually being able to crystalize, and seal the hole. Armin says this and Hange asks Eren if he is going to be capable to do it.

We can see Eren’s face and how he is basically put on the spot and not knowing what to say. Because he really doesn’t know if he’s capable of doing that, he has never done it before, and he has already enough pressure on his shoulders as it is. And now suddenly, there’s this new possibility, a mission that could solve one of their biggest problems once and for all, and by the way they have explained it, it could be done so easily… but it all depends on him, he’s again the key for the mission to be successful, and if he isn’t capable of doing it, then it obviously would be a disaster. His hesitation is understandable.

There’s an uncomfortable silence, and everyone is waiting for Eren to say something, but he can’t. And then Levi speaks:

Levi has noticed how uncomfortable and unsure Eren was and so he speaks to him and says just the right words. There is no other acceptable outcome than succeeding. And to do that Eren must seal the hole. Eren is the only one who can do this, their only chance. He motivates and encourages him, and it’s obvious that his words have a great effect on him.

Eren might still not be fully sure of being able to seal the hole, but his change of attitude is clear: there is no hesitation, he’s ready to try anything and do whatever it takes to succeed on their mission.

But that’s not the only important scene during the cart ride. Before they separate, Levi has a few words for Mikasa regarding Eren.

Protecting Eren is Levi’s responsibility, but he can’t be there this time. So he tells Mikasa it’s up to her now to keep Eren safe, no matter what. It makes sense that Levi entrusts Mikasa with this task since she’s the second strongest after him. But he thinks her attachment to Eren can actually put him at risk if she lets herself be carried away by her emotions.

When he tells her to not mess up again, he is refering to the incident in the forest. Levi told her to not try to fight the female titan, rescuing Eren was their priority. But she did not listen to him, and this was the cause of Levi’s injury. By Eren’s reaction, he doesn’t seem to know what they’re talking about.

After this, they separate and go different ways, and I believe they don’t share any more scenes for the rest of the arc. We actually almost don’t see Levi at all anymore…

He briefly appears on Chapter 45 along with Jean, Erwin and Pixis. And the next time we see him is on Chapter 51 already, which can be considered Uprising arc. We don’t know exactly how many chapters they will adapt, so some parts of Chapter 51 might be covered during this season. But the next time Eren and Levi are together is on Chapter 52, which is definitely part of the Uprising arc, and very unlikely to be adapted right now.

So, well, resuming… we will have a small but significant scene soon, but after that there’s really nothing else. However, don’t get discouraged by this! The possibility of them adapting the next arc soon is still there. It might be announced later, it might be a split cour, or they might be doing only 12 episodes to be able to do the next season sooner, maybe next year. And there will be additional scenes that are original to the anime, and not shown in the manga. Although unlikely, some of them might be about Eren and Levi.

I understand your dissapointment though, I too wish we would have more scenes of them animated… but what can we do! We have to be patient and wait for the rest to come. Until then, we can focus on fan content. Our ship is still the most popular and the one with more fanworks, so at least we are very lucky on that aspect and I’m sure that will make the wait easier (*^∀゚)ъ.

Chapter 95 Preparations and Predictions

We are entering another spoiler week and new chapter is coming out this week. Finally

  • I will be tagging this month’s chapter related as #snk 95, and #snk spoilers just like I do every month. If you want to avoid them, you can blacklist those tags.
  • Chapter 95 is the first chapter of Volume 24. Wow, we’ve come a long way!
  • As Yonkou Productions say, spoilers usually drop on 4th-6th every month which hits on weekdays this month. Earliest they might drop on Monday 3rd.
  • Chapter will be officially publish on 8th or 9th which hits weekend.

Some predictions:

  • I think we will get another Warrior chapter, I’d like to think that we are gonna keep seeing Warrior flashback but we might return to current timeline as well. Isayama didn’t create a new place and new characters to abandon them after 4 chapters so Paradis is gonna wait a bit more, if SC are not on mainland already.
  • We can actually see Amputee-kun’s face and Isa might reveal who he actually is even if he doesn’t reveal how he got there.
  • More Mads? More Warrior Cadets? More Zeke? More Porco? Maybe we might see glimpses of Paradis as well.

Though you guys nvm my prediction part bc I tend to fail at them

UPDATE: Chapter will be out earlier than usual.

For Japan, July 7th; for USA July 6th!


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ive always wondered, how the hell do u stay unspoiled?!!

Well.. I don’t like getting spoiled ‘cause I can’t enjoy an episode if I know what’s gonna happen so… It’s really easy when it literally ruins the viewing experience.

And then for anyone who doesn’t mind getting spoiled but would rather be surprised: Just don’t frequent spoiler forums, or tags, use blacklists and if you follow ANYONE who doesn’t tag their spoilers then just unfollow them? I don’t know. I think there’s a temptation factor that comes into play for many people, like they don’t want to spoil themselves but they can’t help it. Just… quit the internet for a few days and that should work, or maybe not the internet entirely, just anything related to bbt.

And in terms of promos and stuff.. I know some people don’t consider those spoilers but I do. CBS is THE WORST. Seriously, if there’s one Shamy scene in an episode they’ll put it in the promo. It’s so annoying. I can watch promos for every single show except for this one, for instance, watch this promo: they spoiled the ONLY Shamy scene of the episode (the tag with flirty Sheldon). Plus, it makes it look like the episode’s about Sheldon trying to convince Amy while everyone else is going and it’s not about that at all.

And then watch this: they spoiled 1. Sheldon and Amy getting back together (showed a kiss and everything) and 2. SPOILED IN ADVANCE that they’re gonna have coitus in the next episode. Goddammit CBS!!!!!!

I get that they see that Shamy attracts a lot of viewers to this show and so they do it to get better ratings, but seriously?! It’s ridiculous and (in most cases) deceiving.

Hey, CBS:


if some of you don’t know, tomorrow there is going to be a press conference held by TFOU where the first two episodes of season two will be shown, to journalists and the like.

in the events that info from these two episodes or the episodes themselves are leaked, i encourage you to refrain from reposting or spreading these episodes. For months spoilers have run rampant and it has just gotten so annoying that it feels like the entire season has already been revealed.

please, if you post anything about the episodes, tag them #ml spoilers or #mlspoilers and do not tag them #miraculous ladybug. i will not be accepting asks containing spoilers but i will keep my askbox open.

to anyone who didn’t know or doesn’t want to know about the leaks, blacklist #ml spoilers or #mlspoilers and i hope you dont get spoiled. enough is enough

A couple of take-aways from yesterday’s mess…

1. It’s easier to resolve things when you keep a cool head… I had several nice discussions with people of varying opinions and it was nice.

2. Please tag things appropriately… not just #actuallyjonsa but if you are writing meta, tag it so that people who want to avoid it can blacklist. Spoilers too. It’s already being tagged so what is one more?

3. Many people, including those who like meta, would appreciate more use of readmore cuts. Here are a few posts about them that I found yesterday when I googled them… both how to do it on a computer/in a browser and on mobile:

4. Don’t send hate, anon or otherwise. Don’t be the type of fans that you hate. It’s never helpful. Save that anger and action for politicians you disagree with.

5. We’re all here to love the same thing… some people just enjoy doing it differently. We all have different opinions on characters and interpretations but we all ship at least one thing in common. Let’s have fun with that.

How to Avoid Spoilers and Spoiler Etiquette for Tagging

Did you miss this weeks episode? Have you missed this season’s episodes in general? But you still intend to watch it and don’t want spoilers?

There are a few things you can do. Most of them means you need something like Tumblr Savior or XKIT. Basically none of this works on mobile. 

1- Blacklist the show.

This seems obvious but a lot of people still need to be told to do this. I sometimes will get angry that someone posted something without tagg- … oh look I forgot to blacklist this tag, nevermind my bad. Seriously. Did it just last night. I was about to be pissed when I realized that the post was tagged. I, for some reason, hadn’t bothered to tag for the show nor the show’s spoiler tags.

Get preemptive with this shit. Most people are reactionary with their tagging. I blacklisted this show because something already got spoiled, but I should have known to blacklist it before.

If you’re just a week behind, you can just blacklist the spoiler tags. For instance, I have “supernatural spoilers” and “spn spoilers” blacklisted all the time, unless I’m 100% up to date and usually the season needs to be over. Right now I’m a season behind so I have “supernatural” and “spn” also blacklisted.

2 - Blacklist your main ships/fav characters.

If you’re like me, you probably end up following a bunch of people that either post exclusively about the show, your ship, or your character, or they at least post some good content along those lines. Well, just to be safe, especially if you don’t want spoilers for those ships/characters specifically, blacklist them until you catch up. 

Unfortunately, a lot of people think tagging ships or characters is mutually exclusive from tagging the show. Back to my supernatural example: I follow someone that posts a lot of destiel, but they don’t always tag destiel posts as “spn” or “supernatural.” They do almost always tag those posts as “destiel,” however. So the ship gets blacklisted.

There is also this notion being pushed in a lot of corners of fandom that you shouldn’t tag a ship or character, especially if they’re very, very popular, with the media name because it “floods” the tag. That’s bullshit. A huge reason to tag is to allow for blacklisting. At the very least, tag it with the spoiler tags. This keeps it out of the main show tag (kind of, not really, tumblr is garbage) but still makes it easy to blacklist with one or two tags, instead of needing tags for each character and ship.

3 - Unfollow people.

This is one that works on mobile. It’s also the least favorite one. Some people try to tag for spoilers. Some people just keep forgetting to tag when, for instance, they live blog. Or they’re reblogging and they don’t tag anything. Maybe their on mobile and can’t be bothered to tag/tag “excessively.” Maybe they don’t give a fuck.

I used to follow a lot of people that seemed to have zero regard for other people when it came to spoilers. A huge reveal from the flash was spoiled by some jackass (read: really nice person who didn’t think before posting) that saw gifs of the reveal, felt strong emotions from the reveal, and reblogged without a single fucking tag. At the time, I had everything blacklisted. “the flash,” “the flash spoilers,” “flash,” “flash spoilers,” several ships, a few characters (including the character the reveal was about). But all the blacklisting in the world won’t help if they don’t fucking tag it…

4 - Blacklist the blog.

… unless you blacklist the blog itself.

Sometimes you don’t want to unfollow. Sometimes, you’re emotionally attached to the blog or you want it there for when you catch up. But they don’t tag. They never tag. I follow several blogs that are predominantly shadowhunters material. And let me tell you, very few actually tag the show “shadowhunters.” They don’t tag “malec,” they don’t tag “sh spoilers,” they don’t tag “sh cast.” Which is sooooooooooooo frustrating.

Some blogs have said they don’t need to tag because you’re following them and you should know that’s all they post. I followed a coldflash blog that refused to tag coldflash for just that reason. However, a general trend, when blogs refuse to tag because everything would be tagged that way… they tend not to tag anything actively useful. In my experience, these blogs are less likely to tag for triggers, very rarely tag spoilers, don’t tag for cast posts… If they’re a gen blog, some tag for ships and characters, but if they’re a ship blog, that’s unlikely.

So if you follow a blog that doesn’t respect spoiler rules of etiquette, blacklist them. You aren’t unfollowing them, they’ll be there when you’re ready, but you can now control your experience with them, where previously you were unable to.

NOTE: This can work in other areas too. Is a blog taking a turn in tone? Maybe blacklist them for a while and see if it reverts back later. Is the blogger going through something that makes a lot of their posts upset you? It’s okay to blacklist them and cut yourself off from that, you don’t owe them anything. Do you really like the blogger but suddenly their posts, which you’ve always enjoyed before, are weighing on you or pulling you down? Blacklist them for now. That’s okay.

5 - Take a step back from tumblr.

This also works for mobile /s. I’ve taken a step back from tumblr for a lot of reasons. I left the site for about 6-8 months a year or so ago, because I was becoming obsessed with needing to see every post on my dash. I’ve gone off for a week or so because I got pissed off at spoilers. And sometimes, when I know there’s going to be a lot of content that everyone’s talking about and I can’t avoid, I’ll bunker down. 

Bunker down, in this case, refers to remaining on the site but only accessing your own activity page. You can see who interacts with you, directly, but you don’t have to see what everyone is saying independent of your posts. This can be a preemptive form of control on your experience.*

This is sort of like the “abstinence” form of avoiding spoilers, with bunkering down being sort of like the 2nd base of fandom interaction.

You can still message people and reply to asks, with this tactic. The goal is to stay off your dash and out of browsing. Control your input by just interacting with reactions to your posts or direct conversations with bloggers.

* Note: This can work really well if you are being overwhelmed by a trend on your dash/the site, as well. If you’re following discourse blogs, for instance. Sometimes things get to heavy and bunkering down can allow you to temporarily escape that and still feel like you’re involved.

If anyone has any other suggestions, please feel free to message me or send in an ask.

Now let’s get into spoiler etiquette. Here are some suggestions for keeping your blog free of spoilers and making it a safe place for fans that miss episodes.


I know this seems obvious but I like to think I already demonstrated how blogs fail to tag. If you are a shipper that keeps tagging the ship and not the show, tag the show. Especially if you post during/immediately after new episodes. Your ship might be what the post is about but there can be spoilers for unrelated matters included. The same goes for character posts.

If you’re a blog that is 100% show/character/ship, still, TAG YOUR POSTS. Does it get tedious tagging every post if you’re posting a lot? Sure. But still do it. If you don’t care about the spoiler thing (kind of douchey but whatever), do it for the spreading of your blog, as your posts will not be included in tag searches.

If it’s simply that you don’t feel like tagging every post, get Auto-tagger on XKIT (I don’t know if there are similar features on other extensions). Auto-tagger let’s you set up words/phrases to always tag with. You can control this based on post type, where the post originated, etc. I use this feature to keep the tags from the person I’m reblogging it from - I can erase their specific, commenting tags and keep their pertinent ones without having to type it all in. If you’re a blog that ONLY posts malec, for instance, set it up to tag malec on every post (and “shadowhunters” or “sh”).

If you’re a live blogger, set it up before the episode to tag all your posts with the spoiler tags. Or give your live blogging a specific tag and warn your followers. Be consistent week to week so your followers can block a single tag. Remember that your followers see your last post before the earlier ones, so it’s easy to miss the post where you say what your tag is. Make it well known.

2 - Put things under cuts.

When a huge reveal happens, consider putting posts related to that under a cut, at the very least the night of the airing. This is also considerate of mobile users. If your follower is then curious and opens the post, it’s their own damn fault that it’s been spoiled.

This can also prevent your loyal followers from spoiling things as well. That huge flash spoiler I discussed from earlier? That was from a misc blog. Someone’s personal tumblr that they posted all their fandom shit on, their life stories, their selfies and interesting bugs they found walking to work, etc. They just jump the gun on posting and are inconsistent with tagging, particularly in the frenzy of postings and reblogging after a new episode. Had the big reveal been under a cut, I wouldn’t have cared that they reblogged without tags. I wouldn’t have clicked the keep reading.

3 - Get XKIT.

In case you brushed off #1, because you don’t tag your shit and you don’t want to tag every fucking post, let me be clear.

You can get a plugin on XKIT that auto tags all your posts. All of them. You don’t do anything. You can set it to tag all your picture posts as “pics,” you can set it to tag all your reblogs as “not my shit,” you can set it to tag your posts with the blog names you reblogged from. Whatever. You can do near anything with it.

Not wanting to tag because “it’s too much work” is you being willfully ignorant that actually it doesn’t have to be.

4 - Tag *in* post.

A lot of people complain that they’re mobile users and so tagging is a lot of work and also they can’t get XKIT, blah blah blah.

Well blacklisting works for shit in the posts too. So hit that post with a taglist at the end: “sh, sh spoilers, shadowhunters, shadowhunters spoilers, liveblogging,” whatever. If you’re posting a lot, copy the tags you should be using. It’ll save you time and it’s not difficult.

5 - Don’t tag with JUST the word “spoiler(s).”

This one always gets me. A blog tries to be courteous. Maybe not all their followers have seen the new episode. So they tag it. But they tag it as “spoiler.”

That doesn’t do me any good. If I blacklisted the word “spoiler(s),” then I’d be blacklisting every single post that might be a spoiler. If I specifically don’t want to see spoilers for teen wolf, so I blacklist the term “spoiler” itself, now I don’t get most of the posts about the dceu. About mcu and infinity war. About other shows/movies/books just coming out. About meta specifically about the nature of spoilers (like this).

When something is blacklisted, you can choose to still see posts on a case by case basis, but if they’re just wrapped up in a “spoiler” ribbon, how will I know if it’s one of the safe spoilers (i.e., not specifically the show I was targeting with my blacklist) or the actual spoilers?

If you’re going to tag, thank you. Seriously. Thank you. But please, tag specifically.

6 - Don’t use ambiguous tags/tags used for other things.

Speaking of specific tagging, hey, be specific. Actually make sure your short hand can’t be confused with something else/is used only (or nearly exclusively) by your show.

If you did a search on tumblr right now for “spn,” nearly every post and blog is about the cw show supernatural. However, let’s look at teen wolf and game of thrones.

The traditional shorthand for game of thrones is “got.” See a problem? If I blacklist “got” then I blacklist everything that uses those three letters/that word. Someone says, “I just got the new pokemon!” … blacklisted. 

Then you have teen wolf, which gets referred to as “tw” a lot in conversation. Understandable. However “tw” IS NOT a good tag for tagging the show. I just did a tumblr search on “tw” as a tag. While all of the “related” tags were from the show, of the first six featured blogs, one was about the show teen wolf. Two were about eating disorders, one was about self harm, one was an asian porn blog, and one was actually a supernatural trigger blog. Because supernatural is always relevant.

A good chunk of the posts seem to be about teen wolf. A good chunk are also about eating disorders and self harm. This is because, while “tw” is technically the initials of the show, it is predominantly used on this site to refer to “trigger warnings.” If I blow “tw” then I am blocking absolutely every post marked “tw” for trigger purposes (tw self harm, tw food, tw incest, etc). If I want to block that trigger, I will. There are a lot of triggers that don’t bother me and it’d be annoying having them blocked.

Recently over at @autism-asks we had to switch our referencing and tagging of “special interests” from “si” to “spin.” This is because “si” is widely already used to refer to and tag “self injury.” We want people to be able to tag for what’s relevant to their needs, so we adjusted accordingly and asked our followers to do the same.

So before using short hand, maybe do a tumblr search. It works best if it’s without blocking explicit content. If you decide, for instance, you wish to tag posts about “billy joel” as “bj”… well, you might be surprised at what that actually encompasses on tumblr. There might be words you aren’t familiar with, multiple acronyms might exist, or other communities might already have adopted that tag. “st” can stand for either star trek, stranger things, or numerous other things (I found star wars posts, photography, steven universe, spirit tracks, and porn because there’s always porn).

If you insist on using an abbreviation, consider using a modifier. “tw mtv” or “tw tv” for instance. The flash fandom often tags things “flash cw” and most (considerate) sherlock fans use “bbc sherlock.” This prevents posts about something like adobe flash, flash fic, flash big bangs, etc from being blocked, or from other shows with characters of the same name (sherlock from elementary or the rdj sherlock movies or the original books) from being blocked when you’re only trying to block a single show.

Probably the most effective thing, though, is something only @staff can do. So tumblr @staff, maybe work blacklists into the site itself so everyone can use it. So that blacklists can be tied to the account itself. You know how useless ns/fw tags are if you’re actually using mobile, a public computer, a work computer? I can’t implement XKIT on every public computer I use. The block feature is great, it is, but blacklisting isn’t the same as blocking. Most users don’t want to block every blog they might need to blacklist tags for. So please work that into the site.


Wow. I’ve been trying to keep my s7 thoughts to myself but this was too egregious. If you don’t want to see any show negativity, scroll on, blacklist, unfollow etc.

It’s blatantly clear that D&D can’t be bothered to care about any characters except J*nerys, and even them they do extreme disservice. I have nothing against the ship but there’s more to a ship than literally being in the other’s presence as a hostage/jailer, being royalty, and petting a dragon. Also, don’t try to convince me Jon and absolutely none of his people thought to bring a single shard of dragonglass beyond the wall from Dragonstone when that was the entire point of him going there in the first place.

The portrayal of the Starks is so offensive. Are we actually supposed to agree with this thing that looks and sounds like Arya Stark? Are we supposed to blame Sansa for Ned’s death, when she was literally a preteen hostage whose parents never explained her the political situation? Are we supposed to leave her trauma and abuse unacknowledged just because she wore a dress while it happened? I’m so fucking done with the implication that Sansa should apologize for shit that wasn’t her fault or was never even shown on screen, ESPECIALLY when everyone else rants their life story to her. As if she should be fucking glad she was in King’s Landing enduring Lannister/Bolton abuse and exploitation instead of being in Arya or Jon’s place. Someone please remind the showrunners that trauma is not a sport and there’s no scoreboard. There is no compare-and-contrast, and there is no taking sides.

What happened to the beautiful character of Arya Stark, who loves her family more than anything? Her love for her family drives her to seek revenge in a misguided and violent manner, but it also keeps her from becoming a soulless, ruthless murderer. Reuniting with her family is among her dearest desires and she would NEVER treat Sansa in such a disgusting, victim-blaming, triggering fashion, after they’ve both endured true horrors. Arya and Sansa are both incredibly empathetic characters, and it’s insulting that D&D thought they couldn’t overcome their differences when their survival, identity, and femininity arcs are so parallel. Neither Arya nor Sansa harbor ANY hatred for each other or feminine attributes (i.e. dresses, knitting, neat handwriting). But sure, let’s have some of the show’s only two female characters who interact regularly be hateful and competitive toward each other.

Someone let me know what the fuck happened to the memory/existence of NED, CAT, RICKON, AND ROBB, who either have been ignored or shat on for their “stupid mistakes.” Someone let me know why Bran and his trauma, power, and disability have been completely sidelined or erased. He fucking exists and is a beloved part of the family. Don’t try to convince me Gendry ran a literal marathon without sufficient winter clothing or any experience in snowy dark mountain terrain when Bran was right fucking there to foresee Jon’s predicament and proactively send Dany a raven. But I guess Bran, one of the most important and wildly powerful characters in the entire series, can’t be active in his own storyline.

Anyway, gotta love these stagnant character arcs, victim-blaming, and gratuitous physical, emotional, sexual, and character brutalization for all the Starks.

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Hey, thank you for all the wonderful gifs! I would like to make one suggestion. Could you maybe wait until at least the episode has been released on Monday to show gifs from that episode? Episode 100 was super long and I was only 4 hours into it, and while trying to avoid spoilers is really hard, it's even harder with the big reveal being revealed here :c I'm not mad, just making a suggestion.

I don’t want to be mean here because I do understand what you’re saying, but “This is not a spoiler free blog.” is on 3 different places on the blog. If I don’t reblog gifsets of the new episodes, I usually get messages from people accusing me of ignoring others’ gifsets and that’s not what I want it to come across like.

I also tag any new episode gifsets with #cr spoilers so people can blacklist the posts with Tumblr Savior, like they can during liveblogs. I saw your follow-up message anon but I can’t do anything about that, I’m sorry. Maybe unfollow this blog until you can watch the new episode if your blacklist doesn’t work fast enough.

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i haven't seen anyone talking about this but in la tomorrow there's a very early screening of dunkirk and tickets were free from a site but you had to request them a while ago, so if people want to stay away from spoilers i'd make sure to do the blacklist tomorrow !!


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Will this be a spoiler free account?

We’ll try our best to keep it spoiler free for the first week or so season three is out, giving everyone a good amount of time to watch it, but if we do have any posts containing spoilers we will tag them as “spoilers” so you can blacklist the tag if you really want to avoid them.

Welcome to Ike’s Sass Adventures!

Thanks to my friends and I talking about how Ike’s sass would be a gift to all of the continents, I decided to make this sideblog for him sassing everyone!

I would like to make a disclaimer that I do this as an affectionate parody. I love most of the characters I’m going to cover and I’m really just doing this to make fun of them.

I do accept requests, so feel free to ask for something you want to see. I won’t accept anything n/s/fw, or anything that will go straight into bashing territory. 

Just to get this out there, there will be spoilers for the entire series in this blog. I suggest you blacklist the game (e.g. fe4, fe8, etc.) if you don’t want to see any of them.

I hope you enjoy!

Heads up, I will be seeing IT on September 6th so I’ll definitely post my reaction but I’ll remain spoiler free for at least a couple days (Private message if you want specific details)

When I do post spoilers, I’ll give a warning and tag them as #itspoilers so you can blacklist them or unfollow me until you see the film.

Regarding The Lost Legacy Spoilers

Seeing as the review embargo lifted yesterday and the launch trailer went up today, in the short term I probably won’t be queuing up posts of Lost Legacy footage until after I finish the game; and after that point I shall be tagging them with “Lost Legacy spoilers” for your blacklisting convenience.  I will do so until September 23rd (which is, coincidentally, my birthday!).

I hope you all enjoy Chloe and Nadine’s upcoming adventure and remain spoiler-free (if that’s what you want to be).

❤ ,

heebee/ @beltsquid

Sailor Moon Liveblog 1 *no spoilers please*

OK, let’s do this!  Blacklist “Raffie Liveblogs” if you don’t want me cluttering your dash.

@airyairyquitecontrary has been helping me choose the best way to watch this, and warned me about the spoilery titles.  I found a streaming site that lists the episodes by number, and as soon as I know what the title cards look like I will cover them up or close my eyes.  She said the VIZ subs are the best, but they cover the middle of the screen with an add when you pause so it’s very hard to get screenshots.  Hopefully this sub will be good enough.  Please let me know about any translation errors or unexplained jokes or whatever!

I’m loving the early 90s aesthetic, and all the roses and pastels!  I am an extremely high high-femme, and practically everything of mine is floral, lacy, ribbony, pastel, or bejeweled in some way.

When was this made?

Wikipedia says 1992-1997 in Japan, then 1995 on in the US. so I would have been in elementary school.  I guess this was the Clinton administration for the US and Japan was having some major disruptive economic and technological shifts.

This looks like a city of toys.

I feel like it may be a spoiler that the man behind the super creepy mask is a handsome man in a smaller mask.  How many V for Vendetta crossovers were there with this character?  Also:

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LiS Before the Storm Spoilers

Since ‘Before the Storm’ is released tomorrow, I just wanted to say I’ll tag every post as ‘bts spoilers‘ and ‘before the storm spoilers’. 

I know there are a lot of people who can’t play the game right away and I don’t want to spoil anything. So here are the tags, in case you want to blacklist them. 

I hope others are going to do this as well.

Or at least let your followers know, if you’ll post/reblog posts that contain spoilers.  

That’s all :)