blacklist it and get over it

Dear international followers and smols/those not of voting age,

Yes, the Americans are panicking. Again. We’re feeling a little powerless right now, and while that’s becoming a fairly common occurance, we’re hoping to be able to make a difference over the next month when it comes to net neutrality.

You are not obligated to reblog posts about net neutrality. It’s appreciated, but if you don’t want to that is okay.

If it’s causing you anxiety and stress, try blacklisting fcc and/or net neutrality. Xkit also has a feature called post block that may be of use. You do not need to glue yourself to this particular dumpster fire.

Do not stress over calling your Representatives.

You do not have Representatives to call.

If your anxiety is telling you that you need to call/get involved and it’s not listening to reason, send me an anon.

This isn’t your fight. We appreciate all the support you have the energy to give, but this is not your fight.

hey guess WHAT if you see someone posting about an eating disorder you should....

Not be a piece of shit and go behind their back and try to get them blacklisted by people. Nor should you tell them you’re GIVING PEOPLE EATING DISORDERS.


Get over yourself and mind your own fucking business,e sp if they tag it. Unfollow them if it bothers you!!!!! BUT TELLING A VICTIM OF A VERY REAL DISORDER THAT THEY’RE MAKING PEOPLE DEVELOP EATING DISORDERS, ESP AS A MINOR STRUGGLING WITH THEIR OWN, YOU SHOULD BE FUCKING ASHAMED.

If anyone should be blacklisted? It’s fucking you. Go fuck yourself.

Esp if you’re a minor dragging another minor to hell, go. fuck. yourself.

My favourite thing about the Voltron discourse?
- It’s entirely made up.

Because when you think about it, every problem in the Voltron fandom was created by the fandom itself.

  • “Shiro is 25″

You got that from a video where 25 was said to be the “top range”, meaning Shiro isn’t older than that. He can still be anywhere from 19 to 25, but you keep insisting that your interpretation is the correct one while all others are wrong.

  • “The other paladins are 16″

Again, they were said to be in their late teens. If “teens” starts at 13 and ends at 20, 16 is the middle. “Late teens” would equal anything from 17 to 19, but again - you think everyone who interprets it differently than you does so to offend you personally.

  • “Allura was made a teen so Kallura could become canon”

Allura was never said to be an adult to begin with. Y’all just saw a dark-skinned girl act vaguely mature and decided that she must become the “mom character” and cater to everyone’s needs.

  • “Lotor is a rapist” 

Sincline was a rapist. In the Japanese original. That no one of you bothered to watch anyways. Any excuse you come up with to hate a character that hasn’t made an appearance in the show yet is a direct product of your own imagination. Just like any other complaint you have about the show and its writers, really.

  • “Voltron is queerbaiting”

There’s no indications of romance in the actual show yet. The only queerbaiting nonsense comes from people that keep insisting their ship is canon - when it isn’t. LGBT+ representation is very possible, but other ships you’re constantly tearing down are LGBT+ as well. You don’t care about representation, you only care about whether your ship becomes canon or not.

Queerbaiting is an issue, but your favourite mlm/wlw pairing not being endgame is not “queerbaiting”. Stop misusing words like pedophilia, heteronormativity, homophobia, queerbaiting, gaslighting & abuse. You can dislike something without it having to be morally wrong. 

Admit you don’t like the thing. Blacklist it. Move on. It’s as simple as that.

You’ll always find something to get mad over if you just look hard enough.

LGBTQ Hogwarts Headcanons

Coming Out

When you come out as a Hufflepuff, they throw you a goddamn feast. You also get a literal T-shirt and a hug from everyone. Also a couple invites to the “prefect’s bathroom,” if you catch their drift. 

Ravenclaws congratulate coming out with, of course, books. Not just any books, but the gay history of the Wizarding World. Pages and pages filled with prominent, openly gay/speculated witches and wizards who changed the world and the history of the magic LGBT rights. You will know where you came from as a Ravenclaw.

Gryffindors throw you a rager: a party flowing with butterbeer, fireworks and firewhiskey (yep, the prefects look the other way on this one). Plus, expect Fred and George to slip you some gum that might accidentally turn your face rainbow. All in good fun.

You don’t have to come out as a Slytherin, they find you. Rumor has it the Slytherin gays are an incredibly tight-knit group, more exclusive than the Slug Club. Not only will they look out for you, they’ve got connections in every career. Gay Slytherins are set for life. 

Inter-House Gay Life

The Room of Requirement is the most well known safe space for LGBT students. Every house has intolerance and bullies, and sometimes you need a place to get away between classes. Plus, it makes inter-house hookups pretty easy but you have to reserve your spot weeks in advance, especially during finals week. 

Ravenclaws actually made a physical gaydar. It’s a small, stone-like talisman that glows in the presence of other LGBT people. The stone changes colors depending on said person’s orientation. Ask them nicely and they’ll get you one.

Students who want to experiment will find a Hufflepuff first. They’re used to it and they can keep a secret without holding it over your head.

There’s a joint Ravenclaw-Slytherin project that’s been going on for years now: using the Polyjuice Potion as a base, the students are working on an elixir than can allow for permanent and continuous gender reassignment. Snape was floored, and Slughorn has promised the students working on it that they can expect positions at St. Mungo’s once they get their N.E.W.Ts

The Three Broomsticks actually has a drag night where students can play bingo, drink discounted butterbeer, and network with other LGBT witches and wizards. That being said, you don’t want to go to The Hog’s Head’s “Meat Night” unless you’re an adult wizard with…”peculiar tastes.”

Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs like to debate which house figured out Dumbledore was gay first. Dumbledore never acknowledged it openly, but he did start a weekly knitting circle with the students where they drank and spilled tea.

Slytherin drag shows are a sight to behold. Your jaw will death-drop.

The Gryffindor stairwell to the girl’s dorm recognizes soul, not genitalia. There’s an urban legend of a first year that unwittingly followed her (then his) older sister up to her room on the night of sorting. When the stairs didn’t reject her, surprise was followed by tears and a very long embrace.   

Heads of House protecting their LGBTQ students

McGonagall had a plain and simple zero tolerance policy, and offending students were lucky if they spent just an entire semester in detention. 

Snape always looked out for his pupils of all orientations, punishment involved brewing the nastiest potions where even the fumes had disastrous side effects.

Flitwick lectured you to death on the struggle LGBT wizards and witches have endured. Most students got off with a robe-length essay on intolerance due weekly. Particularly nasty students were given a choice to spend their weekends and nights helping Hagrid or Madam Pomfrey (they choose Pomfrey).

Pomona Sprout had the same punishment for all: one full day of Mandrake repotting. They learned quickly. 

Slughorn was the cruelest of all: if you screwed with one of his prized students, he’d find out your dream job and get you blacklisted. Permanently.  

About the HP characters

The students took bets over whether Harry would ask Cedric or Cho to the Yule Ball. 

The students took bets over which Weasley Harry would end up dating. 

Fred bet on Ron, George bet on Ginny. Ginny bet on Fred. Ron never found out.

Percy was surprised that there were significant odds on himself.

Luna neither confirmed nor denied her bisexuality. It was never anyone’s business, as far as she was concerned.

However, she did speak up when people thought she had a thing with Hermione and Ginny. She said they were both lovely, but for obvious reasons it would never work.

Ginny responded to said rumors by overtly flirting with her in the hallways, much to Harry’s confusion. 

anonymous asked:

If you were to run Louis' promo starting now what would you do

End babygate after the round of press from the Observer dies down, so like…the upcoming Tuesday for example. Say he wanted to settle things before he got down to business, learned it wasn’t is, is heartbroken but he will push forward and move on. He lays low for a few days while that round of press goes through it’s round and Dunkirk promo kicks off and distracts fandom for a bit. Then tweet something vague about being thankful for love and support and being excited for the upcoming single (including single date). Make some public appearances before the song drop. Go through the promo period with questions about his “private life” blacklisted, get some radio shows, do TV appearances, the usual good things. I would personally drop Eleanor right away but if not keep her there in name only and then announce that they broke up “due to schedule conflicts” but “remain good friends” once the single promo is over.

How many posts have I seen where fans openly admit they watched a movie or tv show just because their favorite actor is in it? Tons. We’ve probably all done it, right?

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that when I watch Marvel movies, my main focus is going to be on my favorite actor in them - this includes focusing on every second his character is on the screen. 

Everyone does it. It doesn’t matter if it’s an Avengers movie or a “solo” movie. You are going to focus on/be most excited about your fave. 

This is not a new thing. That’s why, when you are on tumblr, you follow other blogs that have the same interest as you. This is why you block blogs that consistently post things in your favorite tags that are not what you want to see. This is why you blacklist things you don’t want to see - so that you can focus on your fave.

So just as a general statement: This is a Sebastian Stan centered blog. That means, I am going to go APE SHIT over every second of screentime my fave Marvel character Bucky Barnes has in every movie he’s in. I’m not trying to step on any other characters or take away the excitement that Tony fans have of seeing Tony or Clint fans or Thor fans, etc. I love all of my Marvel babies, okay?

It’s just that Bucky is my favorite and HELL YES I’m going to be excited about the 2 minutes of screentime he gets in Infinity War. Yes, I’m going to act like an idiot over every word, every eyebrow raise, every sparkle of those gorgeous gray-blue eyes. He is my favorite and I adore him.

If the idea of this bugs you, block me now.

Listen. Life is a pain in the ass, as is. No one should be on a blog site seeing things that bug them and no one should be on a blog site where they feel like they have to inhibit their joy over their favorite character because it might bug someone.

Just block or blacklist, if you don’t want to see my Bucky content. It’s all good. :)


@ridethefrostback’s follower appreciation giveaway!

Hey all, Frosty here! I’ve hit another milestone so it’s that time again~ Thank you so much for sticking with me! :D I’m still not sorry for all my shitposting and memes.

If you’ve ever had trouble with the DA:I CC or wanted to see your Inquisitor w/ mods, here’s your chance! \o/

THERE WILL BE TWO WINNERS! Winners can choose between screenshots (from DA:I) or an aesthetic post of some kind. (Prizes from the last giveaway!)


  • You must be following @ridethefrostback. New followers welcome! (I’d love for you to stick around afterwards though! ^^)
  • No giveaway blogs please! I will check.
  • Likes and Reblogs count! Feel free to reblog more than once (just be mindful of your followers!)
  • Giveaway Ends: Friday, August 25th, 2017 @ 12:00am PST
    • I will be PMing the two winners so make sure I can contact you! If the winners don’t respond within 24 hours, I will pick a new winner.

A few guidelines about the prizes!

  • If you don’t want screenshots of an OC, or want another character, we can always work something out.
  • You MUST be able to provide me with references or faceclaims.(Especially if I’m going into the CC.) The more info you can provide me, the better. You can’t “leave it up to me.”
  • Unfortunately, I am unable to get you screenshots of an OC with an LI or during a specific quest because that would require hours of gameplay. :(
  • I do reserve the right to decline making an OC if it makes me feel uncomfortable.

I will be tagging this as #frosty’s giveaway for your blacklisting convenience!

Giveaway Ends: Friday, Aug. 25th @ 12:00am PST


EDIT: This giveaway is now over! Thank you everyone who participated <3

look, i don’t like mcreyes or dva76, but neither of them are incest, or paedophilla (necessarily when it comes to jesse).

we kind of know gabe picked jesse up but that’s literally all we have. the father/son thing? fanon. most the relationship that’s been assumed? fanon again. we have no idea how old jesse was when he joined blackwatch, we have no idea how either of them felt towards each other, literally everything is assumed or fanon at this point.

d. va is 19 years old. there’s literally nowhere in the world where she’s under the age of consent. she’s also a decorated soldier who’s been on the front lines in combat, as well as the top starcraft player and an actress. is she cutesy? sure! but stop infantalising someone who is an adult. also, the whole soldier-76-is-a-dad thing is another piece of fanon that’s had nothing aside from a couple of nods in-game. he’s not her dad. they are both legal adults.

i’m not even going to get into the sociology behind age gaps in relationships, especially when it comes to mlm and msm, but they’re very common.

if you don’t like these pairings then do what i do and blacklist them. don’t go harassing people and sending death threats over fictional  characters. if you need to do that then you’re not at a stage of maturity where you can handle fandom interaction and shouldn’t be viewing that stuff.

tl;dr tumblr saviour is your friend, use it

WTNV - Who should you fight?[Long version]

Cecil: Insult Carlos and you’re blacklisted forever. Will most likely say mean things about you over the radio and make sure everyone hates you. May or may not imply you’re doing illegal things in hopes you’ll get re-educated.

Carlos: WHY??? He’s so pure??? Do you just like hate science and want to see a cute man cry?? Monster.

Old woman Josie: Erika Squad will defend her. They will beat your ass and not gaf. She’ll knit a sweater for your corpse.

Tamika: Which book do you want imprinted into your skull? 

Kevin: I dunno man I mean he decorates his studio with blood and at least once that blood was that of several grown men that could have out muscled him but somehow didn’t. Good luck I guess? Try get him whilst he sleeps. If he sleeps.

Lauren: Apparently her weakness is books and she doesn’t have Strex behind her now so please, do : )

Dana: Do not be fooled by her adorable voice, she will wreck you. She has seen some shit man, she had been through too much and will dispatch your ass without thought.

Steve: Will probably let you win unless you insult his family. Compliments you on how well you decked him so you feel encouraged. Beating him will leave an eternal pit of sadness in your stomach.

Station Management: ???????????? hope there’s enough left of you to have a funeral with.

Earl: He’s a scout and a chef. He will go Hannibal Lecter on your sorry ass. This town is full of people that fight to the death every day and he was trained as a child to do this. Although if you remind him of how depressing his life is he’ll probably just sit and cry lmao

Computer: It’s a machine and you could literally beat it by picking it up and dropping it. Well done, you just robbed a child of her first/only friend, you monster.

Faceless old woman: Can’t hit what you can’t see lol

Hiram: L I T E R A L  F I V E  H E A D E D  D R A G O N

Roger Harlan: I mean he’s like eight so it’s an easy win but would you feel good about it?

Glow Cloud: Foolish creature how dare you try and strike the almighty Glow Cloud. That which rules over us all. That which knows all, that which is all. ALL HAIL. ALLL HAIIILL.

The Beagle:  ẃ̲̞̠ͅh̸̡̥̹̫͇̻͍̱̯̰͎̪͇̦̺̟̯͍͢͡ó̸̸̮̮̬̗͘͠s̩͕̝̩͍̕͡͝͞ͅ ҉̸̣̖̣̣̦̲̲̜̗̞̘̗̕͞ͅa͇̜͇̹̱͜͠ ̛̱̳̱͓͖͍̻̜̼̰̖̻̯͝ͅg̝͓̲̘̙͈̳͇̙̩̖͝o̷̹̣̤̱͟o̴̧̙̜̞̦͙̼̩͍̤͍͡d̵̵̢̗͖̯͈̪̻̗̫̝̘̩̣̹̦̺͎̕͟ ̢̘̣̲͖̜̤̻͙͙̘̘̼̪͕͚̣̕͘͡ḅ̸̶̰̤̳̲̬̥͍̩͓̰̼̪̰̣̝͖̤͟͠͞o҉̛̹͈͚̤̲̙̦̝̖̪͡y̶̨͖̘̖̳̗̜̣͚̦̼̞̘͈̯͍͝ͅ?

A Girl Called Mike - Part Six

Pairing: Dean × Reader

Word Count: Around 5300

Summary: The reader disguises herself during hunting jobs as a man named Mike and has met up with the Winchesters several times. They are unaware of her true identity. Feeling they know and trust Mike, they agree to invite the reader to the bunker.

Click Here for Part 1

Part 2

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Warnings: Language, Violence

This is purely for a hobby and my enjoyment. Maybe some of you will enjoy it too. I apologize in advance for any mistakes or grammatical/spelling errors and appreciate any feedback or suggestions!

@misguidedconqueress thanks for all the encouragement, reviewing, editing,  sharing your wisdom, and everything else I am leaving out. You are amazing!


It had been a few days and you were still empty handed. The library was turned over. Books were everywhere, littering the tables and floor. At least three laptops were open with different searches and translations running at all times. Sam was aghast at what little information was turning up, but you couldn’t say he wasn’t dedicated in giving it his all.

You on the other hand were going stir crazy. Your mind was spinning with images of words and your dreams were filled with Corson and his cold, black eyes. You needed to run, you need to punch something, you needed to hide. You splashed your face with cold water to break the thought pattern. The reflection in the mirror was unrecognizable; the boundaries between you and Mike blending together. What you really needed was a case.

You found Sam in the library. “Can I borrow a ride?”

He put a pencil down. “What for?”

“Listen, I really appreciate you helping me out and stuff, but I need some air and I think we could all use a little break.” You suggested.

Sam frowned but agreed. “Yeah, it might be helpful to take a look again with fresh eyes.”

“Well, I found a case so I’ll be back in a couple days tops.” You explained as Dean entered.

“Dude yes. I need a case. When are we leaving?” He asked filled with anticipation.

“Oh, I meant just me. It seems like a simple salt and burn. Definitely not a three man case.” You diminished.

“Why don’t you and Dean just go then. I’ll hold down the fort.” Sam suggested.

“What you’re really saying is you need some ‘you time,’ don’t want us to know about your weekly pedicures.” Dean joked. “But whatever. Y/N pack your things. We’ll leave in 20.” He instructed before leaving the room.

Sam and you exchanged shocked glances. “Dude. What the hell?” You whispered.

“What? I don’t mind keeping at it while you two take a break. Besides it would be good for you two to… reconnect.” Sam defended.

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Going Once, Going Twice, Sold (Birth of a Sugar Baby)

Note: This is a two-for-one deal. I wrote this to participate in the Bangtan Bookclub Monthly Challenge: Sugar Daddy Edition, and also as a (late) birthday gift to my very good friend, MVP, whom I love and adore and respect and would probably donate my kidney for if she were in need of one. I had so much fun planning this out with @94hixtape and @sugaredmarbles - Smut Goddesses tbh. I got Really inspired by Cheese In The Trap! Yet again, this came out Different than how I originally imagined it, but I’m hoping it’s not a total disaster.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader
Genre: college au, sugar daddy au
Warnings: escort/prostitution, online perverts, unsanitary mention, masturbation mention
Word Count: 5144
Rating: A, for Ambiguous (because it’s not really smut, but it’s not exactly the Safest thing for work. Feel?)


But the real reason anything at all started with Hoseok was something much simpler, and probably wholly unexpected - not that you ever planned on any of the other members of the MBA Society to find out.

You leave your unlocked phone in his car before stumbling your way into your tiny, studio apartment. And he sees a twitter notification asking you for further discount on your panties.

That is all it takes.


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Episode  — Twilight of the Apprentice

I won’t leave you. Not this time.


And no, I am not lying to Mommy, alright? I want her to know the truth. That’s why I need to ID these bones without anybody knowing.


and Liz… she’s alive

Getting real tired of nasty, ignorant comments about Olivia de Havilland.

Originally posted by deneuveing

So you may have heard that the 101 year old, unsung cornerstone Queen of the film industry Dame Olivia de Havilland…

Slayer of Warner Bros, winner of 2 Oscars, blacklisted by Warners and unable to find employment during the court case, so traveled across the US to support the troops during WWII, survivor of an abusive relationship, had two kids, but lost one to Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, forever loyal bestie to Bette Davis, still has a mind as sharp as nails and never lets big headed Hollywood arseholes walk all over her…

…has death wished upon her cos she’s suing the guy who made Glee…

placentalmammal-deactivated2017  asked:

Does the human operator have veto power over the bot? If it pulls an inappropriate or nsfw picture, does the human operator pull it from the queue before it goes live?

Hi, human operator here:

That’s a very good question!

tl;dr: yes, of course we have veto power over the bot. 

I’ve put a lot of effort into making sure the bot won’t post anything inappropriate - I have a blacklist of words, phrases, and Commons categories that any post is compared against before it’s uploaded to try and block anything offensive or inappropriate before it gets to tumblr and twitter, and I keep adding stuff to the blacklist to improve it when needed.

But sometimes the filtering fails, and that’s where I (and the other moderator) come in. The way this bot works is that it posts both to twitter and tumblr. Twitter doesn’t have a queue, so stuff is posted there immediately, and tumblr has a queue so stuff in tumblr gets added to the queue. If we see the bot has posted anything shitty, we delete it from both twitter and tumblr, but sometimes we’re too late (since the bot posts every few hours, and we’re not monitoring it 24/7) and then we have to delete it after it goes public on tumblr, which is always an embarrassment.

This bot has been here for more than a year, and the strict filtering worked rather well so far in this time frame - the amount of inappropriate posts we had to delete was extremely small, just 2 or 3 posts if I remember correctly.

There’s a downside to the filtering system, and that is that it sometimes has “false positives”, meaning sometimes it’ll filter out things that are not offensive by mistakes, and some good posts are lost this way. This is a tradeoff we have to make, though, because I wouldn’t want picdescbot to offend anyone. sometimes I go through the log of filtered stuff and post stuff from it manually if it’s not actually offensive.

If you’re interested in learning more about this kind of thing, I recommend reading this excellent article: “How to Make a Bot That Isn’t Racist“

boy let me tell you having grown out of fandom culture is like the greatest thing cause i just live my life enjoying the things i enjoy and not caring if its ‘cringy’ or not and im just not a dick to people its great 

krakahoa  asked:

Do you know of any blogs or masterposts that tell you tips on running an art blog?

hi there, I have had pretty decent success right now so I can give you some tips before linking to other stuff.

  • First, be consistent and patient. Do not let your content stagnate. Not 100% everyday, but often. This will also motivate you to draw.
  • tag properly, but only first 5 tags count in search
  • Do not overlook your descriptions, as it will blacklist your post from search
  •  draw for yourself. Do not draw fandoms you don’t like just to get views. It will probably lead to burn out and unhappiness. If you like a fandom, go for it, but don’t do it if you don’t want to. Plenty of successful original artists on here.
  • Focus on improving your art, quality over quantity
  • However, people really love WIPS and progress pics as well
  • resource and tutorials are loved in the community
  • be involved in the community

Other Resources

A Few Very Successful Art Blogs off the top of my head

Hopefully this helps! If you liked this post, please consider reblogging, itt helps it reach more people! <3

Some Other Posts