Babies please SIGNAL BOOST THIS!

BLACKLIST him nowwwwww!!!
I just saw him this weekend and since classes resumed Monday I’ve been to busy and traumatized by what this disgusting man has done to me to even write about it.

I’ve been speaking to him on and off for awhile because he’s just so flakey and I should’ve gone with my gut instinct about him. Something always never felt right. He is the master at manipulating you into thinking he will pay.

Seriously considered checking into the hospital and filing a rape report to the police… But sadly he knows my real name… I never ever give out any personal info. But he convinced me into thinking he’s this incredibly trustworthy guy and that HE had to be the one to schedule my travels not I, so of course he needed my name and DOB. I’m afraid if I say or do something he can fire back at me by contacting my parents. And my parents are incredibly strict conservative small business owners who already have enough on their plate as it is.

Before meeting up with him on New Orleans he kept telling me how I’m not a real SB because I didn’t know how it worked… That I’m not suppose to accept allowance until the arrangement is “finalized” and by that he meant until I let him fuck me. Which of course I was completely against and told him I will not get on a plane unless he has my allowance for the first month ready in full which was 7k what we agreed to. And as soon as I got to New Orleans he let me know that we were going to be staying in a room TOGETHER he didn’t have my suite separate at a diff hotel or room like he promised. And kept talking and talking about how this is how it’s going to go down and that it’s completely normal and it would be abnormal of I were to stay elsewhere and not with him so he can keep me safe?? TF. The only thing I needed protection from was him.

He later pressured me into staying in the hotel no matter how badly I wanted to leave but I was scared because he could easily hurt me or rape me or something I was already in the suite with him and he was following me and looking at my every move.

I tried to make the best of it and keep my cool and tell myself that maybe I was just overreacting but things for intense after that, he walked over to where I was in the suite and forced himself on me. I just layed there looking away with tears streaming down my face. No words can describe the disgust he gave me. After I politely declined and told him now is not the time he proceeded to onto he anyway despite my comments and feelings.

He is a scam!!! A liar and a fake!!!!

After it was done and I went in the shower to cry I went out there and told myself I will not be empty handed after what I just went through so I will collect what he owes me and leave. Getting a dollar out of him was basically prying it off his cold dead fingers. He said 7k was too large of a sum of money to carry in his person while he travels so it would have to be a wire transfer from his offshore account.

I was so fed up with ALL HIS FUCKING EXCUSES it was excuse after excuse after excuse and everything needed and explanation and he was just so full of shit!

I told him to log onto his account and I will put my info in it and make the transfer myself and I did and guess what three business days have gone by and NOTHING the asshole didn’t even have fucking funds!

I left after the transfer by bus back home because I did NOT want to wait out the weekend with him in the same hotel until my flight so I left right away.

I just can’t believe how badly he manipulated me. He is dangerous!!!!!! Please please stay away from him!
He has a lose wallet when it comes to the travels with reserving he best hotels and picking a beautiful city to meet in etc but has NO intention on paying you for your time or giving you an allowance and basically only invests on the travel to get you alone and take advantage of a much younger girl.

BY THE WAY he lied about his age he’s fucking old and that picture is from like 10 years ago.

He’s from Houston, TX. He works at UTCoverseas. He’s about 50. Stalky 5'7 an just fucking disgusting I hate him and I hate what he fucking did to me.


PS I sent him a message yesterday about my transfer not coming though and that he is not a man of his word and is a tasteless businessman and grotesque predator. His only response was that due to the market collapsing he won’t be able to follow through on his end of the deal and wishes me a good life and that I was a good fuck……. This man is fucking sick. BLACKLIST fuck


Girls. Watch out for this man please. His name is Mark Mathys I got a message from him this morning and I was more than happy to reply to him. He texted me this evening asking if he could call and discuss an arrangement and I said yes, but that was before I looked up his number. While waiting for him to call I decided to do what I usually do first and stalk the shit out of him. So I reverse check his number and find out his real name, easy. I then google his name and “THE DIRTY ARMY” article was the first to come up. Apparently this man and his girl (I’m assuming “Kelly”) has been working as a sick team to use these innocent girls and never compensating them. That’s not the only article, there are more articles about him scamming his own employees. Please note as he tries to turn it around on me “Yes you do goodbye and I will advise others in the men’s members forum of your actions” as if me finding out the truth and calling him out was something that I did wrong lol. He’s manipulative and he’s a liar and I want you girls to stay away from him.


This Saturday, for the first time ever, we will be liveblogging with UK, East Coast US, and West Coast US airings of Doctor Who.

…We’ll repeat that for those of you in the back.


What does this mean for you? 

If you’d like to stay spoiler-free on Saturday, block the tag #DW Spoilers using your blacklist of choice (we recommend Tumblr Savior or XKit). 

When will this be happening? 

  • UK airing: 19:40-20:30 BST | 2:40-3:30pm ET | 11:40am-12:30pm PT
  • East Coast airing: 2:00-3:05 BST | 9-10:05pm ET | 6-7:05pm PT
  • West Coast airing: 5:00-6:05 BST | 12-1:05am ET | 9-10:05pm PT

Why are you trying to help us avoid spoilers?

Because it’s what River would want us to do!



I am so bewildered by my Club Tortimer experience. Usually, I am paired with wonderful people who enjoy having fun just as much as the next person. Tonight, however, I was paired with Mayor Leyna, in which I provided her Town Pass Card so others would not have to be verbally brutalized like so. 

When I first arrived, she told me to “watch out” shortly after greeting each other. To my dismay, I stepped outside to find myself surrounded by pitfalls. After falling in a few, I went inside to politely leave when she begged me not to go. I told her I wanted to have fun, so she told me she would dig up the pitfalls. Unfortunately, I gave her another chance. After catching bugs and fishing for a little while, she claimed nobody has ever visited her town and kept crying next to my mayor. I told her it was no reason to be sad and to give it time, in which she asked if I could visit her town. I politely turned her down by saying I do not lend out my friend code unless I have been playing with the other person for a while. That is when she started being vulgar towards me. As shown above, after swearing at me, she chased me around the island hitting me with her net making it impossible for me to enjoy myself. I asked if she could stop, and when she refused, I went inside to put my findings away and leave. That did not go over with her so well. She started a tour so I could not leave, and because I chose not to participate, she told me to basically kill myself. Not to mention the entire time she was treating me like a dog by calling me “doggy” and demanding I sit. I had had enough. I told her if she did not let me leave, I would have to lag switch myself home. Even though I lost all of my belongings, I left after she called me disgusting. 

I cannot believe there are people in the world that would go around bringing others down by verbally attacking them. To me, Animal Crossing is my chance to get away from the real world, not be reminded of it. 


I spent the last four days watching the Blacklist and I just finished season two so here’s some Red doodles I managed to crank out in-between comic stuff!

Idk when I’ll get to start season 3 and it’s killing me :[