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Just I noticed that Kila look like zilla308 from instagram?I truly love all your creations, someday I will adopt one. <3

OMG I noticed that recently too haha believe it or not I didn’t  find her till recently when my friend Jenn  @missjenni4 made this really cute speed paint  video of her I totally see what you mean lol and her screen name is Zilla and my girl is Kila!

Thank you so much  ^ 0 ^  me and munbbi should have more adopts up soon <3

My personal opinion on Black Lives matter Vs All Lives matter.

Bob is sitting at the dining table. 
Everyone else gets a plate except Bob
Bob says “Bob deserves food”
Everyone at the table responds with “everyone deserves food” and continues eating.
Although everyone deserves food is a true statement, it does nothing to actually rectify the fact that BOB HAS NO FOOD!
They never said all lives did not matter.
They also want to enjoy a few priviledges which is not made available to them due to the colour of their skin.
they want justice from the police as well

Love, grace and justice for all,