Early this morning Tokyogegegay did another live stream on IG and here’s just some screencaps of Hansol’s comments. He didn’t watch the last live so he was happy to catch them. Mikey wants him to come back to Japan and all the other members were happy to see from him ^^ (if anybody could translate Hansol’s text that would be greatly appreciated~)


One of the members from BlackLip Boyz (a dance group formed by Mikey I believe) commented “speak english!!!” and Mikey was like “Hello…..” and another member, Marie was like “How are youuu~?” then randomly Mikey said “What’s your favorite position?” and I didn’t know if that was suppose to be dirty or not so I commented “69″ then he burst out laughing then pointed at my comment, repeating it to the others then they all began laughing ….. I feel a weird life accomplishment lol.