blacklight beauty

Black Light Alien

Normal(ish) by day, super glowy universe body by night! These are two separate makeups, or at least I did the first look and then added the galaxy afterwards. My foundation wouldn’t cover all the black light to look normal enough for the first picture. 

I read somewhere that birds see UV light as well as regular light. So I based this on that idea. Humans would only see some makeup, but to other aliens, they’d light up like a fricking christmas tree! 

I have an old tutorial that shows how I use black lights to create a galaxy. If you’re interested, you can check it out here:

Married (TVD) [SS]

in this one, we’re pretending Jo didn’t die and that the wedding went as planned - no mention of Kai. Also, Steroline isn’t a thing.

imagine being nervous for your wedding with Stefan; the entire tvd crew helps you to relax.

updating mobile so the italics used for thoughts won’t show :(

“How the hell did you manage pulling all this off?” Jo snickered from her spot behind you, she was putting different flowers in 55 vases for each table.

“It wasn’t easy,” Jo laughed. “Don’t you remember me hyperventilating on your shoulder?”

Alaric, sporting his suit already, wondered into the room. “How could we forget?”

Everyone let out a joyful laugh at the thought. It seemed like only yesterday Jo was panicking about her bridesmaids dresses - in reality it was two months ago.

Jogging towards the entryway, you gave the couple a weak smile. “Thanks for your help, guys. I have a feeling it’ll mean a lot more when this is finally finished,” you chuckled.

The outside of the venue was designed, as well. There was huge, long, cascading white handsewn sheer material that draped at nearly 50 feet lit up by beautiful blacklights and white lights.

A sudden kind of bubble arose in your throat - you felt nauseous. Taking a seat outside, you observed the wedding arena as a whole.

The professional bar being set up, the huge square of draped fabrics at an extreme height, the inner venue where the after party and eating was. Everything was coming together but there was some much more to do.

Am I even sure I want to do this? You grimaced, ignoring the butterflies. What girl gets married under the age of 20?

“I can see you regretting this entire thing,” a voice awoke you from your thoughts. It was Caroline Forbes. “I want you to know that you shouldn’t.”

“It’s easier said than done,” you frowned. What if I trip down the aisle? What if the drapery falls and claims a live? What if Stefan isn’t over the Petrova doppelgangers - both Elena and Katherine?

“It’s going to be perfect -” Caroline glanced over her shoulder. “I-I think I heard someone mention me. I’ll be right back,” she flashed her pearly white smile and started screaming at Matt and Tyler the entire way to the developing bar.

Looking down at your outfit, you sighed. The same pair of black leggings and extremely loose white shirt graced your body for the third day. Stefan was busy with ‘secret bachelor stuff’ which apparently didn’t include Alaric for the day.

It made you happy that Stefan wasn’t involved in the wedding planning because you wanted it to be a breathtaking surprise. Besides, knowing him he’d already have some kind of something planned for you afterwards.

Most likely not a honeymoon because Stefan seemed incapable of distancing himself from the people of Mystic Falls unless he flipped his switch.

In your seat at the lone, half set-up table, you simply looked down at your hands clasped together in your lap.

What immediately caught your eye was the gigantic silver, diamond encrusted ring on your hand that was easily 7,000 dollars.

Your nails were manicured a solid white. Walking down the aisle, the dress, the lifelong committment thing was becoming increasingly daunting as you thought about it.

Silent tears you didn’t know you had began to sneak down your cheek. It wasn’t of doubt. Surely it was a panic attack, you tried to stop yourself from making a scene.

Once the tears fell from your eyes everything felt a little better. What if he doesn’t love me? What if we’ll end up divorced? You tried to excuse the thought.

“Y/N? Y/N, what are you doing? I’ve been calling you for - no,” Bonnie crouched down to meet your eyes. “C'mon, what’s wrong?”

Crying felt foolish, now.

“Nothing,” you sniffed, wiping away the tears. She gave you her famous ‘really?’ expression caused a tiny smile to break out on your lips.

“Bonnie, did you -” Now Elena was here? Great. “Y/N!” She shrieked girlishy, jogging over and sitting in the seat closest to you, Bonnie crouching in between. “Hey, what’s up?”

“Nothing,” you puffed.

Bonnie raised her eyebrows again. “Come on, Y/N. Spill.”

Elena twisted the end of her ponytail nervously. “Was it something Stefan said? Or Damon?”

Rapidly, you shook your head. “No… But I can’t help feeling like he doesn’t really love me.” You weren’t sure if you were supposed to say what you said next but you did, regardless. “Not like he loved you and Katherine, I mean.”

Elena’s face wrinkled into that of disgust and shock. “Y/N, he’d never put a ring on my finger. I can’t speak for Katherine but Stefan Salvatore is over 100 years old and was never married once. People get married four times in a period of 20 years, remember Caroline’s third cousin Faye?”

“He loves you so much it hurts,” Bonnie whined. “I can literally feel it.”

“Okay,” you groaned. “It was stupid of me to doubt it…”

The rest of the day went as planned. The venue was finished on time. The girls all slept over, the guys had a sleepover somewhere else.

The bridesmaids dresses were the prettiest things you’d ever seen. They fit everyone exactly.

You were so thankful to have friends like the ones you did. If they weren’t there, you’d probably cancel the wedding or something! That or runaway.

By 11pm the girls were fast asleep. Knowing there was a long day ahead of you, your eyes began to flutter shut until a small sound caused them to open in curiosity.

Goodnight Y/N. I love you so much. I can’t wait until we’re finally together. I keep picturing you in a dress. It’s impossible. - Stefan.