Scrun, Dysfunction Installation

An example of my video installation work for the Dysfunction exhibition.
Scrun was intended as a commentary on cellular existence capturing the POV of our phones as we walk through the world not taking any of it in. Intentionally out of sync and focus, disorientating and discoloured with jarring cuts and off beat timing to mimic the half life we experience when we filter everything through the blue light of a screen. The content, the narrative, everything about the original footage is lost and distorted in service of the screen existence.


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My Blackletter is pretty rusty, but I was in the mood for it and my new daylight-imitating lamp makes videoing a lot easier. Had some colorful fun with the inks that @stopkatie got me from @papierplume.
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This textura is just bonkers. Lowercase ascenders and descenders have lengthened frakturesque bifurcations that feel entirely out of place in this otherwise mechanical design. v, w, and y are effectively illegible. c is likely to be mistaken for an r, and g looks like a naive ę. That thing next to y is an extremely abstract version of a textura z, but I doubt many people were familiar with that form in 1885, when this was published. 

The capitals are just as nuts. Artistic printing spiral flourishes abound, but at least they’re placed logically (except for C). They would make great initial capitals, assuming they were used along with a legible lowercase rather than the one displayed with them.


Medieval Massive Gold Iconographic Glove Ring with Saints, Spanish, 16th Century AD

A flat-section gold hoop formed as three discoid panels with interstitial square panels and larger bezel; the square panels each with high-relief expanding-arm cross; the discoid panels each with the symbol of an Evangelist, a winged nimbate ox for St. Luke, a winged nimbate man with scroll for St. Matthew, a nimbate eagle for St. John, a winged lion for St. Mark; bezel with pelleted border, reserved image on a hatched field of Corpus Christi with cross and banner above marked ‘inri’ in blackletter script, two nimbate flanking female figures. 29 grams, 29mm overall, 23.93 x 25.21mm internal diameter (approximate size British Z+5, USA 14 ¾, Europe 35.08

Devotional iconographic finger rings were a popular class of personal jewellery in the later medieval period. The present ring features heavy religious imagery.