blackkolors art


▲▼“I’m just trying to find what is important.▼▲
▲▼It is a way we lose track of our lives.“▼▲

I always think of Ark/Brian when I listen to Porter Robinson’s music… I need to get up early tomorrow, otherwise I would’ve finished a second photo set of Brian finding a motocross bike in the woods while running from Slenderman - hence the motocross helmets.

I just finished Motorcity, and now I don’t know what to do with my life.

Seriously though, this show is absolutely fantastic. If you like clever, entertaining and funny storywriting, great characters & character development, beautiful car & scenery designs, brilliant voice acting, an incredible heavy metal soundtrack made by Brendon Small (Deathklok, Galactikon), and most importantly, IF YOU LOVE CARS, this show is definitely for you.

I can’t believe how incredibly underrated this show is - merely minutes into the first episode, I was already overwhelmed by it. How is a show of such quality still treated as a show for kids? This show is an absolute must-watch.


For months now I’ve wanted some Kavinsky apparel, but I didn’t just want to buy a shirt, I rather wanted to design something myself that would be one of a kind. Some of you may know that Kavinsky has a jeans jacket with a gremlin on it, so instead of studying I did this rad shit instead.

I can’t fucking wait to put this on a jeans jacket.

Eh… I’m in an art slump lately @_@;;
Just some Thor!Kid Loki in his favourite place, which is the library. I can’t be the only one who thinks that, not only did the other kids not really like Loki, but Loki chose not to hang out with them because he liked books a lot more than people anyway…
Thanks to fandomsandwich and snowquill for keeping me company during the stream! xx