blackjack unity

This word, this logo, this symbol means something to me.  I take pride in being a blackjack and hate to see it perverted and abused.

There are blogs, forums, twitters, even here on tumblr, and any manner of other places to spout your opinons/arguments/negativity/issues/etd, why do it on 2ne1 ie DARA CL MINZY & BOM’s channel where they could go see and read?

Do you think you are doing 2ne1 or your individual bias a FAVOR?

Do you think they will be proud of their fans for behaving this way?  

And I don’t want to hear its just ___ fans or __ biased people there are ridiculous disgraceful comments by all types of blackjacks and “alleged” blackjacks on their OFFICIAL channel. If you don’t have anything postive to say, or respond then shut the heck up. You don’t do ANYONE a service by bashing or responding to bashing. By complaining on the channel or yelling at the complainers.  There is an easy solution if you have an issue with 2ne1, YGE, Teddy or whoever its called or send them a direct message on their channel.  

But the little battles are giving all of us a bad name, so freaking ashamed to be lumped in with these blackjacks right now.