C. Delores Tucker and The Fight Against Misogynoiristic (C)Rap Music

When the late C. Delores Tucker went against violent misogynoir in rap music, she did not go on about “da white man this, da white man that” rants she held these anti-woman misogynoiristic rappers accountable for their own behavior and actions. We’ve all heard the excuses from Blackistan that it was “da white record execs who made these po’ negro males degrade and demean their own women”, however Mrs. Tucker (like many of us now) wasn’t buying it. When she called out these BW-hating muthaphuckas they called responded with more violent misogynoir (2pac and lil’ kim included, so disappointed in Kim) they called her every thing but a child of God. [Side Note: From what I heard the ONLY person who stood with her was a black man named, Rev. Calvin Butts (and I believe there were a few others) while the rest of Blackistan sat back as usual quiet while she was attacked.] Here some information about the misogynoiristic attackes she faced from her Wikipedia bio:

Tucker dedicated much of the last few years of her life to condemning sexually explicit lyrics in rap and hip-hop tracks, citing a concern that the lyrics were misogynistic and threatened the moral foundation of the African American community.[6][7]

Called “narrow-minded” by some rappers who often mentioned her in their lyrics, Tucker picketed stores that sold rap music and bought stock in Sony, Time Warner, and other companies in order to protest hip-hop at their shareholders’ meetings.[6] She also fought against the NAACP’s decision to nominate late rapper Tupac Shakur for one of its Image Awards[6] and filed a $10 million lawsuit against his estate for comments that the rapper made in his song “How Do U Want It?” on the album All Eyez on Me, in which Shakur rapped “C. Delores Tucker you’s a motherfucker / Instead of trying to help a nigga you destroy a brother”. In her lawsuit, Tucker claimed that comments in this song, and on the track “Wonda Why They Call U Bitch” from the same album, inflicted emotional distress, were slanderous and invaded her privacy.[8] This case was eventually dismissed.[9]

Other rappers have taken similar stances. In his song “Church for Thugs”, The Game raps “I’ve got more hatred in my soul than Pac had for De'ores Tucker.” Jay-Z chimes in as well, with the lines “I don’t care if you’re C. Dolores Tucker or you’re Bill O'Reilly, you only riling me up,” from The Black Album’s “Threat.” Lil’ Kim also referenced her in a leftover track, entitled “Rockin’ It”, from her second studio album. Kim raps “C. Delores T., Screw her, I never knew her”, after Tucker dubbed her music as “gangsta porno rap” and “filth”.[10][11] Much of KRS-One and Channel Live’s “Free Mumia” is a direct criticism of what the MCs see as Tucker’s misplaced energy. Lil Wayne also referenced her in his leftover song “Million Dollar Baby” rapping “Can’t be banned I’m sorry Miss Delores.” Rapper Eminem also mentioned Tucker in the D-12 song “Rap Game”, in which he rapped the line “Tell that C. Delores Tucker slut to suck a dick.”

Mrs. Tucker knew that this misogynoiristic crap called hip shit hop would lead the black “community” further down in looking-ass niggerdom. BTW, Black Women funded and supported (and still do) this particular oppression.

[Side Note: And if you all can stomach it, go look at the comments below under  these videos (below) here and here Blackistan is still defending this music and cursing her and the woman is dead, how low. The Black Men in the comments are still making excuses and and found a way to blame it ALL ON black women.] 

Now years later, you got some niggas talkin about “Mrs Tucker was right.”

It’s like @for-marginalized-bw-only  once said that black people act like grown rank negro males have NO control over their own behavior and actions, its always “da white man made me do it” mantra everytime there is disrespect or defamation to the Black Woman’s body, character or image.


R.I.P. Mrs. Dr. C. Delores Tucker, We Will Make Sure That Your Fight Will Not Be In Vain

The Struggle Is Intersectional

Something to chew on...

Black men have watched and applauded Tommy Sotomayor for talking shit about black women like it’s running out of style for over 5 years.

Not a peep.

Chrisette Michelle performs at Donald Trump’s inauguration then she’s all kinds of black b*tches and coons. Her career is in the gutter - she gets canned by Spike Lee. Yada yada yada.

While Steve Harvey, Kanye West, and the leaders of HBCU (mostly men) colleges take photo ops with Donald Trump with no real harm coming to their careers or reputations.

Do you not find it interesting the hell black women get for “colluding” with the enemy while black men get barely a chuckle towards them and no real harm done to their bank accounts whenever they play kiss ass with white racists OR show adamant hatred towards a segment in the black community (in this case - black women)?

Why did it take Tommy Sotomayor calling BLM protests “r*tards” for black men to finally back away from him? Why? Was not talking about black women like they are less than dog shit not convincing enough? You have to wait for him to talk shit about you too before “enough is enough”?

I can see why so many of my black female friends are getting the hell out of “Blackistan”. The mindset…the hatred…the indifference towards black women can really be too much to bare for the average black women who realizes what’s going on.

Extra, Extra, Extra Read ALL About It! : White Man Makes A Complete Fool Of The He-Man Black Woman Haters Club and “Pro-Black” and “Concious” and Blackistan

I got some poppin hot tea for you all today.

Long story short.

A few months back  I posted about an incident in which CK (Christelyn Karazin) (mistakenly) invited a white male youtuber named the Vegainator to her google hangout/channel to talk about IR relationships. During this hangout, the Vegainator went in on Christelyn about how white men don’t want black women, how a black woman rejected him, that he would never date a black woman, and more. It turns out that this white boy was sent by “Uncle” Tommy Suckadick  and the  He-man Black Woman Haters Club and Blackistani Youtube to humiliate Christelyn. These Negro peoples  raised $15K to pay this white boy to put this “black bitch”” in her place” and “teach” her a lesson. Christelyn made a video in which she was crying and apologizing to her subscribers for what happened, then made a follow up video about how Blackistani (particularly black men) betrayed her and allowed for a white racist attack her. When this happened Blackistani youtube rejoice at the “downfall” of youtube’s “notorious bedwench” and the “downfall” of the swirl movement for days. Blackistanis pumped out video after video delighting in Christelyn’s “demise.” Only a few people Breukelen Bleu and Angel Remirez-Jordan to name a few came to Christelyn’s defense.

Well, it turns out that the Vegainator has made a complete fool out these Negro imbeciles. It looks as if he just “aligned” himself with Blackistan just to vent about how a Black Girl turned him down. There is a video of him swirling, with a VERY shapely dark skin beauty, the type of black woman black people hate the most. Here’s exhibit A:

Christelyn talks about it in more detail here, Exhibit B:

This white boy took the $15K that blackistan raised to put Christelyn “in her place” and is spending it on his VERY shapely dark skin black beauty. HAHAHAHAHA! Blackistan is looking like a fool!

Now before I go any further, I want to say that I AM NOT defending this white racist because I still find him VERY, VERY suspect for taking money from Blackistan to “destroy” one of their own. He is NOT a good man/person.He bashed ALL black women via Christelyn. I think the sista he’s with now better watch her back. Christelyn has said that herself.

One of Christelyn’s subscribers briefly summed up this whole debcle perfectly:

Angry WM is rejected by BW. Shares this information with BM, who have also been rejected by BW but also hate BW. BM subconsiously LOVES WM and wants WM power. BM pay WM to bash BW. WM meets another hot BW and spends BMs donations on her.

However, there are a few  lesson that can be learned from this incident:

Blackistan IS STOOOOOPID!!!!

Blackistan HATE black women with a blue and purple passion. They relish in the black woman’s pain.

Blackistan hate black women so much that they will pay a white racist to “put a black bitch in her place.”

Many Black Men WILL sell out black women and the black race for 30 pieces of silver. #ancient betrayal

Black Men want to replace white supremacy with male supremacy. They don’t really hate white men, they hate they don’t have his power.

Black People are EASILY tricked and manipulated by White People. This is why White People STAY winning. 

And guess what ya’ll I’m not seeing much reaction from Blackistanis. I guesss they realize they have been conned and feel like the fools they are, lol. Ya’ll KNOW THAT White Man think these are some STOOOOPID negroes.

The joke’s on Blackistan. I guess Christelyn has the last laugh…………….LOL!

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Blackistan is up to Their Viciously Callous Anti-Black Woman Antics Yet Again....................

I’m starting to strongly believe day by day that something is very terribly physiologically wrong with the Blackistan, something that White Supremacy racism while it made things worse is not SOLELY responsible for. I’ve posted articles from Khadija, videos by Breukelen Bleu and others discussing how historical evidence points to the fact that Black Men and Black People have been betraying Black Women (and other Black People, especially Black Women), BEFORE the white man stepped in Africa. Where are the “Pan-Africanist” Men and Women are to explain this historical betrayal? BLACK PEOPLE (especially many Black Men) have fucking lied to Black Women and other Black People!

Like Khadija says, “THIS IS AN ANCIENT BETRAYAL.” Remember that the next time Black Women ya’ll want to wear out a good pair of shoes and put yourselves in harm’s way marching and protesting.But ya don’t hear us though.

The lastest fuckery is that as Christelyn and dem calls em The He-man Black Woman haters Club paid a white man $15,000, $15,000! that they raise in ONE DAY, ONE DAY to bash Christelyn Karazin, to basically tell her that white, non-black men don’t think black women are worth a shit either. From what I understand Christelyn being so kind and so trusting invited this white man on her platform to speak thinking he was legit (she invited white men on her vidoes and hangouts to speak before). Christelyn Karazin cried about how Black Men or any man didn’t defend her against this vicious attack (like that was going to happen) and apologized for bringing the devil on her platform (although naively). CARL (a white man from the UK) and Angel Ramirez-Jordan and a few other men defended her against these vicious black and white devils.  However, Christelyn came back with a strong response below (I can’t find the original video in which she was apologizing and broke down crying, part of it is here in the video below).

The Black “Community” on youtube is having a field day ya’ll, saying that the white man “put her in her place” and she got her “nigga wake up call.” It’s always about keeping a Black “bitch” in her place if she thinks that she deserves a good man, and a good life. 

What’s saddest of all is that a lot of penis pandering Negro Mammies are rejoicing as well, causing another rift between black women. Many Black Women are now discussing the fact that many “sistas” can’t be trusted either (A lotta of undercover mammies joined subscibed Christelyn’s channel who really don’t like her). Black People HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE the image, likeness, and femininity, and womanhood of the original black woman. 

Breukelen Bleu (BB) stated at the end of  her latest of her 2 hour  audio, video lecture (below) how Black Women have a ancient history of betraying Black Women too, BLACK WOMEN HAVE CHOSEN THEIR SONS OVER THEIR DAUGHTERS & SISTERS FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS! This is apart of the reason according to BB why the matriarchy fell in Africa. This had me seriously thinking about how Black Women need ro RE-EVALUATE the “sisterhood” and about who we let in our online circles (and offline too).

Black People are afraid that Black Women are divesting from this wretched, ratchet ass sick “community.” Like Bruekelen Bleu says, “Black People will burn this bitch, (the “community”) down before they let black women divest”.

Again ya’ll Something is TERRIBLY wrong with a “community” that treats its women and girls like subhumans then invite outsiders to do the same. 


It’s been fascinating to see the fallout from the latest publicized outrage committed against an African-American girl or woman. In the aftermath of the Spring Valley high school police assault on a Black girl student, large numbers of African-American (AA) Black women are finally letting themselves see what has always been right before our eyes the entire time:

Black men have been betraying and backstabbing Black women since before the WM (and the Arabs) ever came to Africa!

That All Black Problems Stem From Slavery/Colonialism narrative is very tired and frayed around the edges. At this point, I’m convinced that the Black world’s problems started WAY before the Arab and European invasions. BM have been betraying and exploiting BW from the very beginning. BM have been throwing BW under the bus from the very beginning. Long before White folks stepped foot into sub-Saharan Africa.

Nothing has changed in over 1,300+ years except that—due to the BWE movement’s victory—more AA Black women are willing to see reality regarding Black men’s mass, enduring, and permanent disloyalty and betrayal when it comes to Black women.

Another shift created by the BWE movement’s victory is that increasing numbers of AA women are walking away from “Blackistan” and Black men. And, most importantly, these AA women are taking their various resources (emotional, material, monetary, etc.) with them as they walk away.

Sensible AA women are closing their purses shut to BM’s projects. The one-sided loyalty tradition of AA women serving as unreciprocated safety nets and fallback plans for BM is coming to an end, praise God. And as a number of voices have predicted (Breukelen Bleu, myself, and others), the more AA women walk away the more we’ll hear some BM publicly claiming to love, respect and support BW.

Ladies, don’t let any of these negroes’ empty talk fool you—keep heading for the exits!

—  Khadija Nassif, Muslim Bushido

Shot some footie Wedensday night for Outerspace’s album release party (My Brothers Keeper). Dudes went off. peep it.

The unchecked misogynoir in Blackistan has gotten so bad......

 that dusty, crusty bum looking broke, illiterate ass niggas with names like Young Thug and Trick Daddy think that they have room to comment on and criticize Black Women’s physical appearance. I mean you can’t help but examine these niggas physical appearance (and state of mind) and go, Really, nigga, reallly??????Then you have to laugh because they believe that they have the right to comment and criticize BWs appearance although they’re shit ain’t together not even a little bit at that. 

It just scares the hell out of me how  Black Women and Girls are perpetually trapped in a perpetually abusive relationship with Blackistan. An abusive relationship that went on for thousands of years! The future of a woman and girl collective whose own people will throw them under the bus in a split second with out  remorse seriously has me wondering and worrying about the future of Black Women and Girls living in Blakistan.  Damn, ya’ll Its like we’re trapped in an abusive relationship forever with no way out, simply based on the fact that we have the same skin color and are bullied into staying cause if you think about divesting you’re a “traitor” who is “conspiring” with enemy, da white man. 

What will it take to stop, since a lot of Black Women don’t seem to want it to stop, yet perpetually complain about it?!?! I’ve seen blog posts from bloggers and followers who have shared their encounters with outsiders who comment on the mistreatment of Black Women and Girls and why Black Women and Girls continue to put up with it. I know its a conundrum to many. 

Yeah, a lot of non-black people join in only because Blackistan allow it, however according to these posts  some of these nonblacks are scratching their heads at the extreme contempt and abuse of Black Women and Girls. I suspect that they are afraid to say too much about it cause Blackistan will shut them up by crying “racism”!

I’m thinking will it take some nonblack folks with some balls and  a little bit of empathy for Black Women and Girls  to bring this extreme abuse and mistreatment to the mainstream. I think it may take that. Black Women have been crying out in pain for sooo long, decades only to continuously be put on mute and ignore. We really need for it to go mainstream since Blackistan is doing nothing about it. Blackistan needs to be exposed. I’m just sooo tired of it, What will it take?!?! How bad will it get before it gets better?!?!