I was watching a special on PBS about Hatians and Dominicans. It is called "Black in Latin America".

In all honesty it makes me look at Hatians and Domincans differently. I was able to get a better understanding of both Hatians and Dominicans. I learned about their customs, beiefs, and what stood out most of all of the areas that were covered is the reason why their is so much “hatred” between the two races being that they are so close to one another. Seperated by a river the races are still decedants of Africa. Like most they were slaves who have fought for equality. Believe it or not if the two were powerful enough to remember that they are still people and not look at each other by the color of their skin they would be the stongest countries today because of the hard work, traditions, and hunger.

All in all I learned a lot and in a sense feel accomplished. I no longer see Haitian vudo as a creepy thing but as a way of life. I no longer see Dominicans as cosmetologist specialist because of there famous deep conditioner but as a strong bonded race of people. And as a whole the one thing that remains the same decades and centries later MUSIC is the one thing that came from Africa and keeps them united.