Frontier (2016)
created by Brad Peyton, Rob Blackie & Peter Blackie

1. Does the story have an Indigenous / Aboriginal woman as a main character? YES.

2. Does this character fall in love with a white man? NO.

3. Does this character end up raped or murdered at any point during the story? NO / NO

Sokanon from Frontier passes The Aila Test

Submitted by  sofriel


aaaaaaa finally got this done!! 2 days of work phew ;v;

This is my @gorillazsecretsanta gift for @nextsight! They requested anything 2-D or any other members. Haha was originally drawing stu only but then it turned into the whole clint eastwood video ^^“
Hope you enjoy!! Don’t hesitate to ask me for requests because i would love to! I’m so bored most of the time tbh lol

Merry Christmas :)

Blackie~ 🎁