I keep telling my new friends about my dollhouse miniatures hobby, so here are a couple of pics of my most recent one, inspired by blackhouses of the Scottish highlands and Hebrides.  Oh I loved that project.  I learned so much about blackhouse construction.  

So yes, this is what I do.  Right now I’m working on a 17-18th century Nouvelle France house, but I keep getting sidetracked by quilting and other crafts.  It’s always percolating in my mind though.


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Allt Easdal, on the southern slopes of Bentangaval, Eilean Bharraigh (Isle of Barra), Western Isles, Scotland.

People have lived in this now deserted valley for about 5.600 years. The excavation showed evidence of human occupation in Neolithic, Iron Age and 18th/19th century AD. It’s still possible to see the remains of a neolithic work platform (4000 BC) made by forming a retaining wall and then levelling a space with lots of small rocks. About 80 metres from the platform, but high above it, there are two circular stone structures. In the larger structure an almost complete pottery beaker dating the occupation to around 2500 BC. Less than 100 metres from these structures lie the remains of an Iron Age wheelhouse built around the first century BC or AD. Close to the neolithic platform there are the remains of a late eighteenth century blackhouse built on the platform with a byre and a drying house beside it.


On August 29th 1930 36 people, the entire population of St Kilda were evacuated from the island.

On 10 May 1930 the people of St Kilda sent a collective letter to William Adamson, the Secretary of State for Scotland, requesting that they should be evacuated from their home. By the end of August that year the evacuation was completed and the process of resettlement on the Scottish mainland had begun. The abandonment of St Kilda is sometimes described as one of the few occasions when the ending of a community has taken place in a voluntary fashion. 

Generations had struggled to scrape a living from the unforgiving land far out in the Atlantic, but the 20th century had finally caught up with the harsh reality of existence there. It was a brutal process, as they carried their possessions and their furniture on their backs to the pier, the men had the unenviable task of drowning their working dogs in the sea, as they were not allowed to take them with them to the mainland, it was either that or leave them to starve, a very harsh ending to their life on the archipelago. Their cats were left to fend for themselves, but from what I can gather were eventually all killed off by the military over the next few years. 

St Kilda is not unique, other Scottish Islands were abandoned beforehand, most notably, Handa, off Sutherland which met its doom in the 1840s. Mingulay, in the Outer Hebrides that was deserted by 1912. The Islands of St Kilda though had become a curiosity, a sort of freak show for tourists to observe. 

St Kilda is actually the name given to the group of islands, though most people when quoting St Kilda, really mean the largest island where the actual village was, that is actually called Hirta, I myself when posting here have occasionally just title the photos St Kilda, rather than correcting myself, lazy, a wee bit I just find it easier than explaining the Island group each post. 

Hirta was occupied by humans for over two thousands of years by various residents and there were many traditions handed down the generations, traditions influenced by monks, viking sailors, medieval rulers and landowners.
What remains there now are the ruins of both their original houses, mainly blackhouse type houses, alongside slightly newer houses which had been built for them in the later years. The layout of the 19th-century village remains to this day, and over 1,400 stone-built Cleit for storing food and fuel are scattered all over the islands, and even on the sea stacs.

In 1726 a St Kildan visited Harris, caught smallpox there, and died from it. His clothes were returned to St Kilda in 1727, and brought the disease with them. Most of the islanders died, only 1 adult and 18 children survived the outbreak. However, 3 men and 8 boys escaped the disease as they had been left on Stac an Armin to collect gannets. The disease spread while they were there and nobody could go to fetch them. They were eventually rescued 9 months later. The owner of St Kilda had to send people from Harris to repopulate St Kilda.
As if the harsh conditions weren’t enough the Islanders had to cope with the effects of the First World War, the Royal Navy erected a signal station on Hirta, and daily communications with the mainland were established for the first time in St Kilda’s history. In a belated response, a German submarine arrived in Village Bay on the morning of 15 May 1918 and, after issuing a warning, started shelling the island. 

Seventy-two shells were fired, and the wireless station was destroyed. The manse, church & jetty storehouse were damaged, but no loss of life occurred. As a result of this attack, a 4-inch Mark III QF gun was erected on a promontory overlooking Village Bay, but it never saw military use. 

Even last year the island hit the headlines when it was announced the last of those that were evacuated,  Rachel Johnson nee Gillies, was just 8 years old when she left Hirta, aboard HMS Harebell with her parents Christina, Donald and her older sister Cathie. The Gillies family did not venture far - they settled in a cottage at Larachbeg, near Lochaline in the Highlands. She later married and settled down in Clydebank. Rachel was 93 when she passed, she only went back to St Kilda on two occasions - once for a documentary and once on invitation of the army to see the transformation the island had gone through. She is ringed in the picture with others from the island, a shy child by the looks of things, she seldom spoke about the life there and was said to be a private lady, I think you can pick that up from her photo.


Roisinis, Abandoned Village, Eriskay by Tom Willett

The Highlands of Scotland are dotted with abandoned settlements. Some hark back to the dreadful days of the Clearances, when crofters were evicted from lands their families had farmed for centuries, to make way for sheep. But not all deserted villages were abandoned by force; some were simply the result of changing circumstances and settlement patterns. That is the case with the township of Roisinis (Rossinish) on the north east corner of Eriskay. The site was not completely abandoned until 1957.

There is a wonderful range of traditional dwellings at Roisinis from blackhouses, white houses, and more relatively modern concrete houses. What makes Roisinis so appealing is the setting, with marvellous views to South Uist 

As beautiful as the seting is, however, it is hard to stand amidst the abandoned dwellings and not feel a tinge of melancholy. Where people once lived, now sheep wander, grazing inside the old ruined cottages.

Access to Roisinis is quite easy. Take the road east along the northern shore of Eriskay until it ends. From the road end take the farm track through a gate and along the coast eastwards. After about 500 metres the first ruined buildings of Rossinis will come into view.

If visiting make sure you are on Eriskay and not Benbecula


House Tyrell | Growing Strong | a golden rose on a green field
House Targaryen | Fire And Blood | a three-headed dragon breathing flames, red on black
House Tully | Family, Duty, Honor | a silver trout leaping on a blue and red striped field
House Martell | Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken | a gold spear piercing a red sun on an orange field
House Baratheon | Ours Is The Fury | a crowned black stag on a field of gold
House Stark | Winter is Coming | a grey direwolf racing across a field of white
House Lannister | Hear Me Roar! | a golden lion on a field of crimson
House Greyjoy | We Do Not Sow | a golden kraken on a black field

The cute couple

Y/N’s view

I had always been a little rebel. So it wasn’t really strange that I went to the Order of Phoenix as soon as there had been the first rumors about Voldemort coming back.  Today was one of the meetings and I ran a little late because the muggle transportations were always late.  When I reached the old Blackhouse the meeting had already begun. I tried to sneak in silently when someone pulled me aside. “I’m late as well.”, Sirius smiled “How can you be late?”, I laughed “I was sleeping.”, he said shrugging his shoulders. I laughed “That can only happen to you.”. Since I was with the Order Sirius and me had spent a lot of time. I was freshly graduated from Hogwarts (actually it had been five years now) and Dumbledore would refuse to let me go on any missions. Sirius wasn’t allowed to go because… well he was Sirius and we spent most of the time cleaning the house with the Weasley family. But mostly we took our own room to get away from Mollys orders. She was nice but really stressful.“So let’s sneak in.”, I smiled and we went in as silent as possible. Of course we got noticed when we pressed ourselves against the wall smiling innocently.

Remus reached us smiling wildly. “Where have you two been?”, he asked elbowing his friend. “I was asleep.”, Sirius said what made Remus laugh even more “And you?”, he asked raising his eyebrow. “I ran late because the muggle transportation did.”, I said. Remus smiled “Sure about that? Or have you been asleep as well?”,  I looked at him tiredly. Remus and Harry had picked on Sirius and me because we spent so much time together. Somehow they got the idea that we might make a cute couple. Sirius and me never knew what to answer about that. We weren’t a couple but it felt odd to always tell it to everyone.

Sirius’ view

I stood next to Y/N. She smiled like she always did. Maybe Remus and Harry weren’t that wrong about us. We looked nice together. Even though she was way younger, I really liked her. She was funny to be around and we really could talk about everything. “So what are we going to do today?”, I asked smiling at her. “The weather is so nice. If we could only escape Molly and go out to the garden.”, she said. “Why don’t we leave the house?” “Because people might know you.”, she laughed.  “But I could be your dog?”, I said looking at her. “We really might get into trouble.”, she said laughing “Let’s do it.” “You are a little rebel Y/N.” “Just like you are.”, she laughed.

I ran next to Y/N through the park. Never had I had a better day since I came out of Azkaban.  I felt so free. She was laughing when I ran around her legs. “Come one Padfoot.”, she said running towards the water. I followed her. She really was wonderful. I ran next to her, falling into the water.  I was totally wet when the water only reached her ankles. She grabbed my fur and started to stroke me. “You are a beautiful little dog.”, she laughed. I pushed my nose towards her face. “Hey stop that.”, she laughed pulling me into her arms. Never had I been so close to her. As a dog everything was even more intense. I smelled her, I felt her. She was just beautiful.

Y/N’s view

Back in the old Black House we really got into trouble because we left. But we knew it before and Dumbledore never was that angry. “There comes our rebel couple.”, Remus smiled. “Oh stop saying that. We will never be a couple.”, Sirius sounded so angry that it made me feel bad. Was I really such a bad company? I risked much for him and he made me feel like shit. Feeling how much the anger rushed up in me, I turned around and left the house. I was so angry about him. And I exactly knew why. I really liked him and honestly I wanted us to be more than friends even though I knew he would never like me this way. It was hard to hear it from him.

Sirius’ view

Y/N hadn’t shown up to the meetings for a while. It seemed like she was angry about something but I really couldn’t figure out why. The only thing I knew was that I missed her. “You look sad Padfoot.”, Remus said slapping my shoulder. “Yeah. Because I am.”, I answered. Remus was my friend and I could talk to him. “I miss Y/N.”, I said “I knew it!”, he laughed “Sorry.”, he said, looking at me honestly “You should tell her.” “But how? I guess she isn’t coming back too soon.” “And that is really the only problem for you?”, he smiled. “Since when do any rules keep Sirius Black from doing what he really wants.”, I looked at Remus. Actually he was the one making me stick to the rules. It had been that way since school but now he wanted me to leave the house. “Where is the real Remus and what have you done to him?”, I asked laughing. “He wants to see his friend happy.”, he said winking at me “I am gonna keep the others busy so you can leave.”, he said pushing me towards the stairs.

Y/N’s view

There was a knock on my door. I opened up and saw Padfoot “What?”, I asked but let him in because he was in danger. He changed to his personal self. “Before you say anything. I am sorry for whatever I did and I love you!”, he said without catching breath. I looked at him kind of confused. “What?” “I love you.”, I wrapped my arms around him “You are an asshole Sirius Black.”, I laughed “Does that mean you love me too?”, he smiled and I nodded.

Feast of Fools




Imogen wanted nothing more than a smooth, predictable year at Hogwarts. Naturally, when Harry Potter goes to your school, that isn’t a realistic option. Especially if your closest friends are Fred and George Weasley. And this year, as a Triwizard Tournament is in place and students from different schools arrive causing hormones to get out of control, there’s no escaping for Imogen what she’s always secretly known. She fancies Fred. 

Things I’ve Made For this Story

Imogen Black Aesthetic
Christine Song Aesthetic

Character Profiles

Imogen Williams - Black

House: Gryffindor

Year at Hogwarts: Sixth

Blood Type: Half-Blood

Birthday: 18th November, 1977

Christine Song

House: Gryffindor

Year at Hogwarts: Fourth

Blood Type: Muggleborn

Birthday: 21st September, 1979