Sketch from last year I forgot about~

Those from dA may recall from my early years how I spammed ‘Malik’ and 'Desh’, “Blackhole Project”. It refers to a story I’ve had in mind for… too long, I think; since its beginning many of its characters changed in design and role, tho personalities remained the same. This is the story Nico, Diego and Kami hail from as well. 

Cathy (used to be called Siddy because I was in high school and thought that was clever) is a phantom of sorts; it consists of abandoned cities and has train babies to do its evil deeds. Mmmyes.

This is Crinkles. He’s a cool, smooth gent that takes mercenary work but primarily makes deliveries for Dijon. 

Tho the two collide like oil and water, they share an unfortunate symbiotic relationship; Crinkles needs Dijon as a means to a motive, and Dijon needs him for his underground ties to Highland to make ‘deliveries’.