Black Holes
An adult animated series about Dave, a mars-bound astronaut teamed up with a sentient melon who drives him to the brink of insanity.

Hey guys, longtime no see, just a little post to show some support to this kickstarter campaign created by the french directors / brother David and Laurent Nicolas, i’m sure that you’ve already seen some of the works they did .

Really cool project with kickass OST ( as always ) and 4 days left . Please have a look :)

Think of your Consciousness as what you call a “blackhole” - a powerful and vast mechanism capable of absorbing Pure Light and transmuting its energies into lovely, dark and deep Cosmic Worlds. Change now, your present conception of what your race calls a “blackhole” from a “Life & Light Destroyer” to a “Life & Light Absorber”. Think now, imagine, the meditative state of your Consciousness. It, too, is dark, silent and devoid of Light - only until the moment that You choose to absorb Pure Light and transmute Light’s energies into your own Cosmic Worlds.

These points in the Universe - blackholes - are merely Portals, reminiscent of the capabilities of your own Consciousness to traverse disembodied through the Universe on your own Free Will. With Silence and inevitably, Darkness, the gravitational & energetic forces of your own Consciousness coalescing into a Single & Powerful point, One piece of the Great Mind - You will find Pure Light can do nothing, but be gracefully pulled into your Sphere.

Go inside the Mind, and from there, go out into the Universe.

Create, create, create.

~ Universal Message, 4/1/2016

New animation project finished: “W” 
“Outside the hole, the universe’s “degrees of freedom” all that its most fundamental building blocks are capable of are in a low-energy state, forming what you might think of as a crystal, with a fixed, regular arrangement we perceive as the spacetime continuum. But inside the hole, conditions become so extreme that the continuum breaks apart.”

Sketch from last year I forgot about~

Those from dA may recall from my early years how I spammed ‘Malik’ and 'Desh’, “Blackhole Project”. It refers to a story I’ve had in mind for… too long, I think; since its beginning many of its characters changed in design and role, tho personalities remained the same. This is the story Nico, Diego and Kami hail from as well. 

Cathy (used to be called Siddy because I was in high school and thought that was clever) is a phantom of sorts; it consists of abandoned cities and has train babies to do its evil deeds. Mmmyes.