CultureMUSIC *The Guitarists* - Black Ax Men c. 1930s-2010s

The Pioneers.

  1. Robert Johnson
  2. Muddy Waters
  3. Jimi Hendrix
  4. Eddie Hazel (Parliament-Funkadelic)
  5. Ernie Isley (The Isley Brothers.)
  6. Prince
  7. Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine)
#BlackHistoryMonth 2014
CultureSOUL - The Carl Van Vechten Photography series  Van Vechten was a writer, photographer and patron of the arts in New York. He was said to be moved by the artists of the Harlem Renaissance movement and in 1939 he began a photography series that would last for nearly 25 years. Van Vechten, who became friendly with many of the artists, began photographing them in a bold color series. Some 50 years later, this series still stands as one of the finest photo essays on mid-century black artists available. A few highlights from the series here.
Credits: 1. Eartha Kitt / 2. Harry Belafonte / 3. Ruby Dee / 4. Ossie Davis 5. Langston Hughes / 6. Zora Neal Hurston / 7. Pearl Bailey 8. James Earl Jones / 9. W.E.B. Dubois / 10. Mahalia Jackson

CultureVIDEO *Soul Train Line Dance* - “Daddy Could Swear” - Gladys Knight & The Pips c. 1973

Black folks in the 70s. Feeling free and gettin’ down. You’re welcome. 


#BlackHistoryMonth 2014

CultureSOUL: *The Graduates* Post- Reconstruction Era - The African Americans

1. Fisk University Graduates including W.E.B. Dubois (right), 1888

2. Class from Roger Williams University in Nashville - 1899

3. Howard Univ. graduating class c. 1900


#BlackHistoryMonth 2014

CultureHISTORY: The Civil Rights Movement

They were everyday people who became warriors for justice. They did it to give themselves and their families a better life and they did it for us. Those future generations seemingly so far off in the distance. For us they endured the lynchings, the beatings, the rapes, the murders, the attacks, the daily humiliations. For us.

Today, it is on their shoulders we stand. #NeverForget

1. The American South

2. KKK flyer (Citizens Council) - New Orleans chapter

3.  New York City - Miles Davis, 32, was arrested after fighting with a patrolman who had ordered him to move from a crowded sidewalk. Davis was hit on the head with a blackjack for which an ambulance had to be called. (1959)

4. 1951 - Southeast Maids with their employers children. Photo by John Vachon, LOOK magazine series “The South”

5. Segregated bus in Texas c. 1950s

6. March on Washington, 1963

7. Civil rights protest, New York, 1964

8. Memphis, TN Sanitation Strike, 1968

9. A young activist teaching a woman to read and write so that she could vote, Virginia 1960. Photo by Eve Arnold

CultureSOUL *The Ancestors* C.B. McRay, Jasper, TX (photo)

Robert Glenn - North Carolina Plantation (text):

“I was a slave before and during the Civil War. I am 87 years old. I was born Sept. 16, 1850… I was eight years old and I was put on the block and sold in Nelson Hall’s yard by the son of Bob Hall. I saw my brother and sister sold on this same plantation. They sold me away from my father and mother and I was carried to the state of Kentucky. I was not allowed to tell my mother and father goodbye. I was bought and sold three times in one day.” – WPA Slave Narratives

Robert Glenn, September 1936, Raleigh, North Carolina


CultureHISTORY: The Obamas & Black History

  1. First Lady Michelle Obama at the Brown vs. Board of Education Museum, Topeka, Kansas, July 2014
  2. President Barack Obama on the Rosa Parks bus at the Henry Ford, Dearborn, Michigan, April 2012

We are living during historic times. The Obamas are changing and reclaiming black history right before our very eyes. The passage of time will only serve to elevate their legacies so, as we move through this momentous era with America’s First Black Family, be present for the journey. Future generations will ask us about Obama as we asked our elders about MLK, Malcolm and JFK. They will ask us what it felt like to live in the Age of Obama. Be a witness to history.



#BlackHistoryMonth 2014

CultureSOUL: *Sepia Visions* African American Families* - The Reconstruction Era

1. Captain T. Shorey & family, Oakland, CA 1898

2. Black family portrait on the Lawn c. 1890s

3. Man and his daughters c. 1890s

(Photos courtesy of blackhistoryalbum)