Steam the Shit out of your face!

I love steaming my face. It leaves my skin feeling soft, and gives me a glow. Here is why you should steam your face too! Steaming your face will literally steam the Shit out of your face that you don’t want.


Cleanses pores

Increases blood circulation

Gets rid of toxins

Promotes relaxation

Gives a skin a glow

Here are the directions:

1.       Grab a pot and fill it with water

2.       Wash face

3.       Bring the water to a hot temperature where you can see steam come from pot

4.       Add any oils to the hot water

5.       You can either pour the water into a bowl or leave water in pot

6.       Lean your head over the pot or bowl for 5-10 mins with a towel over your head

7.       Exfoliate, tone and moisturize

8.       Steam your face once or twice a month

Please be careful while following these instructions

Pssst, if you have clogged or enlarged pores, you need this in your life.

I saw it at Ulta the other day and decided to give it a shot and I am seriously so impressed. I have normal-dry, semi flaky skin and I struggle with texture and my husband has borderline oily skin with texture as well and we both loved it. I’ve noticed a big difference in the size of the pores on my nose and it really exfoliates and softens your skin without being too harsh or drying your skin out which is amazing. It’s gotten my pores WAY cleaner than any GlamGlow mask ever has and it’s so much gentler on your skin. And it’s only $10.50 as opposed to $69.


Wishtrend unboxing & first impression|| LIFELOVEKOREA ||

I did a bit of a wishtrend haul and unboxed it on video for you guys. It was a mess, I am a mess… so if you want a bit of a good laugh watch this video!

I also tried out a new style of editing which I personally really like but I know that there still a lot areas that need improvement. So please let me know!

In case you are interested in these products links are in the video description, and I will upload them here after I come back from uni, thank you guys so much for watching, please like, subscribe and share! <3

UNEXPECTED scrub for beautiful smooth skin

I been recently  using coffee grounds as a  facial/body scrub and I love it.  I brew my own coffee everyday and use the grounds for my beauty needs. I love how it makes my face feel and look, plus i’m saving money on buying a facial scrub. This is a natural and easy  scrub that I recommend you trying.


  • Makes skin smooth
  • Exfoliates dry skin
  • Improves cellulite
  • Contains a lot of antioxidants
  • Improves puffy eyes
  • Fights wrinkles
  • Improves blood circulation


  1. ¼ cup of coffee
  2. ½ cup of Preferred oil
  3. Optional: 2 tbsp of salt or sugar

Mix these ingredients together and rub the mixture in a circular motion. I recommend changing the proportions of these ingredients depending on your skin type and if you will be using this as a facial or body scrub.

Lemon, a natural astringent and a rich source of citric acid not only cleanses and helps make your skin brighter, but also fights off germs present inside your skin pores. It also regulates oil production in the skin, thus preventing more blackhead to be formed. Salt, again having antibacterial properties, combats germs and bacteria that work to clog your pores. It is also an excellent exfoliator which scours off excessive dead cells, dirt, and grime from the skin.

Get this:

  • Seasalt- 1 tbsp
  • Lemon- ½ tsp
  • Water- 1 tsp
  • Mix all the ingredients well.
  • Apply this on your nose (and even face, if you have blackheads there too).
  • Gently massage the area in circular strokes. Don’t be harsh while rubbing.
  • Do this for about 2-4 minutes.
  • Wash off with lukewarm water.
  • After a while wash off your face with cold water so that any pores that may have opened, get closed again.

Do this:
You may use this scrub 1-2 times a week, but not more than that. Also do not step out in the sun after applying lemon juice to your skin as it makes your skin too sensitive to sunrays.

Little Skin Care Tip: Blackheads

So I’ve always had quite visible blackheads on my nose (which is already quite noticable itself mind you) and for years I did so many things, or nothing at all since I’m a lazy ass. I would scrub and use nose pore strips and all those things but it only made the open pores more more red and even more visible, and alot more dry and flaky.

Well, around the beginning of last month I was doing some research and decided to try honey and cinnamon. I’m not even joking guys, on the first try I could actually see a big difference, it had cleaned out the blackheads really well.

Honey is a natural antibiotic and really sucks out the dirt from the open pores. It works even better with organic honey which I used. A wee teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon, mix it into a thick paste and slap it on anywhere where you have blackheads. I also ripped a rectangular piece of kitchen towel and placed it gently over the paste on my nose. I left it on for as long as I could (about 5-10 minutes) then washed it off and applied a bit of moisturizer.

Do this every second day. All the best.


The brand’s original pore packs line expands with a brand-new cleanser.

There’s nothing more satisfying than treatments you can actually feel working on your skin, and K-Beauty line Caolion practically wrote the book on them. Its revolutionary Blackhead Steam Pore Pack had been fighting blackheads in South Korea for 20 years before recently coming stateside so that we could feel its two-part steam and cooling effects, too.

And not only can we catch up on the original pore pack, but we’re just in time for the release of its latest blackhead buster: the Pore Blackhead Steam Foam Cleanser. Like its treatment predecessor, the foam cleanser combines a heat-inducing exfoliating treatment with a minty-fresh, visibly pore tightening second step. But, unlike the original, the cleanser uses brown sugar to scrub off dead surface skin cells and peppermint oil to depuff for a wash that’s half frothy and half milky.

You can use the cleanser every day—or you can even just do the Steam Foam Cleanser in the evening and the Cooling Foam Cleanser in the morning if time is tight. And if you notice your pores go back to black sooner than usual, combine the treatments so gunk doesn’t stand a fighting chance.


weekly acne update

Yo I can’t even call these weekly bc I always forget to do them lol
Anyway, since I last did one of these, I figured something out. After months of speculating this and experimenting, I realized that makeup actually does break me out. I get hella pimples where I contour/bronze, and i wash my brushes regularly and even changed my contour powder to see if that was the issue, but it keeps happening, so I guess it’s all makeup and I have like extra sensitive skin

Also, I’ve been using the becca mattifying primer bc I’m hella oily and nothing I do seems to help w that (if u have advice for oil control pls message me I’m an oily mess) and this primer clogs my pores and makes me get lots of blackheads on my forehead, so if u have any advice for getting rid of blackheads pls message me! Blackheads were never an issue for me before this so I don’t rly know how to go about clearing them up lol

On a more positive note, I still think tea tree oil is an amazing spot treatment and you should give it a shot if u need a good spot treatment! It dries up the pimple like no other

++ any toner recommendations for oily skin?? I’d be forever grateful❤

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  • your kid threw up on my in the waiting room at the hospital
  • you caught me in the library watching hours of pimple popping and blackhead squeezing videos but didn’t say anything because they fascinate you too
  • “hi i know you don’t know me but i have no idea where i am and i really need the bathroom, can i please use yours?”
What to Use and What NOT to Use to Get Rid of Blackheads

What Are Blackheads?

Blackheads are pores in your skin that have become clogged with natural skin oils and other debris that become oxidized when they hit the surface of your skin. Some people think the dark color means they have dirt in their pores, but that’s not it. Just as an apple will turn brown if you leave it out in the air, the natural skin oils and skin cells trapped in your pores will also turn dark when exposed to the air.

What Causes Blackheads?

If you have blackheads, it doesn’t mean you’re not cleaning your face enough. Instead, it means you likely have oily or combination skin, and tend to produce more natural skin oils than those with normal or dry skin. This excess oil backs up in your pores, clogging them up instead of flowing naturally to the surface of your skin.

Part of the problem is in your genes, and of course there’s nothing you can do about them! There are other factors involved, however, that you can do something about:

  • Dead skin cells: In a blackhead, the excess oil mixes with dead skin cells that have not yet been sloughed off the surface of the skin. Therefore, exfoliating to help get rid of those dead cells can help.
  • Seasonal changes: Hormonal changes and seasonal changes can affect how much natural oil your skin is producing. During times of high heat (summer) or during your monthly cycle, you can take extra steps to absorb the excess oil from your skin, to reduce blackheads.
  • Improper skin care: Failure to cleanse, tone, and moisturize every day can leave makeup, oil, and residue on your skin that can encourage the formation of blackheads.

What NOT to Do

Millions of people have blackheads, which means that there is no shortage of products out there marketed to help you get rid of them. Unfortunately, some of them can actually make your acne worse, or may cause damage to your skin.

Here’s what NOT to use when you’re trying to get rid of blackheads:

  • Harsh scrubbing motions: Blackheads are too deep in the pore to respond to scrubbing, so you won’t get rid of them this way. Worse, you can irritate the skin, which will only cause it to produce more oil in its defense.
  • Pore strips: These seem like a good idea, but they remove only the surface of the blackhead, leaving the rest of the clogged pore to rise another day. That means you’ll be using them again and again, which will eventually backfire on you, as they will irritate skin and cause more blackheads. Worse, the ripping motion actually leaves your pores more open and vulnerable to bacteria, which may actually make your pores look bigger and encourage the breakout of whiteheads.
  • Cleansers with irritating chemicals: Cleansers that contain alcohol, sulfates, and other drying and irritating chemicals may leave your face feeling clean, but will also leave it feeling tight and dry. That means your skin will be compensating later by producing more oil—not what you want!
  • Squeezing motions: It’s tempting, as it may dislodge the buildup temporarily, but again, this can backfire on you in the long run. First, your fingers have oils and dirt on them which can contaminate your skin and lead to more blackheads later. Second, you can damage and irritate the skin by squeezing, and create more visible pores as well as redness and swelling.
  • Heavy moisturizers: It may seem obvious that applying oily products to your skin may increase blackheads, but determining just which oils to avoid can be difficult. After all, some natural oils are actually good for oily and combination skin! As a general rule, avoid “heavy” and petroleum-based oils like mineral oil, lanolin, and cocoa butter, along with products that have chemical moisturizers like isopropyl palmitate and butyl stearate.
  • Inappropriate products: Sometimes we concentrate only on our cleansers and moisturizers when trying to get rid of blackheads, and forget that we also put sunscreen and makeup on our faces. It’s just as important to check the ingredient lists on these products to be sure they don’t contain irritating, drying, and pore-clogging ingredients.

What To Do

Now that you know what not to do, what can you do to get rid of blackheads? First, get into the habit of performing a blackhead-free skin care routine every day, which includes these steps:

  1. Cleanse appropriately: Cleanse your skin at least twice a day with a product made for acne-prone skin. Choose carefully, and go with a product that has natural, non-irritating ingredients that will help unclog pores. 
  2. Tone: Toning helps restore the pH balance disrupted by cleansing, and is an important step for helping your skin to remain blackhead-free. Again, choose something gentle and alcohol-free.
  3. Moisturize: Your skin may be producing excess oil, but you still need moisture. If you don’t moisturize, your skin is likely to continue its excess oil production to compensate for the dryness. What you need is a moisturize that will help re-balance your skin’s own oil production. 
  4. Exfoliate: You need to get rid of those dead skin cells on your face, but you need to do it the right way to be sure you don’t overly irritate or inflame your skin. You can try a homemade scrub by combining baking soda and water.
  5. Use a mask: Masks are a good way to get rid of the blackheads you have, and encourage your skin to become clear again. Use only 1-2 times a week as needed.
  6. Consider gentle acids: Acids like salicylic, glycolic, and malic can help dissolve plus and prevent blackheads from forming. These can be too harsh for sensitive skin, however, so if these don’t work for you, consider a honey mask or one made of fruit enzymes. Use 2-3 times a week, as your skin needs it.

That’s your basic routine to help your skin recover a more healthy balance of oils and return to a more smooth, youthful appearance. In addition, try these tips to help keep blackheads away for good:

  • Keep your hair away from your face: You know those blackheads that form on your forehead and temples? Those could be caused by the oils and products in your hair. Try keeping your hair away from your face and see if that helps. Also be careful when applying styling products, that they don’t get on your face, as they can also clog pores.
  • Always wash makeup off before bed: Leaving makeup on your face at night means that the oils, dirt, and chemicals in the makeup will likely sink into your pores and cause blackheads in the future.
  • Wash your pillowcase ever week or more often: Skin oils and bacteria come to rest on your pillow as you sleep. Change it more often to reduce the risk that these elements will be deposited back on your skin.
  • Keep your hands away from your face: The oils, bacteria, and dirt on your fingers and palms are like poison to the skin on your face!
  • Clean your phone daily: Any surface that comes against your face needs to be cleaned—often.
  • Try some makeup-free days: When you don’t have to be anywhere, trying going without makeup to give your skin a break. The fewer the products on your face potentially clogging your pores, the better.

‎"How to we get rid of blackheads and whiteheads"

Maintaining a clear and beautiful skin, takes time, consistency and effort. Dermatologist may recommend lots of products, but some of them can be expensive and may actually take a long time to work. You can, however, incorporate some home remedies for blackheads and whiteheads into your daily beauty regimen and in a few weeks, you will experience a drastic reduction or even total elimination of the problem.

● Toothpaste – Toothpaste is an effective blackhead and whitehead remover. Apply a thin paste to your infected areas and let it sit on your face for at least 25 minutes. You will probably feel a burning sensation when you apply the toothpaste, but this is normal and will pass. Once you remove the toothpaste, the top of your blackheads and whiteheads will disappear, but you still need to thoroughly wash your face to remove the buildup underneath. Repeat this home remedy every other day for two weeks.

● Tomato – Tomatoes have natural antiseptic properties that dry up whiteheads and blackheads. Peel and mash a small tomato. Apply the tomato pulp to your blackheads and whiteheads before going to bed. Leave the tomato pulp on your face while you sleep and then wash your face in warm water in the morning.

● Lemon -Wash your face in warm water. Then, squeeze the juice of one lemon into a bowl. Add in a pinch of salt and stir the mixture. Apply the mixture to your blackheads and whiteheads. Leave the mixture on for approximately 20 minutes and then wash your face with warm water again.

● Lime – You can also use equal parts of lime juice and cinnamon powder and apply this mixture to blackheads. Leave it on overnight and rinse it off in the morning

● Cornstarch – Mix about a three-to-one cornstarch to vinegar ratio into a paste. Apply it to your problem areas and let sit for 15 to 30 minutes. Remove the paste with warm water and a washcloth.

● Yogurt - Mix three tablespoons of plain yogurt with two tablespoons of oatmeal. Add one teaspoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of lemon juice to the mixture. Stir the mixture thoroughly and apply it to the effective area of the face. Let the mixture sit for five to seven minutes then rinse off with cold water.

● Almond or oatmeal – Mix either oatmeal or almond powder with just enough rose water to make a spreadable paste. Apply it to your problem areas with your fingertips first and then apply it to the rest of your face. Let it set for about 15 minutes and then rinse your face with cold water.

● Rice – Soak rice in milk for 5 hours and then grind this in a blender until it is paste-like in consistency. Use the paste as a scrub on affected areas of the body.

● Potatoes – Grate raw potatoes and then rub the area with the mixture. Wash it off after 15 minutes.

● Fenugreek leaves – Crush some fenugreek leaves and mix with water to form a paste. Put this on the face for 15 minutes and then remove it. Do this every night to keep your face free of blackheads.

● Coriander leaves – Mix some coriander leaves and a little turmeric powder with water and form a paste. Use this as a mask to eliminate blackheads.

● Oatmeal -Grind oatmeal into a powder in a blender and then add some rose water. Use this on affected areas for 15 minutes and then wash it off with cold water.

● Baking soda – Prepare a mixture of equal parts of baking soda and water and rub it onto your face or other body areas prone to blackheads. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water.

● Honey is also good for removing blackheads. Spread honey on the affected area and remove it after 15 minutes.

Remember – Be gentle to your skin. Never pinch, scrape, poke, press, or squeeze too hard!

How to get rid of the blackheads?

Girls, boys, simply everyone wants to have clean and beautiful face, right? Here is something you may find interesting and try it out.
Because it’s quick, simple and useful.

This “magic” contains two important ingredients:

  • Toothpaste (one or two teaspoons)
  • Salt (one teaspoon, if you used 1-2 teaspoons of toothpaste)

Yeah and maybe water, let’s begin:

  1. Wet your face, but not too much.
  2. Mix the toothpaste and (ordinary) salt so you’ll have a something like a mask. If the mixture is too thick, add a few drops of water.
  3. Apply the mixture on your face. The most problematic parts are nose and forehead, so you can apply the mixture only to the affected area.
  4. If you applied the mixture to the whole face, try to stop crying now xD Okay, sorry, but I cried at first because of the toothpaste, I guess, it was kinda hard for my eyes, even if I had it only on my nose xD
  5. Allow the mixture to operate for 5 minutes max! No more, it may hurt a little, so respect the time! If it starts to itch, remove the paste!
  6. Massage your nose (or the area with paste) gently and circularly.
  7. Wash your face with warm water. Warm water opens up your pores so they’ll be deeply cleaned.
  8. Then splash your face with cold water in order to close the pores.

Repeat this process 2 - 3 times weekly and get rid of the annoying blackheads.

Hope you like this beauty tip!

my tips for a clear face!

I used to always have pimples and really bad blackheads. Then I started doing some research and tried out some methods to get rid of these pimples, I found some really cheap methods which you can create with products you already have at home. So here it goes!

  • Wash your face twice a day with water. I would recommend to just splash some water in your face after you’ve just woken up and to wash your face again before you go to sleep. This way you’ll remove all the superficial dirt and oils that get on your face every day and night.
  • Scrub every day. If you shower before you go to sleep, just grab a washcloth and take your make up off with it. This worked really good for me because most make up remove products are really oily and clogh your pores. Also, take the washcloth and gently rub your face. It’s the cheapest and easiest way of scrubbing your face without damaging your skin. If you shower in the morning, you should also scrub your face before you go to sleep because  your face needs to be clean before you go to sleep. Otherwise, your pores will clog and you’ll get pimples and blackheads etc. If you want to scrub your face extremely clean (you should do this every week, I do it on thursdays), you can buy a seasalt scub or make you own scrub/face mask with toothspaste and seasalt. Just mix the seasalt and toothpaste and put it on your blackheads for 10/15 minutes. Then, instead of washing it off, make circular movement with wet fingers on the blackheads (be gentle!) and then wash it off. 
  • Change your pillow sheet every week. Your pillow actually collects al the dirt that sits on your face and in your hair. If you change it every week, your face won’t lie on a oily/dirty surface every night for 8 hours. If you want to get rid of your pimples as soon as possible, you can change your pillowsheet every day or sleep on a fresh towel every night. This didn’t really worked for me, but it did for others so maybe it’ll work for you!
  • Only drink water and tea. This did work great for me. Just carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go. Try to not drink any soda’s. Your skin is an organ and needs water to stay healthy. I promise you you’ll also feel happier and healthier if you drink more water!
  • Don’t touch your face. Your hands are not clean and if you touch your face, you’ll get that dirt in your pores. I always rest my face on my hands when I’m in class, but if you don’t do this you’ll see results very quick.
  • Make your own face mask or buy face masks.made of clay. Clay masks suck the dirt and oil out of your face and will make it super smooth. They are usually pretty expensive, so I found a way to make them myself, and this mask works acually better for me than most masks. Just mix some flour and water and stir until it looks like soft, thick clay. Then put it on your face and wash it off when it’s dry and hard. Be carefull with washing it off, because your skin feels very vulnerable and it will hurt if you’re not gentle. This works great for blackheads. Also, if you want to buy a clay face mask, I would recommend the brand Dr. van den Hoog (or Dr. Hoog, I don’t know the exact name). I do a diy face mask every week (on sunday), and a calming clay mask in the middle of the week (on thursday).
  • Eat healthy. Try to eat a lot of fruits and don’t eat potato chips and chocolate. Greasy foods really work on my skin, and not eating them really cleared up my face. But I admit, it’s very hard to eat healthy..
  • Use a product/cream for acne. I use the Biodermal ACNE crème every morning and night after I’ve washed my face. This is a very mild cream and it doesn’t dry the skin, which is very important. I also use Sudocrem, which is supposed to be a cream for baby butts. But this cream works also super good for pimples, blackheads, redness, dryness and impurities. We used to call Sudocrem the wondercream, because it literally works for everything and it’s super cheap. I think these 2 products are only available in the Netherlands, but if you can get your hands on them, you skin will be very gratefull. Also, don’t use extreme products or products with alcohol in them. This will make your skin very dry and will only keep your pimples away for a short time.

These tips made my life a lot easier and made my skin happy, I hope they’ll also work for you and I would love to know if they do!


Do you just hate those little bumps all over your nose? Don’t be a hater, they’re just doing their job! Learn how in this SciShow Quick Question.


First of all, I want to say that this method is better for oily, tolerant skin. If you have sensitive skin this might be too harsh and/or drying for you.

First step. You will only need 2 teaspoons of baking soda and a couple drops of water. Mix in your hand and start rubbing it in very gently to the blackhead prone areas of your skin in circular motion. Leave it on for a couple of minutes. (Note that the baking soda I use does not make bubbles when it is mixed with water. Since my mother language isn’t English, I might be confusing baking soda with baking powder. That’s why I wanted to make sure that you use the right ingredient by explaining this. The one that makes bubbles is better to use in masks, but is more irritating as a scrub.)

Second Step. After you have washed off the baking soda, take some green clay into your hand and add a couple drops of apple cider vinegar. Apply the mixture on the areas where you are oily and blackhead prone. Leave it on for about 10 minutes, and then rinse off. The mask shouldn’t be feeling tight or uncomfortable. Don’t wait until it has dried out completely, because that will overly dry your skin. Use a lightweight, preferably gel based moisturizer afterwards. Hope this helps!