Strangers from different Time Periods || Closed RP with @blackhawkconnorkenway

 A rather quiet day with nothing to do, Joanna thought as she walked through the rather loud and busy shopping centre.  She reflected for a minute on how lucky she’d been to have this day off; it’d been a while since she had a break from anything.  

Smiling unconsciously, she continued to make her way through the crowds of chattering people, wondering why today was especially crowded.  It wasn’t a weekend - not yet anyway.  Curiosity took over and she began to push past the crowds of people.  

That’s when she noticed him.

She watched in awe and fascination as a strangely dressed and hooded figure wandered about, stopping every once in a while to glance around at his surroundings.  People passing by him would often pause and glance at him strangely as well.  No doubt the man was lost, she noted as she made her way down to the lower level of the mall to where he was standing.  

“Hey, are you alright?”  She asked him, her eyes wide and bright with curiosity.  

Modern!AU @blackhawkconnorkenway

It occurred during one fine afternoon, the citizens of New York were happily minding their own business as they ran around and about, working, shopping, sight-seeing, resting and other things. But there was this certain woman, a gun and a badge always on her, catching criminals like there was no tomorrow. And during that afternoon, she walked into the police department with another suspect walking beside her like he was on a leash.

The others were working furiously to get their job done in time, paperwork everywhere, phones ringing, orders were being called out as this woman told another man to take the suspect to the interrogation room. Once that was done, she went over to her desk, only to have her last name called out by the captain of the precinct, to which she acted immediately and to the office she went.

What she was to see was quite unexpected… but she did not know that… yet.

An Unlikely Meeting || XO || Closed RP

As soon as she left the rift, Revan felt that something was wrong.

She’d been looking for Haytham, as usual, but there was no sign of him. And something in the Force was wrong – like the amulet had done its best to take her where she was intending, but hadn’t been able to lock on as well as usual. 

There was a man nearby, his back to her.  She could read that he had combat training, from the way he carried himself – not at all unlike Haytham, actually – and that made her be mindful of both his reach and his blind spots.

“Hello there,” she said, letting a smile belie the concern gnawing at her stomach. “I’m looking for someone. Could you possibly help me?”

First Appearances

Wolves. She never wanted to see another bloody wolf as long as she lived, although she knew it was sort of inevitable now. The furry buggers had been especially prominent in the wooded area outside of Boston, and that had certainly not been a great time. Her horse had become skittish at the mere presence of them, making Freya use double the amount of effort to make sure it didn’t rear or bolt off in the wrong direction. It was only another thing to add to the list of negatives she’d managed to compile on her journey so far. She was frustrated and tired, and after days of travelling (and not to mention the perilous boat journey she’d had to endure), Freya was ready to find the nearest inn and sleep for a week, or a month even. But she couldn’t. She needed to gather her bearings in the new environment and get settled in as soon as possible. The sooner she did that, the sooner she could take arms with the local “crime fighters” and get on with her duty. So of course it made sense that her first job was to seek out the person with the best reputation when it came to these parts.

But after a long day she had arrived at her destination. The Davenport homestead. The building was nice, she had to admit, and looking a lot nicer than what had been originally described to her. Freya dismounted her horse, reining it to a small post just by the wall of the estate. She climbed the steps as fast as sore legs would allow, and knocked loudly on the wooden door. Hopefully someone was inside to answer.