Why Isn’t My Hair Growing??? 

Hairfinity can not work on its own there must be some hard vigorous work on your part. Hairfinity will help to improve your overall health however, if your body is lacking the proper nutrients it will take from any part of your body that has it like your hair, nails, or teeth and export it to vital organs, bones, muscles, and tissues leaving your hair and nails dry, brittle, dull, and short. If you are using to much heat, not protecting your ends, over processing with relaxers, or dyes you will not be able to see the growth that hairfinity can bring due to damage and breakage.

Break Down On Why Your Hair Maybe At A Stand Still

Relaxers - When you apply relaxers to your hair it automatically breaks down the bonds of the hair cuticules and decreases elasticity. So it is your job to stay on top of your protein treatments, deep conditioning treatments, pre poo treatments, co- washing treatments, clarifying treatments, and be very careful about how much heat or wear and tear you put on your hair during the styling process. 

Hair Trims- The amount of trims you need totally and solely depends on the condition of your hair there is no need to cut off a half a inch to a inch every 6-8 weeks if your hair is well maintained and in a healthy state lacking split ends and breakage. 

Hair dryness- When your hair lacks the appropriate amounts of moisture it is bond to become dry and brittle which leads to breakage.

Hair Dye- Color-treated hair is more vulnerable to damage and breakage. Coloring your hair penetrates the cuticle with chemicals and removes your natural pigment, It changes the structure of your hair, making it more susceptible to damage. 

Heat- Afro-textured hair in general is more prone to damage, given the fact that it tends to naturally be on the dryer side. Heat and dryness are not a great combination because in order for your hair to become silky straight the cuticles of the hair shaft have to open and expand. The cuticles of the hair shaft normally lay flat, but when they are opened up, the hair begins to become brittle, dull, and dry leading to breakage and damage.

Diet- Those who lack the sufficient nutrition will often find that their hair will feel drier harder and lack sheen and most of all prone to breakage.