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Letrey Taylor // 23 // San Diego

Model: @thetreytaylor

Photographer: Ron Loper Photography

Location: San Diego, CA ( Balboa Park)


White Model Apologizes After Her Photo Shows Up On Blackhair Magazine

Blackhair magazine had some explaining to do after mistakenly featuring a white model rocking afro-textured hair on the cover of its latest issue. The publication, known for offering hair tips and tricks for black and mixed-race women, was called out by a white model Emily Bador who says an old modeling photo of her was used without her permission for the December/January issue of the mag.

This is a unique case when white model apologizes for cultural appropriation


‘Blackhair’ magazine puts a non-black model on its cover

The British magazine Blackhair calls itself “the black woman’s style bible." On the cover of the December/January 2017 issue is a woman with what looks like a large red afro. But there’s just one thing: The model isn’t black.

This fact came to light when the model herself, Emily Bador, who describes herself as half English and half Malaysian, posted the magazine cover on her own Instagram on Monday. She told fans that the image was not used with her permission and that it was taken when she was 15 years old. She also apologized to black women specifically for taking this cover opportunity from a black or mixed race woman. 

After Bador’s apology, Blackhair itself stepped forward with statements on its social media, but claimed ignorance about the situation.

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