I remember when I first told people around me that I wanted to go natural. It was the usual: “you don’t have the hair for it”, “going natural is not for everybody”, “your hair type doesn’t grow”, “your hair is too coarse”, “it won’t look good”, “let’s see how long you last” 🙄. Noise, noise and MORE NOISE🤣😂. I heard all of that but it never stopped me or made me rethink my decision. Once i make up my mind to do something, that’s it. I’m gonna do it and do it well. I went natural (one of the best decisions of my life) and almost 5 years later, i still have no regrets. My hair is 4c, the coarsest, most tightly coiled hair type out there and i love it like that. I love, LOVE, LOVEEEE MY HAIR😍. I learnt how to take care of it and it has been good to me. There is nothing wrong with your natural hair, just love it the way it wants and it will be good to you. I PROMISE 😊. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for hairstyle ideas and tips on how to grow 4c hair-> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU3DA7eABevw8ToCvYfIbEw

Sweet and strong combined
Like honey , like wine
Mighty hands with the gentlest touch
Shelter in a storm
Solid rock in sinking sand
When there is nothing
Words by: Haylee Bell

Couple: Haylee Bell & Darion Bentley


#waybackwednesday ✊🏾 😉

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