pauldierden  asked:

What's your opinion of the hate Paul seems to get from the OB fandom?

I haven’t really seen any hate to be honest, but I can understand why he would get it. He’s a complicated character, and where we are right now, it’s not sure whether or not we can trust him or not (and it’s clear that Sarah feels that way too). Not to mention that what he did in Afghanistan was pretty awful, and he’s just fairly shady when it comes to whether or not he’s on Sarah’s side. HOWEVER, I still really like him as a character. I think he’s super interesting, and I ship him a lot with Sarah (possibly because they have really good sex scenes but ALSO because he’s outside of her comfort zone and it’s part of her movement away from her old life). So generally, I think that it’s far too early to judge. I think we should wait until next season, to see if he can prove himself a worthy ally/boyfriend (+ please let there be more sex scenes ok thanks).