Happy Blackout!! I’m Onyx! [he/him and they/them]

I LOVE being Black and Native. Sometimes people look at me weird for saying Im Black, and i know i have hella passing privilege/racial ambiguity, but what I love about our community is that we come in all shapes, sizes, abilities, orientations, faiths, and more, and that we EVERYWHERE in the world.

Also, I’ve got my eye on all of you who only reblog people who look like me. Make sure you spread the love and reblog fat-bodied, differently able, darkskin, queer, 4c natural haired beauties as well! Sort your tags by Most Recent and share the love!


My best friend. My sweetheart. My soulmate. Halle Doore you have given me two of the happiest years of my life. Looking back, more than ten years ago when we met at jr high volleyball tryouts, we never would’ve guessed that we’d be here celebrating our two year anniversary. I’m forever grateful for everything you do for me. From encouraging me in my work, health, and interests, you are the best girlfriend anyone could ever ask for. Let’s add a 0 to that 2.. And many more 😉❤️

So this weekend my beautiful girl and I spent our two year anniversary in the city. We had a romantic dinner at the Calgary tower, went to the casino, went shopping, went swimming/hot tub, went shopping, and played zombies in spaceland (being the nerds we are we brought our PS4 to the hotel with us lol). All in all it was a perfect weekend as we celebrated our love 😌❤️
Ps: June is now my favourite month, as its our anniversary, pride, and national aboriginal day lol


Seafair Pow-Wow 2015


TBT. But every day is a good day to be indigenous! 

(Just some photos taken throughout my year as the Stampede Indian Princess) 1st Photo taken by Karyn Lee, photos 2-7 taken by Noah Fallis from Calgary’s Avenue Magazine


So this weekend, some of the young men from my reserve went on a hunting trip in Medicine Hat. However it wasn’t just any hunting trip, it was done ceremonially and traditionally and it hasn’t been done like this in years. I’m so proud of the youth and knowledge keepers in my community working together to revive these old traditions and to keep them going strong. For myself, I got to go to write an article for the newspaper and my dad was there to give advice and knowledge about our Blackfoot culture and history to the young men. My dad and I got to pick some sage together and he shared some old stories with me, I got to have some good antelope meat, hear some old Blackfoot songs, and hear some old Blackfoot stories. It’s always so nice to visit with family, community members, knowledge keepers, and youth in such a peaceful setting. There’s no better feeling than relaxing in a tipi, sitting by the fire, and hearing old stories. Every day I’m taking more effort to learn more about our ways and culture and I’m so lucky to have such great teachers. Oh how I love being Blackfoot ❤️